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I really do not see why people are complaining that this is too easy to have troubles with. Everyone plays this game differently and everyone has a different background. People who have never ever played an MMO before might find this very challenging. The combat system is quite different to most games as well as it is very responsive and it takes some time getting used to. But the thing that bugs me the most is - it not your character so why are you bothered with it? Let new New players discover the game themselves and help them out where help is needed, there is no reason ever to be mean to someone who doesn't understand something straight away. Like I would be ashamed of myself if I went back, read those posts and saw they were mine. Contructive feedback is always good and appreciated, but calling someone bad or that its supposed to be easy doesn't do anyone any good, not even yourself. Like before I first replied I was quite happy how many people did not post such foolish things, just to come back 3-4 hours later and see that the thread is starting to fill with them.

Just guys be a little understanding sometimes, and don't always draw instant conclusions without looking at all the angles. Master of None, I hope that you and your friend will beat the Boss, and while I am definetly no Pro at this game, feel free to message me if you have any questions.

I don't know why some people are being so harsh on them for dying.  Yes, it could be a troll, but it could also just be an honest question, why not give them the benefit of the doubt?

Pretty much all the mobs up until that point are incredibly easy and require no skill whatsoever, so it is very possible for someone that is not use to the game to not know their skills well enough and have a hard time with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.  Especially if they did not continue upgrading their weapon.  Not all games use the red/aoe warning either, so it might have been easy to miss, especially if you are not looking for it.

If you don't want to die while learning your skills, take your friend into the pvp lobby make yourselves a room and practice on each other a bit or even just go do some 1v1.  Low level mobs tend to not stun/knock down etc. much at all so practicing with some pvp is a good way to get use to your escape and dodge skills.

Holy dump. All of you are just...I can't.
Not every person can flip flop everything from first try, even at a matter of ping. For some the ping doesn't matter at all and they get used with it easy and deal with it the way it is, some don't do great with high ping at all, and some may don't do well at first even with low ping. Not everyone is the same.

Myself I played just fine with 300ping+, got used with it. Sure I get a bit like: "err..ok" if someone fails at first tries or so at easy stuff, with low ping even, sure he/she sucks at first but maybe after some more tries he/she/they will manage to. Only after shitton of tries and maybe even explanations and if they still didn't get it, then yes, you truly suck bad.
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