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Well it wasn't a great week for me posting (but not for me working ;) I did do stuff)

But here's the features:

:iconrinonno: Did one with spin off girls from the Majika Madoka universe (She did another one too but the Fate series isn't a Magical Girl show :P ) Magical Girl Troubles

:iconmasterstark: Made an OC magical girl, Cure Wicca. That's unique

And :iconbman44: represented the America's with Star Butterfly, who despite some debate lands in the Magical Girl circle in the Sammy the Witch (OG magical girl) genre.

And now it's time for me to start uploading some stuff


Recommend some Magical Girls who are definitely the Team Mom or Big Sister
Holy crap this stuff is taking longer to color than I thought. I'm out of practice doing all those sketches only T.T But comin tomorrow.
For the record I am drawing stuff. Just focusing on getting some finished things first. I think the big week is gonna be later this week and week 3
For all you Card collectors: Do you count holos as separate cards? For example;
1 DBZ EX1 Goku
1 DBZ EX1 Goku (Holographic)

Does your collection have 2 gokus or only 1? I count it as 1

I'm seeing some cards label their holos in their ID, like EX1 and Ex1a but it's still the same art, just one is holo. Personally I've never considered holo variants a separate card.
Oh my look what we're so close to...
Also how about that new Pokemon stuff. That girl sure got a lot of art fast :P
Man I thought I had some more variety ready. There are a couple of big things still unreleased.
Boy it's been a while since I uploaded anything and I have a bunch of things...should probably clear out that backlog soon *hint hint*
I was taking KH3 slow for the last 2 weeks basically doing a disney world every couple of days but I just blasted through all the after disney stuff (basically the final third of the game) all in one shot and you know what? Waiting was pointless. Spoiler warn? HA! Implies their anything you got from that ending that was worth hiding. None of the actual good mysteries the franchise has were even addressed. What a lovely waste of a Saturday and 7 years of waiting since 3D.
Y'all better bet there's gonna be some of the new Pre-Cure in this Year's Magical Month because I am officially on this crazy train and that train is going to S-P-A....ACE! SPAAAAAAAAAACE!!!
Just to answer the question: Yes I did get Kingdom Hearts 3. And I'm balancing it with working on my backlog, which is easy enough to do because after playing through the first 3 hours I can safely say "Yes, this is just another Kingdom Hearts game. I don't need to play this right this second."
Y'all can stop recommending Madoka in the Casting Call now :P We're good on that.
I don't take back the shit I've said about Steven Universe as a whole, but damn, the finale was actually really well executed. They really pulled out all the stops and made a really powerful special that not only was an emotional powerhouse (for a series that already likes to poke at your feels), but also a really impressive in the technical aspects. They clearly saved and blew their animation budget to make this one look better.
Hey Everyone, Remember to SAVE OFTEN!!! Otherwise your computer might decide the appropriate response to reaching its memory limit is to just restart. Not crash, not warn me, just straight up restart. Thanks. I'm happy to do 3 hours of work over again. I NEEEEEED the practice.
Does anyone know how to do 3D modeling? I am working on a thing where I'd need to send a 3D model to a printer to have it printed. I've looked at some of the repositories of designs but I can't find what I specifically need. Send me a note if you're a modeller looking for a project and tell me what you'd need to get it done. I've never modeled before but I assume you'll need pictures and sizes and such.
I named 2018 my "Year of Improvement" to focus on making things better in my life. While I certainly had some of that (moving out on my own, getting a promotion, not entering a Mcdonald's once), there were plenty of internal things I didn't improve, like my mental health. So this year in 2019, I shall call it "The Year of Good Habits" where in I shall build healthy habits for better mind and body. Nothing specific but I have a list of objectives.
I'm back in Hawaii and I think my lungs are rejecting the atmosphere! I went from dry winter to humid winter.
Well it's time to fly back to Hawaii and begin reflecting on this year
Merry Christmas!! Good god how am I going to get this stuff back to Hawaii T.T
So I probably don't have to sue applebees because my brother also got sick a day after I got better so I think maybe I just picked something up on the plane


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TheGreatMarcello Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018
Hey guv, I know your computer ain't working as it should and picarto ain't working period but are you ever gonna stream again? Also maybe you should move pixiv sooner or later.
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When tax season returns come in, I am planning to upgrade to a set up that can handle streaming.
TheGreatMarcello Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019
That's great.
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just a quick question,not to annoy you, but are you going to continue unwanted care?
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Sorry I'm not open for requests. You wouldn't want to wait anyway
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