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The only thing that made me stop is the severe disadvantage you get when you ping that high, and I didn't really feel part of the community since most of the players were Chinese. The combat system is the best I've seen in an MMO, but I have my bias since I play a lot of fighting games. It's very rewarding and the PvP is pretty balanced. The game is very enjoyable, and it feels better playing it than watching it. I think you would like it.

The game looks amazing, i'm afraid it looks too good to be true, i hope the cash shop will be like TERA's (NA, not the shitty EU one) wheree everything is cosmetic appart from a few boosts for exp and such.

Tbh, i'd much prefer the weeaboos version. I don't really mind seeing my avatar get half naked (yeah, go ahead and judge me), and i dont have to deal with other people getting 10x my dps via opening their wallets to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. it's a F2P, they have to earn money somehow, and of the 2, the half naked chicks wearing swimsuits to combat

Unless you played this game with <90ms there's no way you can judge it because it literally doesn't work the way it's supposed to above that. Is that bad design? Maybe, no one honestly knows if they could capture the same combat without ping limitations since its the only game in the business that does it the way bns does.

Playing the two, BnS feels a lot like TERA except smoother and spammier. TERA has essentially the same [lack of] targeting as well as conditional abilities and combos. BnS has the same, exc
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