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Calavera a Fluttershy



What is a Calavera?

A Calavera Literaria is a satirical poem, written as an epitaph, about a person, relative or friend. It usually depicts that person being taken to the afterlife/grave/tomb/cemetery by the personification of Death, the "Grim Reaper", while describing habits and attitudes or funny anecdotes about that (still living) person.

It's usually written as a group of strophes with four verses and "free rhyme", so it's up to the writer to decide the rhyme between verses.

This particular set of Calaveras are written as a Cuarteta (fisrt verse rhymes with the third and the second with the fourth) of eight syllabes.

And, because personal preferences, I decided that nopony would die, so I decided that every pony would trick the Death into... well... don't take them to the afterlife, in a way that made sense according to the character.



:bulletred:Since I wrote this in Spanish and in Rhyme, translating it into English, still making sense and Rhyming too, is very VERY difficult. Spanish is a very flexible language, so one can change the order of the words Yoda-style and still makes sense; Also, in Spanish there is something known as "Grammatical Gender" that gives a gender to the nouns; that means that the Death is a SHE (La Muerte) and because that, it's called "Flaca", "huesuda", "catrina", "calaca", etc.

So, TL;DR: I apologize to the non-Spanish-Speakers, because this probably will not make any sense to you anyway...
Calavera to Fluttershy
Inside a small hut
not far away from a village
this morning woke up
a yellow Pegasus.

Taking care of the animals
has been his vocation
but to every mortal
the time comes.

The Grim Reaper came for her
and wanted to take her away
but this beautiful pony
was never going to allow it.

The Death was surprised
(since she wasn't prepared)
when Fluttershy faced it
and used The Stare.

“I won't allow you
to take me away from my home.
I'm glad you came here
but I'm staying”.

And so, thanks to the Stare,
that marvelous technique,
this yellow Pegasus
still lives in her hut.

Attribution time!

The vectors used in this deviation are:
●"Fluttershy Gasp" by *arcticjuniper
●"Fluttershy`s cottage vector" by ~iOVERD

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I enjoyed these so much that I wanted to try making at least one rhyme and scan in English. I didn't quite manage the Cuarteta form, but I think it came out okay. If you like it I'll do more :)

In a cottage small and homey
Just outside the village fuss
Morning woke a sleepy pony
She, a yellow pegasus

Creatures of the forest many
Cared she for within her home
But of mortals there's not any
For whom Death will never come

Swift She came and gestured gently
Time it was for her to fly
Yet she watched Her face intently
And, this time, was never shy

Death drew back in dark surprise
No warning had She to prepare
When Fluttershy, with shining eyes
Used the power of The Stare

"O Dark Pony, I won't let you
Take me from my home or friends
I'm glad you came, and won't forget you
But staying here's what I intend"

Such her gaze and her intention
Death flew off and left her there
Such the power of her invention
Even Death may fear The Stare

(Normally I'd avoid re-using a rhyme, even The Stare, but figured since you had in the original it would be okay. Please let me know what you think!)

Light and laughter,