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Calavera a Applejack



What is a Calavera?

A Calavera Literaria is a satirical poem, written as an epitaph, about a person, relative or friend. It usually depicts that person being taken to the afterlife/grave/tomb/cemetery by the personification of Death, the "Grim Reaper", while describing habits and attitudes or funny anecdotes about that (still living) person.

It's usually written as a group of strophes with four verses and "free rhyme", so it's up to the writer to decide the rhyme between verses.

This particular set of Calaveras are written as a Cuarteta (fisrt verse rhymes with the third and the second with the fourth) of eight syllabes.

And, because personal preferences, I decided that nopony would die, so I decided that every pony would trick the Death into... well... don't take them to the afterlife, in a way that made sense according to the character.



:bulletred:Since I wrote this in Spanish and in Rhyme, translating it into English, still making sense and Rhyming too, is very VERY difficult. Spanish is a very flexible language, so one can change the order of the words Yoda-style and still makes sense; Also, in Spanish there is something known as "Grammatical Gender" that gives a gender to the nouns; that means that the Death is a SHE (La Muerte) and because that, it's called "Flaca", "huesuda", "catrina", "calaca", etc.

So, TL;DR: I apologize to the non-Spanish-Speakers, because this probably will not make any sense to you anyway...
Calavera to Applejack
They say that the firsts days of November
is a custom and a tradition
that everyone that harvest something
must share it with his friends.

That's why this girl
the provider of apples
every year takes care of it
and brings the snacks.

But this time the Death
wants to ruin this one;
She has come
to take AJ to the cemetery.

Applejack, very surprised
couldn't feign courage;
she had the scare of her life
when she saw the Death come in.

"I wish you had enjoyed
this your last harvest.
Your time here is over;
your life has come to an end”.

But AJ didn’t want that;
she bucked the Death so hard
that the Grim Reaper (just bones)
ended up broken in half.

This is a true story
(Applejack wouldn't lie);
she made the Death to think:
“I will not mess with this one anymore”.

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●"Applejack waving" by ~Myardius
●"Sweet Apple Acres (svg)" by =Stinkehund

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Well, I finally got around to doing another one. I found this one remarkably tricky, so it didn't come out as smooth as my remix of Calavera a Fluttershy. I hope you like it anyway, and I still want to finish out the set!

Light and laughter,

Calavera a Applejack
Many say, when comes November
Custom and tradition call
All that harvest to remember:
Share the wealth from every haul

That is why this fair-maned mare
Brings her laden apple cart
To Ponyville, in market square
And shares them out to do her part

This time, Death appeared before her
Ready now to end the game
Applejack could not ignore Her
For the boneyard was Her aim

Sore surprised was our good farmer
Fear won out, her courage failed
Death’s cold voice cut through her armor
As her fate She swift unveiled:

“I hope your harvest brought you pleasure
‘Twas the last you’ll ever reap
I have come to take your measure
And bring to you eternal sleep.”

AJ raged - she wanted not
To follow Death beneath the stones
She spun and kicked, and with one shot
Broke death in half (She’s only bones!)

Each harvest time this tale unfolds
And Applejack would never lie
That Death’s lament is easily told:
“Once more this pony I’ll pass by.”