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Throne Room Stained Glass Windows Background

:bulletyellow:Edit: Uploaded correct Final file.

Phew! I finally finished this!. This was going to be part of a really simple comic that I can't seem to finish (yet) ;)

It was not specially difficult (I would like to analyze it in detail in a journal before the world year ends), but since I could only work on it in limited periods of time, it looked like forever...*

And I couldn't come up with a good Title (suggestions welcome) and I was surprised that apparently nobody has made these. (Correct me if I'm wrong. Seriously)

And finally, I tried to improve the original by adding some extra reflections and correcting some issues in Cadance and Shining Armor shapes.

:bulletgreen:Source image(s):[link]

:bulletgreen:SVG: [link]

:bulletred:To export the file, import it first it to GIMP and then export the PNG. Looks like GIMP can render 10000px of blur a lot more easily than Inkscape. If you want to try both too, please tell me how it went.

You can use the individual windows, too. Same rules. And if you can provide a link to the final work, that would be nice ;)

*Seriously, we are like in the middle of the third season, and I'm doing vectors from its first episode...
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