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A wild Charizard appeared???

By Taluns
Better rev up those Ultra Balls....

So yeah, I realized after all my life of Pokemon fangirl-isms, I have never drawn a dragon Pokemon. Charizard was a strong candidate, so here he is lurking in some caves, about to flamethrower your ass.

First time I've used a signature, it's just my name until I think up of a more creative siggy -.-

Speedpaint: [link]

3/4-ish hours on Photoshop Elements with Wacom intuos4.
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dinoCYANIDE's avatar
mahgah I remember you from neopets.
You wouldn't remember me but I knew your guild well haha
Taluns's avatar
Whooaaah really? Oh man, haven't played Neo in a long time! The guild was great fun back in the day ;v;

What's your username?
dinoCYANIDE's avatar
It's dancingwithfire_xiii haha
I know you haven't been on in forever~!
I tend to take a few years break and then return because I get the urge to make graphics or something ;v;

I have to say that your art has greatly improved over the years. Not that I thought it was ever bad but when I came across your DA username and looked I was like "Woah is this the same person?!" because holy cow!
Taluns's avatar
Oh gosh I remember that username!!

But yeah, I visit now and again for the games but I'm too busy to devote as much time as I did when I was younger :''c

But oh gosh thank you! To be honest, the community on Neo really inspired me to draw and improve. Because everyone had such interested characters and drawings, and the competitions too of course! :'DD

Also sorry for the SUPER late reply x-x
passiondesloups's avatar
I really like this one. ^^
Taluns's avatar
Ahh thank youu~
Charizard, you will be always my first choice
But fuck, why did he cant be that badass in the games, in the games he looks like a obesed orange fith wings and horns and a burning tail atached to it
Taluns's avatar
Haha, yeah his big 'ol belly always annoyed me XD But he's still cool.
Glad you like this!
glad you make it
KasumyChan's avatar
FUCK! Good thing that you will never find a wild Charizard in Gen1 and 2!!! XDDDD''

This pic is just epic!
Taluns's avatar
That's true :0 Would be pretty awesome if you could catch him though!

Thanks a lot! :D
KasumyChan's avatar
Hell yes!
I mean... What if you find SUCH A FUCKING BADASS DRAGON?! I would scream for my life. XD
dragon-man13's avatar
wow! that a sham he doesn't look like that in the show or game...
well you have done a sweet work over there. the detail and the colors are pretty amazing too.
Taluns's avatar
Thanks a lot! Glad you think so C:
dragon-man13's avatar
i really like it O0
...your welcome too
Blackout901's avatar
charizard.... i havent heard theat since hte movie with jirachi
sajin01's avatar
thats so awesome :iconiloveitplz:!!
one of the best realistic charizards i've seen :happybounce:
the scales and expression is fantastic :heart:
Taluns's avatar
Aww, thanks so much! :hug: It means a lot that you think it's fantastic ^^
sajin01's avatar
no problemmm ~ its just...impossibly awesome *____* i loves it
Taluns's avatar
<3 Thanks again! 8D I wish I could draw more Pokemon like this c:
sajin01's avatar
what's stoppin ya? xD i'd love to see more pokemons like it from yew~
Taluns's avatar
No time! D: School work mostly, y'know? X_X

I'm glad you do though! I hope to do some more in the future ^^
sajin01's avatar
ewwwwwwww school. lol yeah school sucks with all the studying and homework and junk ~ .~

i hope the future comes soon o-o
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