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Calavera a Twilight Sparkle



What is a Calavera?

A Calavera Literaria is a satirical poem, written as an epitaph, about a person, relative or friend. It usually depicts that person being taken to the afterlife/grave/tomb/cemetery by the personification of Death, the "Grim Reaper", while describing habits and attitudes or funny anecdotes about that (still living) person.

It's usually written as a group of strophes with four verses and "free rhyme", so it's up to the writer to decide the rhyme between verses.

This particular set of Calaveras are written as a Cuarteta (fisrt verse rhymes with the third and the second with the fourth) of eight syllabes.

And, because personal preferences, I decided that nopony would die, so I decided that every pony would trick the Death into... well... don't take them to the afterlife, in a way that made sense according to the character.



:bulletred:Since I wrote this in Spanish and in Rhyme, translating it into English, still making sense and Rhyming too, is very VERY difficult. Spanish is a very flexible language, so one can change the order of the words Yoda-style and still makes sense; Also, in Spanish there is something known as "Grammatical Gender" that gives a gender to the nouns; that means that the Death is a SHE (La Muerte) and because that, it's called "Flaca", "huesuda", "catrina", "calaca", etc.

So, TL;DR: I apologize to the non-Spanish-Speakers, because this probably will not make any sense to you anyway...
Calavera to Twilight Sparkle
There is no other pony in all Equestria
that can be so organized;
Celestia's student
always will be prepared.

Was after she had eaten
a daisy sandwich
that she saw the Death appear
right in front of her face.

Twilight looked confused
when she saw the apparition
Was it an unfinished practical joke
or some kind of illusion?

“I came to take you
directly to the graveyard.
If you want to organize something
just don't do it with a song”

Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle
was searching inside her saddlebags
not the lyrics of that song
but a worn schedule.

“This wasn't scheduled
and this day I'm really busy;
I have the whole day reserved
from the morning to the dinner…”

“…but if it's so important
I'll try to see what can I do…
come back the next millennium,
only then I will agree”

The Grim Reaper lowered the sight;
he leaves to where he arrived from,
thinking about the advantages
of having all scheduled.

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