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So, um, last night...

Yeah, about that. I'd say take a seat but you probably don't want to.

One more entry in butt month before it ends. I rushed, I'm still not used to this tablet, and wow I've been drawing a lot of saggy diaper bums and I'm not very good at them. Maybe I can manage one more clean bottom out before. ..Tuesday . Yeah most likely not. I tried. Happy Butt Month.
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Must of been one hell of a night.
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Waking up in a random world where everyone wears a diaper, cause she looks confused like, why is she here, and why is she wearing a thick baby diaper.
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You did wonderful Tamae.
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looks sweet i wish i could change with the girls body v.v
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I think this looks fine, the diaper could use work but other than that it's fine.
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Keep the saggy!
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i wonder if you could upload like a normal version(messy or wet or whatever) somewhere else
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I don't color used diapers anyway. Diapers don't turn brown and yellow when you use them and I don't draw them that way
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If you use them enough in a day (or 2) they will
..but...didn't you once draw Raven (from Teen Titans)in a brown/yellow diaper?
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I did but that was at the request of the person paying for it. It's what they wanted, regardless of my personal taste.
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oh okay sorry. i just thought you were trying to abide to Deviantart's new rule...
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Well that rule gives me a better excuse not to make ridiculous brown diapers other than just they look stupid.
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actually when a diaper is used enough it does turn a bit yellow and i was just wondering sorry...but i love your work either way :3
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Yes! Please tell everyone else that!
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Thank God you realize that..
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I've always been against that sort of thing
Sure I occasionally diaper fronts but they are still more gray than neon yellow like some people do.
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And then some people don't even attempt to add white to it like there's a front to the diaper at all.

And let's face it, no one's urine is that yellow, and if it is - all those mothafuckas are dehydrated.
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Indeed. I'd say they should drink more but honestly then amount of fluids we artists and writers give me people means no one is ever dehydrated
ABDLart's avatar
Haha, hopefully everyone will get the message sooner or later.
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What is Butt month?
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June is butt month, where diaper artists draw pics focusing on the padded bottom. It was started by :iconrfswitched:
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