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"The Ooh-Tahkar (Great Fierce One) came at night.  My cousin Stone-brow was standing watch, and he yelled.  We could only see the flash of its eyes as it stalked low, like a cat.  At first, the Ooh-Tahkar would not come close to the fire.  Then, suddenly, it ran in and carried Stone-brow off like a dog with a stick.

Its head was long as my arm.  It was fast, with a body like a Tahkar (a weasel).  I threw my spear and missed.

We made two more fires right away but I could not sleep for days after that.  It left its droppings right outside of our camp.  They were big as a child's head, and made of white chalk."


"Megistotherium osteothlastes was a large hyaenodontid creodont that lived during the early Miocene epoch some 23 million years ago. had an enormous skull relative to its body, up to 65 cm long and a body mass estimated at 500 kg (1,100 pounds)..."  --Wikipedia

This is a large yet stealthy beast three meters long from nose to bushy tailtip.  Its closest living relatives are the civet and binturong.  Its powerful neck and back allow it to carry human-sized prey and still run.  It is a solitary hunter.

It has excellent night vision.  Fire will dazzle it at first.  After its eyes adjust, however, it may become bolder.  It is an anachronism in the world of Cavemaster; it has no fear of fire or humans.

Like the modern hyena, it eats bones, but unlike the hyena, it is not able to devour rotten old carcasses.  It needs fresh meat.  It will mark its territory with droppings full of powdery crushed bone.


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Special thanks to Finsternis-stock for the handsome dramatic background!…
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