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A Wolverine Memory

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Here is a wolverine. I've only seen it once in my life, and it was for less than a second. It flattened and snarled with a mouth like a boat. At the same time, it was the fluffiest thing I had EVER seen. When it ran, its fur moved in the air like marabou fluff. My teacher didn't believe me when I told him, but I know what I saw.

He said it was a raccoon. I had cuddled and carried a raccoon named Mitchell that we'd raised as a class. I'm pretty sure I'd have recognized a raccoon.

No, not a raccoon; it was this. Carcajou, "the glutton", Gulo gulo, the wolverine.

At the time, a wolverine had not been seen in Michigan since the 1800's. My sighting in 1979 went unreported, and it should not have. I could have been wrong, but that's no excuse for not at least making a note. My claim was verified in 2004, when biologists managed to catch a photo of a wolverine near Detroit.

If only the internet had existed back then! I'd have logged what I thought I saw via the parks service's online comments card.

Well, they tell a camper there, "Leave nothing but footprints; take nothing but memories." I've put my memory down on paper for you to see. I hope that you'll someday get to see a live one, in-person, yourself, even if it's just in a zoo.
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