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APNG Assembler Tutorial
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Published: October 23, 2012
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This Deviation is self-explained, so I'll just write some links here:

:bulletred: APNG Assembler

:bulletred: Firefox web browser
:bulletred: Opera web browser
:bulletred: Chrome web browser and the APNG addon

:bulletgreen: The Wikipedia entry about APNGs
:bulletgreen: Guide for the APNG plugin for GIMP by ~mattyhex
:bulletgreen: The finished animated Twilight APNG:
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Seeing this, I have some quite interesting information to share that I just found:
1. Safari 8 supports apng now
2. There is a kickstarter campaign by Rei Kagetsuki to make apng more popular

I really hope more people will get to know apng, gifs can be pretty annoying to make.
Anyway, good tutorial.
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Tiiria Digital Artist
Super useful. Thank you very much.
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I dislike how you are assuming that every viewer of your tutorial uses Wandows
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist
Usage shares of operating systems as of October 2012 [Wikipedia]

Windows 70.39% ████████████████████████
OS X     8.54% ▓▓▓
Linux    1.64% ▌
Other   19.43% ▒▒▒▒▒▒

I'm sorry if I upset you. I just assumed that the most of the DA users are using some version of Windows (Not everybody uses Ubuntu, you know...) and I'm not planing to buy a Mac, yet.

But, if it helps, this tutorial was created with Inkscape (words and background) and GIMP (everything else)

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Thanks for giving an intelligent response.

Also, Mac is even worse ._.
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FrankRTHobbyist General Artist
Woah! PNGs are animated now!?
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bipoleHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome. I remember hearing about APNGs before but never tried one.

Lately I was wondering how to manhandle an upcoming project into GIF—I would have liked multiple palettes, but I don't know of any programs that do this for animated GIFs. But now I don't have to!
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Very good tutorial. Here, I made the russian translate: [link]
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Ducky377Hobbyist Digital Artist
this was a very unique and helpful tutorial, thank you ^^
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supermalluHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow thanks!!! i might give animating a second chance, i found GIF. files very annoying to work with and rarly animate!! but your tutorial makes this metode seem easy! :heart:
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Nice guide.

They don't need to use the cd command to select the program's directory.

If they hold shift while right clicking on the folder the program is in, an option will appear to "Open command window here".

Won't work on XP or earlier, but after more than a decade I think it's time to leave XP in the past.
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the tip! I will see how can I incorporate it...
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DracoBlairHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually wanted to read more about apngs, but decided not to. Do you think they'll work on tumblr dashboard? Will check it anyway
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DracoBlairHobbyist Digital Artist
Not on the dashboard, but they do when clicked on. Now to check the maximum size/length limitations
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Firestorm-CANHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, interesting. I'll hold onto this once I start animating again.
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abydos91Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :) This is really helpful.... finally I can make something animated for my oc XD hehe
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Beep Boop I'm stalking your scraps.
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist
I already knew it. This one is for testing DA method of resizing. Only a deviation displayed in its Original Size "Fullview Size" will be animated. This will have more sense soon.
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Beep Boop I HAVE NOTHING CLEVER LEFT TO SAY! And I'm sure whatever you come up with will blow me away!
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tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist
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