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Problem with this isn't any one thing for one person, its one or more program(s) causing issues with gameguard. So there isn't one fix. The problem is specific to the individual PC and what is installed on it.

Truth be told game guard is crap and causes nothing but more problems than it solves with Blade & Soul Power leveling. You look at all these jap games and see nothing but bots and cheaters yet gameguard is still shoved down our throats and it causes so many issues. Remember punkbuster remember all the issues it created and yet was always bypassed in most cases by honest players that just wanted to enjoy the game. same thing here. I would love to check out this game but until they get game guard out of it no way in heck. I have uninstalled every piece of protection software I have and found that it didn't like my Anti-Key logger software. Guess what, to bad that isn't going anywhere.

This is suppose to be anti cheat software, why is it that I have to remove next to all the safeguards I have on my PC to use it. I have never liked gameguard it has always acted more like spyware/malware than anything else, and it always causes problems. I had to restart my PC every time I launched BnS because gameguard got into or interfered Chrome somehow and made it crash or run slow as heck 100% of the time. They may have a good game here but untill these issues are resolved I say stay away from it.

Nothing good comes from having gameguard on your system. I have played other NCsoft games in the past and not had the problems I have this time round with gameguard but again its a horror story that keeps going on and Cheap BNS Gold. But like I have stated a few times now gameguard is the WORST anti cheat software out there.

Personally we would all be better off to simply say "O its got gameguard? Nope not installing that."  and maybe it will stop being used. For all you out there that are not having issues great. But I have yet to not have an account supposedly guarded by gameguard that hasen't been hacked, hence why I run anti-key logger software so keep that in the back of your heads.
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It's a very Eastern idea (Asia). Western games don't use systems like GG, they instead opt for something along the lines of Warden or VAC. I've never seen anyone legitimately complain about those.