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What's up with Tamae in this final quarter of the year?

Item 1:  I'm actually pretty well making some progress on overdue stuff. So if I owe you a Kiriban, or a prize, or to a lesser extent a present of some kind (because I've offered way too many of those out), I haven't forgotten you. For people who won a prize in Year of Sakura, you've been contacted about that and your compensation. I will be working on stuff these next 2 weeks. Why these two weeks?

Item 2: I'm going to Japan at the end of this month! The long awaited "well I'm living out here in the pacific so I should try and get to Japan once while I'm out here" trip is planned, paid for, and preped for. So I'll be out of the country (and potentially out of contact) for a week. I mean the hotel will have wifi so I think I'll have discord.

Item 3: I'm doing a lot of little personal projects and doodles in my spare time as warm ups and "mental health" things just to make me smile. Gotta do your own thing sometimes. Those will be included in the art dump too. However if you happen to be in an artist discord I'm in, you MIGHT....MIGHT get some sneak peaks if I feel generous. Where do I hang out? Support some artists on patreon and maybe you'll bump into me Speaking of patreon

Item 4: Patreon is still on the table to potentially move into. Haven't decided. I am also considering opening up another gallery over on Pixiv, just because. The recent removal (and surprise reinstatement) of a pic has once again nudged me into possibly moving somewhere else. I could also maybe revitalize the tumblr because apparently lots of artists here work out of there too.

Item 5: I am seriously considering disabling comments on Unwanted Care's latest (NOT LAST) page because I've ignored it for a long time guys but you know it's a smidge bad for my self confidence to keep being reminded how long it's been. I know. I get it. I can take a gentle ribbing and snide remark but it's getting old. When I was working in a stupid warehouse and had nothing going on in my life pages could be made on the reg but with a career it's been harder to have the time, and the motivation isn't always there because of the career either. Let's be clear, I don't want to quit and go to art full time. Not happening, my job has too many good perks to leave that all behind to gamble on artwork and patreon :P Sorry. But hopefully this new wave of motivation will carry us FINALLY to the end of Unwanted Care. And then I can start another (MUCH SMALLER) project. Probably the next thing I decide to do will just be done in one piece and loaded all together.

Item 6: Happy news. Smash Bros is soon right? I'm ready to finally play as Daisy and get back into form as Charizard. Go easy on me in online, I've never really played Smash Bros outside of 3DS. Also getting revved up for Let's Go Eevee. Been playing a lot of Pokemon Go recently (not that I ever stopped) but I'm making sure my account is in good form for Eevee. Except some simple pokemon fanart from that.

Item 7: If you submitted ideas for Magical Girl March/April this year, the project that was planned for kinda fell through but fear not! For it is being plotted out to hopefully be done in time for next March. Next March...when I'm going to begin packing up to move back to the mainland...oh shit...standby...

Item 8: The potential for return of commissions and such. Right now, don't count on me to open up commissions. I'm not in a good place to confidently offer them, as anyone who's been waiting on things can attest to. I don't want to abuse anyone's patience and the people who have put up with me this past year (or longer) are saints. So if it happens it happens. I'm not saying no but at this time I am not saying yes either.

Item 9: Ads. Just, here's some things going on.

Boo-Bella Halloween Contest! Another Prize Update!(This update includes one more prize that will be given among the top 6 winners. Additionally, for the event users may submit pieces of art featuring Boo-Bella that they've commissioned themselves if they would like, though pieces that aren't created by the submissioner are not not eligible for prizes.)
Hello all you lovely people! This October, I wanted to host another contest with a fun little theme. Since it's that time of year to break out the pumpkins, costumes, and spookiest skeletons you can find, I am basing this contest around Boo-Bella!

Here is how the contest will go. You submit your own piece of art featuring Boo-Bella in it within the submission dates and you are entered into the contest. This contest begins today on Friday September 28th at 11am EST and ends on Monday November 5th at 12am EST.  
How the winner is chosen:  At the end of the contest, myself and seve
:iconbestsammy: 's doing a BooBella contest. Draw her Schoolgirl ghost boobella for fabulous prizes.

Sweet Treats Art Contest (Art and Cash prizes)October is a month known for it's spooks and scares, but it's also known for all manor of sweets. The autumn season brings us pumpkin spice, cider, candy, caramel apples, baked confections and tons of other goodies. If there's one time of year that's bound to give you sweet feelings it's fall. As a celebration of this delicious time of year, we're holding an art contest all month long where you can show your love of sugar and candy.
The rules are simple, all you have to do is draw a picture that is all about sweets, candies, jams, baked goods and other sugary treats with an ABDL and or AR theming. Bonus points if you can involve the fall season like Halloween, or the Harvest Season. The key is going to be balancing a focus on sweets while also creating an original and interesting ABDL/AR scene.
Judging will be based on:
Creativity - Originality of the scene, visuals, and presentation
Technicality - Utilizing complex art skills and learned techniques to make an impressive visual scene
:iconhourglass-of-youth: contest. Read the details. It's a yearly thing. I'm one of the judges.


So a month ago or so I chewed up dA for removing one of my pics. I thought it was one I drew for RF, but it turns out it was THIS one Tamarevenge by TamaeFTT And they just let it back up. So thank you Deviant Art. Thank you for listening.
I'm not much of a "call to action" type but it appears this individual still exists and is still stealing art so… Have at it internet.
Taking care of some house keeping while I'm at it. If you get a reply from me from a comment you left 5 months ago...oops
Hoping to get a lot done in the next few weeks so I can do an art dump before I go to Japan. Oh yeah I didn't mention, I'm going to Japan :P
If I took decongestant, put it in a syringe, and jammed it straight into my lungs, do you think that would have positive effects?
For the record it was this Revenge by TamaeFTT I think that was removed. THIS!!!! RF's OC is an adult, A. B! Seriously? I'm not giving suggestions or anything but I have a gallery full of Sakura Kinomoto and dA hits THIS?!?!?! Need we any more proof their standards are entirely arbitrary. Just saying. I'm ' ' this close to packing it up and taking my smut elsewhere.
Seems like once a quarter I get one random pic removed for "violating" TOS for drawing under 18 characters in a diaper. Capital job their dA, you picked ONE out of my entire gallery.  You're sure enforcing some kind of legitimately managed and well thought out policy.
More tylenol yum yum. I ran out of ibuprofen. It all reduces swelling so sure.
Well the Hurricane missed us. That's nice. Just some rain now.
This storm is about to give me a long ass weekend. Hope I can get something done. If the power goes out I'll have to resort to books. But I'm not worried. Funny enough, I stress about SO much in my life, but naturals disasters are not one of them. This is why I picked a neighborhood in the center of the island
Hey! So I need a program that ads text to things. I used to use Manga studio but since switch computers I seem to have lost the disks. Sai doesn't have a text tool (not the free version anyway), so I hear maybe ClipArt Studio has it?
Good news everyone! With physical therapy and anti inflammatory drugs my fingers and wrist have finally stopped hurting constantly. It's been about 3 days pain free. Huzzah
Hey just a quick update on my health, my hand seems to be on the mend after 3 weeks of motrin and stretching and "taking it easy" (using my mouse left handed). So I'm slowly getting back to work. And by that I mean let's just Deku my hand immediately! Plus Ultra!
Just watched Cyber 6 over the holiday weekend. How is Cyber 6 not considered some kind of trans super hero icon? She definitely comes off less like a woman who disguises as a man for a day job and way more like a trans woman using her natural male anatomy as a cover to be a crime fighting vampire woman at night. The flashbacks and photos of her as a kid definitely look more like she was born a boy.
Man this is weird, I dont remember being in an Anime.
I won a massage at the spine and rehab clinic I go to for my weight coaching....oh my god that felt great. She focused on just my arm for a solid 15 minutes and it feels amazing @.@ Hand doesn't even hurt that much today.
Incredibles 2 is such a rare film. It's not only good, but the hype is also totally justified. Which is saying something because I'm not even that big a fan of the original but I get WHY it's loved.
I'm back @.@ Oops things happened. Good news though, whatever is making my hand hurt, the doctor says it isn't a carpal tunnel and it PROBABLY isn't early arthritis. Thanks Science!
I usually ice my hand when it hurts, but yesterday I tried moving the ice pack further up my arm...oh wow, what a huge change. I found where the actual damage is @.@ Protip, where it hurts isn't necessarily where the injury is.


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