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Celestia's Throne Room Background

Ok, where can I start?

A midly-detailed background that I managed to get done (finally) after a lot of delays (and, by "delays" I mean "Arrive home, dinner, browse, sleep. Rinse and repeat.")

This was difficult for me since (among other things) there is not a "complete" shot of the Throne Room from this perspective, so I used several scenes for reference. It didn't help a lot*, so I tried to do something that looked architecturally "feasible/real" and I tried to tweak a little the perspective (like in the pillars and the roof).

And I learned an "easy" way to do that chess pattern, finally.

The Blue and Yellow stained windows were "recycled" from "Throne Room Stained Glass Windows Background". The pink one was referenced from the source images and some imagination for the shapes in the top.

:bulletgreen:Source image(s):[link]

(If you open it in the browser, the columns might appear wrong, but it should work correctly when opened in Inkscape. Also, the blur can cause a long wait when exporting this in large resolutions)

And if you can provide a link to the final work, that would be nice ;)

*Mostly because I didn't find a lot. You usually don't see past the middle of the throne...
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Wow. The throne room went through some changes over the years.
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I'm used your background for my art
Thank you!
Why?! by Soronaan
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I used your background for my art recently. Thanks for making it, it looks great!
New Recruits by Shaslan
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I wonder if you'll see this comment after all these years. I can't believe I didn't message you back then and I apologize for that.
This image and the reference you've gathered have been a huge help for me when I was making a front view of the throne room for my animation project back in 2014. I event went as far as to shamelessly copy parts of the tapestries from your picture.
I any case, here is my image:
Canterlot Throne Room Front View by Hunternif
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Thanks for the background.  I used it for a My Little Pony, Doctor Who, crossover animation short.…
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Used the columns from the SVG in my semi-animation here:…
Thank you for the great vector!
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Hello :) I used your background in a short video i made here.… only there for 2 seconds buuuut... Well, It's part of my new avatar as well now so I thought it would be prudent if I didn't share and say thank you. :) 
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