Blade And Soul Closed Beta 1 Change Notes

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Deviation Actions

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These are the changes we've made in Closed Beta 1.

2 new servers will be added
The Marketplace (F5) and Character Info (right-click on a character, or type /who) are now web-based with a lot of new functionalities. Check it out!

The Currency Exchange has been opened

The premium membership icon size has been reduced

An issue where certain emotes could not be used has been fixed with huge number of Blade And Soul Gold

The Daily Dash now has a timer indicating how long you have to wait until your next spin

A “Try on” button has been added to cosmetic items in the Hongmoon Store

Founder’s Packs costumes have been added to the Wardrobe

A tutorial gem is now given to the player during the “Socket to me” quest

The healing potion given during the meditation tutorial cannot be discarded anymore

Fixed various typos in the survey, and changed some of the rewards

Various localization fixes
Hongmoon Store changes:
Added costumes
Added training skill ticket
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