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Apple Bloom Just Wants a Hug

Alternative names:
"The fish was this size!"
"You gotta love me!*"

As seen in my comic "Campfire Stories"

:bulletgreen:SVG: [link]
And if you can provide a link to the final work, that would be nice ;)

*Eeyup. Baby Sinclair reference.
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Hi there! I didn't actually use your vector in the work, I only used it as reference for the pose on the one of the ponies. But I thought I'd still credit you:…
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Used in and credited. Thank you for this great piece ^_^
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or coarse I'll give you a hug!
FloofPuppy's avatar
She's my favorite character in MLP. =D
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*Hugs vigorously, gets BSoD*
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Heavy: Little pony is sooo funny!! *Hugs*
InvaderPsi's avatar
here my version of your picture: [link] :3 /)
tamalesyatole's avatar
Nice! And thanks for the credit :)
InvaderPsi's avatar
I have to thank you :3
Thanks so much for the fav. /)
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oh come here you! *hugs apple bloom*
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She's so cute. :cuddle:
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Hugs! *reaches arms around to hug but smacks face on laptop screen* Ouch!
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. . .

I'll be alright. I just need to find a new heart. This one went and exploded all over my monitor.

By the way, you owe me a new monitor . . .
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cant resist O_0 must Hug *HuGS Applebloom*
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Hugs she shall recieve.
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