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Photoshop Manipulation tutorial



A step-by-step tutorial on how I manipulate. I don't always work the same way but I mention several
techniques that I use more often in my work. Photomanipulation is a lot about experimenting and seeing what works.

Please use this tutorial as practice or a guideline. Don't copy my work and call it your own. Be creative!

Finished work

I wrote an article with more information on photomanipulation and techniques here:
Photomanipulation walkthroughStep 1: Idea (message, composition) You decided that you want to make a photomanipulation. But what to make? There are so many photomanipulations already out there and mostly with the same theme. So you decide you don't just want to stick a pretty girl onto a beautiful background. No you want to be original and have your manipulation portray a message everyone can relate to. Think of things that are important to you, that lay close to your heart. They can be emotions (love, hate, sadness, anger) or experiences, hobbies (art, sports etc), things you are struggling with. Or they can be global themes like (beauty, money, economy, eating disorders, war, relationships etc.) Of course if you choose to portray something as love there are many ways to do so. Do you want it to be a surreal depiction of love, or dark, fantasy, sci-fi, conceptual, humourous... your choice will of course decide the whole 'feel' of the image. So choose wisely as they say. Now that you have your theme y

I haven't mentioned this in the tutorial because I haven't used it but the group folder found at the bottom of the layer menu is another handy tool. It let's you create folders in which you can place layers so you can move them all at once.

Stock used:
Deer [link]
Forest [link]

Brushes used [link]
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I try to follow your tutorial here