Coloring Walkthrough
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Published: June 27, 2012

Just wanted to highlight some different coloring techniques I found throughout DA. Most of these tutorials are for Photoshop. A few highlight other programs.
I have collected these great tutorials over the years from DA and want to make it easier for everybody to find just the right kind of coloring tutorial without having to search through all of DA. This is mostly focused on anime/manga and cartoon coloring styles. All tutorials are copyright their respective owners.
How to Optimize Photoshop... by Norke PS important / how to optimize PS for digital painting:

:bulletblue:Styles of coloring:
Soft shading
Colouring Tutorial by Omar-Dogan Tutorial: How Do I CG??.... by Sweetly25 :thumb174045816: Digital Skin and Eyes Tutorial by caydett CG or Coloring Tutorial by softmode Kitanya's soft coloring tuto by Kitanya General coloring tutorial by Abuze :thumb106119364: Colouring tutorial by Red-Priest-Usada CG - meago's way by meago TUTORIAL: Digital Paint in PS by Etoli Coloring_the_TOTMO_WAY3 by totmoartsstudio2 Colouring Tutorial ._. by DewNoir Tutorial for soft cell shading by getty +:Color Tutorial:+ by MrEdison :thumb25463898: A Digital Coloring Tutorial: 1 by joulee Tutorial - CG Ver.2 by shilin Stylized Portrait Painting by thundercake Cancer step by step by meago Process of Doom by shilin Coloring Tutorial and Sai Tips by DyMaraway Walkthroug: Gate to Heaven by Deamond-89 Coloring tutorial - BIG FILE by pinkhimawari Tutorial: Drawing Dea's Way by Deamond-89 Wave's Coloring Tutorial by suzuran SAI coloring tutorial..ish v.2 by zearyu Pink Pirates layers mode by webang111 :thumb216314348: black general - walkthrough by len-yan

Omocha's Mega Cell Shading Step by Step by ZenithOmocha Process thinger by nuriko-kun Photoshop Cel Shading Tutorial by celesse Fat Bottomed Nymphea II Tutorial by xa-xa-xa what brushes I use by hachiyuki Painter Tutorial ver.2009 by aun61 [OLD] Gradient Shading Tutorial by thazumi Ink, shading + color tutorial by Daffupanda Photoshop Lineart-Coloring Tut by Kuitsuku CG speedpaint - meago's way by meago Anime Style colouring Tutorial by kuro-mai Anime Style coloring Tutorial by baka-ouji How to color like zammies by zambicandy

Coloring without lines
Step by Step - Melly Portrait by Katikut :thumb51017058: Lineless and Coloring Tutorial by MagicBunnyArt Lineless Stuff with Cube by CubeWatermelon

Anime screenshot style
:thumb185292428: Visual novel coloring tutorial by Puffsan BREAKDOWN: Fun, Sun, and Run by thatLD

Painted Look:
+how to paint by Valentina-Remenar +how to paint digital 2+ by Valentina-Remenar Basic Brush Tutorial by sandara :thumb148552505: Quick Tutorial 1: Basic render by GENZOMAN Painting Steps by artsangel Bad Fairy - Painting Demo by PeteMohrbacher Digital Impressionism Tutorial by MartaNael Mini Painting Tutorial by juliedillon Dragon Tutorial by JoJoesArt A Digital Painting Tutorial by ethe Paint tool SAI tutorial by ryky SAI tutorial - going traditional by tamaraR

In general:
Giant Shading Tutorial by TamberElla Blending Tutorial by acidlullaby Skin Tutorial by acidlullaby Wacom Photoshop Painter Guide by fox-orian Tutorial: Basic drawing tips by Red-Priest-Usada Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae Tutorial - Common Digital Painting Mistakes by natasha2808 Painting via Adjustment Layers by fox-orian Gradient Tutorial by damie-m Tutorial of illumination by vandervals :thumb211053856: LAB Color Mixing and You by fox-orian Basic Lighting Tutorial by Alenas
Understanding light and color by Niklas Jansson

:bulletblue:Painting specific parts:
Hair and fur:
:My step to color Hair with Sai: by PrinceOfRedroses :thumb320096168: Tutorial - How To Draw Hair 1 by DarlingMionette Tutorial - How To Draw Hair 2 by DarlingMionette Tutorial - How To Draw Hair 3 by DarlingMionette :thumb108335129: Purple hair. Step by step + brown by FeliceMelancholie hair tutorial by pichu4850 Hair-Color-Tutorial for SAI by Deamond-89 How to paint anime-styled hair by getty Hair Tutorial by Flyhunter Hair Tutorial by Ede1986 hair coloring tutorial by akiko-sama Hair Tutorial by liiga A Digital Coloring Tutorial: 3 by joulee Hair Tutorial by JenniferHealy Tutorial: Painting Hair in PS by ToySkunk Painting Hair - Part 1: Intro by Sheridan-J Hair tutorial by CindysArt   Fur Tutorial by MinnaSundberg Fur Painting Tutorial by Novawuff
Anime Eye SAI Tutorial by challele [Tutorial] Semirealistic Eye by teralilac How to color Anime Eyes by ReiRobin 2010 Eye tutorial by AishaxNekox Eye Colouring Tutorial? :D by Fushi-Chou Eye-coloring Tutorial by Deamond-89 Eye Color Tutorial by threewiishes Anime Eye Coloring Tutorial by ascherie Shiny Eye Tutorial by tsubukichi +Eye Shading Tutorial + by daypoo Eye Tutorial by manic-goose An Anime Eyes Tutorial by joulee Paint tool SAI eyes tutorial by ryky Eye Tutorial by AikaXx eye tutorial by ryky eye tutorial by mirukawa anime eye tutorial by mirukawa Eye Tutorial by Saccstry Semi-realism eye by beetoots
Face and body shading:
Face shading, basic planes by what-i-do-is-secret Face shading trials by what-i-do-is-secret Face lighting practise by moni158 Facial Shading by Juggertha Quick n' Dirty: Light on Faces by telophase The common shade tutorial by OptimusPraino Really Basic Character Shading by starca :thumb158825525:
ear tutorial by twosilverstars
Tutorial - Clothing + Folds 1 by DarlingMionette Tutorial - Clothing + Folds 2 by DarlingMionette Ruffling Skirt Tutorial by Rach-Resources Draping Fabric--tutorial by Rach-Resources patterned fabrics by oione The Itchy Fabric Walkthrough by nathie Adding Patterns to Clothing! by Sheridan-J Sheer Sleeve Tutorial by Rach-Resources fabric patterns tutorial by oione
Outline coloring:

Digital Painting Tutorial by Dianae How to paint a face by leejun35 SKIN PAINTING TUTORIAL by CrazyDwarf SKIN: a tutorial - Part 1 by navate Coloring Skin Tutorial by sleckt SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by navate Tiny tips: Wild skin colours by Ranarh Tiny Tips: Five-colour-trick by Ranarh Workflow Sharing : Oiran by LEKKER Digital Painting Tutorial Pt I by lithriel Digital Painting Tutorial Pt 2 by lithriel :thumb175527462: Adding Skin Texture by Sheridan-J Realism Tutorial by yumix Tutorial.Drawing skin.Rus,eng by mashamaklaut Fantasy Eyes Tutorial by JoJoesArt Eye tutorial - an update by acidlullaby Painting Realistic Eyebrows! by Sheridan-J Semi-realism lips. step by step by FeliceMelancholie Nose tutorial. Step by step by FeliceMelancholie lips tutorial by mirukawa

Digital Painting Tutorial by Tervola Establishing Mood with Color by TamberElla Coloring tutorial - 01 by sandara Coloring tutorial - 02 by sandara Coloring tutorial - 03 by sandara Coloring tutorial - 04 by sandara Skintone Tutorial part 1 by KristinaGehrmann Waiting step by step by darkmello Tutorial of Color and Light by vandervals

:bulletblue:Background tutorials:
Tutorial: Blending Charas into BGs by Deamond-89 :Background tutorial:Eng-Sp: by vero-g6 Visual Novel / Anime Background Tutorial by Lemur3s TUTORIAL: Flash Backrounds by Etoli :thumb179272660: Concept tutorial no.1 by AndreeWallin Background tutorial - part 2 by AonikaArt Anime Background Tutorial by Risachantag From sunrise to sunset - tut by AonikaArt Stair to the heaven-Process by JOEIAN How To Make A Digital Painting by Norke Ruins of Doriath tutorial by PeteAmachree Ruins of Doriath tutorial PtII by PeteAmachree scarypet's SnowyMountTUTORIAL by scarypet Speedpainting tutorial by vesner Background tutorial by griffsnuff background tutorial part1 by griffsnuff Background tutorial part 2 by griffsnuff

Because DA no longer accepts as much thumbnails as before - part II has been moved here Coloring Walkthrough part IIIt seems DA is no longer accepting as much thumbs as before. So I am afraid I have to split the journal I have made in the past. Sorry guys.
Part 1 is here:

Clouds and sky:
Short tutorial- Clouds by Sadir89 Clouds - Meago's way by meago The Cloud Tutorial by ehbi
Light and fire/lava:
Glow tutorial by Sadir89 Scarypet's LAVA TUTORIAL by scarypet Fire Tutorial for SAI by RayCrystal Easy to do -Fire- tutorial by Nakubi