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The ____ in the moon

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Published: May 21, 2012
YAY! My first pony comic.

I kept thinking about the idea and the best way of express it for a while, and since looks it has not been done before
(but please tell me if I'm wrong), so here it is.

Now, since I'm a newbie in vectoring and I usually lack on patience on learning new abilities, I used some vectors from #MLP-VectorClub, specifically...

First Panel
●~ChemicOwl's "Canterlot Palace Spires at Night"
●~Chromadancer 's "1,000 Year Slumber"

Second Panel
●~Ironfruit's "Dawn Scene - Full Frame Vector"
●=MoongazePonies's "Angel Bunny", modified to make him look into the horizon.
●*RedPandaPony's "Fluttershy Being Fluttershy" sightly modified (closed the mouth for a more "serene" face, and the tail)

Third Panel
●*BonesWolbach's "Field Clearing", modified by erasing the clouds and some stars.
●~ThatsGrotesque's "Lyra facehoof" and ●~Muffin308's "Bon bon looks surprised" were combined into "Bon Bon Facehoof"
●~Shelmo69's "Lyra", with modified front legs.

First Panel Princess Luna was made with Inkscape (the vectors) and GIMP (the mane's special effects) and the mane could have been subconsciously inspired by "Princess Luna" by ~zlack3r.

The "Rabbit in the Moon" Moon and the "Man in the Moon" Moon were made in Inkscape using ~Chromadancer 's "1,000 Year Slumber" as a base and, of course, the actual Moon.

And, with such beautiful backgrounds, I felt the first plane characters were too "flat", so I shaded them. Now they look as if they were lit by moonlight... I guess.

And since English is not my first language, the text was maybe the most difficult part, since I wanted something "poetic" and a good punchline.

So, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

And one more thing... Steganography YAY!

May 26th Edit: Featured in Equiestria Daily's Comic Section, May 21th. Since then...

...this was my face when the comic reached 1,000 views:



Edit 2: Thanks to *DaringDashie for the suggestions and corrections!
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swirlieeStudent General Artist
Mother knows best
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YES!! :D That's right, the man/mare in the moon is only a trait of the mind to see a meaningful shape in the moon, and it's totally subjective... Kind of the same as with shapes in the clouds, actually! And maybe in the dark too... and in coffee cups :D
Awesome comic!!
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KatrueYumeNikkiHobbyist General Artist
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The moon is like a D***
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KatrueYumeNikkiHobbyist General Artist
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you know...what only guy have.
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KatrueYumeNikkiHobbyist General Artist
i do know (reeally sadly) but i dont see it. well i dont want to see it anyway
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Tiger610Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:33< i don't see any hidden text
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tamales y atole hahahaha
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Lol i love the secret message there X3

and to answer your question NOPE lol
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AvantGardePonyProfessional Digital Artist
This was great.
Also, tamales are delicious....and I don't have a thing to do. XD
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FluttetSwordStudent General Artist
Hey he is armstrong or 吳剛, and lol.
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Raven: Second panel.......... I see nothin'.....
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Fire5236Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Fire5236Hobbyist Digital Artist
I mean :iconepicfacehoofplz:
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Applejack123456Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't see a human in it....
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LinksDEVIANTDailyHobbyist General Artist
uhm.. The "thing"... in the moon maybe? Just kidding it's a rose in the moon.
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metalfoxxxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tamales y atole? WIN!
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I think I missed something with Lyra, because now she's super obsessed with humans in everyone's comics... How did that come about?
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist

Long story short, because she was sitting on a bench like a human in the 7th episode. Since then (in the fandom), she has an obsession with humans, hands, human objects, walking on her hind legs, and has been considered the pony version of :iconitwasaliensplz: and a long list of etceteras.

She is also shipped with Bon Bon, because the same scene, and she (Bon Bon) is usually depicted as being ashamed of Lyra's obsession.

And by the time I made this comic, there was already considered an overused meme, but I was just starting and I said to myself: "why not?"

For more information, you can go to Know Your Meme: knowyourmeme.com/memes/sitting…

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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
WAit a minute, it's all JUST FROM THE SITTING? This fandom is crazier than I thought.
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist

Don't forget Pinkie Pie and the 4th wall, Derpy and the muffins, Derpy and Dinky, DJ Pon3/Vinyl Scratch eye's, Pinkie Pie's sisters' names, the infamous "wingboner", drunk Berry Punch, Voice Actor Bon Bon, all the Dr. Whooves ponies, Scootaloo as a chicken, Rarity as a marshmallow, Sweetie Belle as a dictionary...

Since there is so much left unexplained, the fandom will quickly (and happily) try to fill the gaps. If that's good or bad, time will tell.

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