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This sorta is just like how most every dads are like taking care of their children. Apparently, they feel exhausted and tired over taki...

Jirachi is the Mythical Pokemon that comes to Earth every 1000 years to grant someone's wishes and that's what Jirachi did in the movie...

This artwork of Sylveon makes me feel like it's my Slyveon from Ultra Moon, she also has a characteristic of loving to run so this Sylv...

This is where I've made some critic comments on artworks from people, I usually tell them how I love it or not like it.

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ANIMUS - Chapter 1
Muhammad is the well known name to Muslims. It’s the name of the man who founded the third religion that believes in God, ISLAM. ISLAM was the first religion to believe in God and one of the oldest religions. However Muhammad isn’t just used for the founder of ISLAM. It’s rarely used for some people and young Muslims would literally believe that they have met Muhammad himself but it wasn’t the Muhammad from ISLAM but was just a regular person who their parents chose the name. At Old England, a country that was built on a land located at the center of the Atlantic Ocean discovered by British colonists in 1746, has someone with that name in the town of Oldchester with the last name of Miller who’s still alive in 1932 during the Great Depression after the events of World War 1. He isn’t quite famous in Old England
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The Last Escape - Part 3: Freedom
Aimi felt terrified over a voice she heard, it sounded more finely, maturely and fatherly. Aimi didn't trust this voice because who ever said that might lead her to a trap. She observes the tree having crimson lights coming from the inside and the roots were touching the water colored in pitch black where she can't see her own reflection nor what's under it. The tree was at the center of this lake sized area sitting on a rock. She wonders why the tree glows and what is up with the water, she did said to herself that she will not lay a hoof on that water because there's something wrong with it. Aimi looks around to see if there's any other way around so she can't swim or walk across this pitch dark water that's not normal liquid, she sees that there are dry grounds that surrounds the water having her to walk on them.
                                            Come to me Aimi, I
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The Last Escape - Part 2: Through the cornfield
The lift has reached to it's destination where Aimi wasn't supposed to be in. It went down instead of going up because up was where she fell down and going down means more trouble for her. By trouble, I mean she has to face cannibalistic creatures that looks like her but isn't part of her species which is the Spirit Guardian. Although Spirit Guardians are still unknown to her but she'll figure them out once she has her memories back. The dens that she was seeing were either made of wood or stones, many were on the ground while some were on the top although they had ladders or ropes that they could use to climb on. And she could hear them doing their daily business or some are just relaxing. But those are soon to be interrupted when they spot Aimi who's not one of them but only a fine drink for them. She can't stay out in the open so she could let them see her, she has to hide where they would never find her. Aimi crouches and moves quietly and slowly to avoid detection from those beast
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The Last Escape - Part 1: Amnesiac newcomer
Tell me. How does it feel to have amnesia? Then if you don't, these are what you feel if you have amnesia. Alone, confused, afraid, helpless, skeptical, unknowing, and you feel having the first feelings of your life. After all. Amnesia can erase your memories. You can remember anything that you want but with amnesia, you won't. You won't remember your loved ones, your birth, your name, your height, yourself, your life, your home, your favorites, everything that you know or love are gone with amnesia. You could either get amnesia with a hard struck on the head perhaps. Maybe a hypnosis? Or perhaps falling down a great height and you have memory loss and don't know where you are. But tell me something....if you had amnesia, and you wake up in a area where monsters roam around which was also the place you've been in, how would you survive if you have forgotten how to survive? How long would you last?
Nervous systems always tell us about the pain our bodies are having right now. The nervou
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Pokemon Journey: PRISM MOON - Prologue
"Hang on, now. Gimme just a sec..." Kukui was trying to fix the camera to have his cousin see him better and waved at the camera.
"Hey there! Good afternoon! So the day has finally come that you're gonna become a Pokemon Trainer, right Moone?" Kukui said. Moone is the name of a 11 year old girl who lived in Alola through her whole life, just now she has chosen to become a Pokemon Trainer like every young people do.
"Yeah it is! I can't wait to form a powerful team of mine! I'll be the Island Champion for sure!" Moone said. Kukui laughed at Moone's determination but not actually teasing her though.
"Well Moone, let me break it to ya. Alola is divided into 4 islands correct? And each island you'll travel with your current Pokemon, you'll find nothin' but rare Pokemon, yeah!" he said. He was correct about this opinion. Alola is a region in the world of Pokemon where it is divided into 4 islands. Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula'ula Island, and Poni Island. Each of these islands have Pok
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Agoraphobia - Prologue
Erato walks into the dungeon beneath the prison he had his followers to build for him so neither a dark being escapes and is punished, or rarely a Spirit Guardian who broke Erato's laws and is now imprisoned for it. However beneath the prison lies the once high and powerful being of Nibel, he was the one who created the Spirit Guardians and lived for more than two hundred eighty three years. His name is Kazoku. But now he is stuck inside an orb made by Erato's followers. The reason, make more soldiers for Erato and have power over all. However this time, Erato doesn't want a soldier or 'other' thing he could think of. He was here for some reason. Erato steps fourth to the orb that contains Kazoku insides and he could feel the force and great power of Kazoku. He even could hear his voice and breathing.
"How many do you want for your nihilistic ambitions Erato? How much longer do I-"
"Be quiet. I don't want a new soldier. I want you to make a young child. For me. I don't car
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Ori and the Blind Forest - Chapter 4
She whimpered and shown sign of fear to three wolves cornering her, she was defenseless giving the wolves an advantage to feast her. The wolves weren't skinny but they did felt hungry. The middle wolf was drawing towards her then suddenly, the wolf's spine was crushed by a Spirit Guardian. The other two turned away from her and looked at the Spirit Guardian who didn't look a lot like a Spirit Guardian but a horrific form of them. It's arms were big and flexible, it's right feet only had a hoof and the left feet had the feet of a avian creature. It's breathing was loud and raspy, it's eyes were deep blue with no iris visible, it's tail was representing a lizard, it was big enough to almost be the size of Naru if it was standing straight since of it's hunched neck because of it's huge arms. The wolf on the left backed away with it's ears down while the other was growling and dashed to the monster. However it wasn't lucky as the monster grabbed hold on it's neck and lifted the wolf to sma
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Ori and the Blind Forest - Chapter 3
The Spirit Gate opened with air blowing as it opened the path. It felt like they were heading outside but they sadly weren't heading outside. They come to a wooden stair case where it has flaming purple and orange like fireball that slowly moves and hits on their worn out target and it is a good thing that it wasn't a living creature. Ori was climbing the stair case with Sein next to him, they've stopped as one of those flames came passed and another one came by and so on.
"Ori you must remember that these flames are dangerous, they can burn you along with a painful impact on your body if it hits you. So you must not let them hit you." Sein advice Ori not to get hit by the flames. Ori waited for the next flame to pass by and he was quick enough to get to the top of the first floor of the wooden staircase and dodge a flame coming to him nearly hitting Sein. Ori jumped above four flames and got to the second stairs going up to the second floor. Sein was just coming to him as she stopped
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Ori and the Blind Forest - Chapter 2
From each step of their hooves pressing on the dead grass and the dead leaves that had withered when Nibel has gone blind. These two have one goal for them to accomplish: Restore Nibel before it is nothing but a dead and a ghost forest forever. However, they must face obstacles for their own survival in Nibel due to that there are predators that target on Spirit Guardians but the Spirit Guardians are targeting on one Spirit Guardian, an orphan named Ori. The Spirit Guardians blame Ori for causing their own forest home into a withering hell and a dangerous place. But Ori has someone who will protect the him. A Spirit Guardian who was rumored to be the first Spirit Guardian born in Nibel named Sein, she wants Ori's help for her and him to restore Nibel by reviving the Spirit Tree. Some can even say on a dangerous journey like what Ori and Sein are long can two heroes save their home if everything and everyone is against them? As Ori was walking beside Sein to stay close to h
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Ori and the Blind Forest - Chapter 1
Darkness was the only thing Ori could see, everything was silent with it's pitch black darkness and nothing else. He heard nothing from his ears to listen. He felt frightened. Scared. Confused. Unsure of where he is. He kept looking around and there was nothing nor no one there at all. it was like he was trapped in a dark void of some kind. Ori suddenly caught his eye on something, it was mostly fat, had spots on the belly and it was mostly black and purple. It looked familiar. It was Naru, Ori's mother. Ori reached his hand out to her but there was something wrong with Naru.....she had no face....there wasn't eyes nor mouth showing from her face. Then she disappeared. He now knows that wasn't his mother but something sinister. His left ear caught a sound that made him jump, a whisper but he couldn't make out what it said. His right ear caught one again. Then there were millions of whispers speaking in his ears over and over again driving Ori crazy. But they stopped. Ori looked around
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Ori and the Blind Forest - Prologue
                                                                     We shall always remember the night
                                                                       When I lost Ori to the Great Storm
Observing Swallows Nest from afar of an edge as the rain poured down from above the clouds below the ground, feeding the plants, filling the dirt with water, and the leaves becoming wet from protecting the droplets from above. Leaves blowing in the strong wind, and thunder striking the ground from afar. The Spirit Tree was standing still while his leaves were shaking and shivering from the strong wind caused by the Great Storm. Nar
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The Light War
This war....this great, brutal...madness. That has occurred in Nibel and it's lands around it was affected by an army of the Spirit Tree's own children who wanted to 'cure the world of darkness' they said, they've killed millions of innocent lives because those innocents were part of the dark element, half dark and light, and there were lives that were part of the light element because some betrayed the army, disobeyed the army, or even made friends with beings of the darkness. All of this has started 284 years ago by 1 cruel, manipulating Spirit Guardian. Named Erato.
He raised an army of his kind to get rid of beings that had the dark blood, he had even enslaved the Spirit Tree when he was 279 years away of being a sprout. Erato did this by making a small group of intelligent Spirit Guardians to make a artifact that was powerful enough to enslave the Spirit Tree of Nibel. Erato forced the Spirit Tree to create more Spirit Guardians to create them as an army or slaves if they weren't
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This is where you get to see the new Deviations that I posted, the most common are literature and the rare are pictures, screenshots and art...unless if someone made a fan art of me or that I have finally been able to learn how to draw.


Scarfox Auction - OPEN by CI-IROME Scarfox Auction - OPEN :iconci-irome:CI-IROME 32 10 [SFM] Survivor by NemTieLeaTheTrue [SFM] Survivor :iconnemtieleathetrue:NemTieLeaTheTrue 7 3 N Zoroark hair by Wallach1 N Zoroark hair :iconwallach1:Wallach1 52 7 Caught in the moment by ailah Caught in the moment :iconailah:ailah 6,021 299 YOU by ailah YOU :iconailah:ailah 19,319 2,167 Poisoned Food - Spitpaint by AaronGriffinArt Poisoned Food - Spitpaint :iconaarongriffinart:AaronGriffinArt 580 11 Samus' Mansion by AshyDoodlez Samus' Mansion :iconashydoodlez:AshyDoodlez 77 15 Pkmn cc - Spirits of the past by Vale9591 Pkmn cc - Spirits of the past :iconvale9591:Vale9591 14 1 Snow-covered Introspection by fiachmara Snow-covered Introspection :iconfiachmara:fiachmara 1,291 62 CE: Tranquil Exchange by SilverStarStrike CE: Tranquil Exchange :iconsilverstarstrike:SilverStarStrike 24 3 Glass Mangone Ref by House-Of-Demons Glass Mangone Ref :iconhouse-of-demons:House-Of-Demons 12 2 open demon species! Basic Mangone Ref by House-Of-Demons open demon species! Basic Mangone Ref :iconhouse-of-demons:House-Of-Demons 8 12 Love by NightVes Love :iconnightves:NightVes 31 15 Ori by Rain-Fox Ori :iconrain-fox:Rain-Fox 27 5 Love by Amphyampp Love :iconamphyampp:Amphyampp 92 31 alone... by xyGowenxy alone... :iconxygowenxy:xyGowenxy 52 4
This is one of the arts I faved in DeviantArt, feel free to look around



Muhammad is the well known name to Muslims. It’s the name of the man who founded the third religion that believes in God, ISLAM. ISLAM was the first religion to believe in God and one of the oldest religions. However Muhammad isn’t just used for the founder of ISLAM. It’s rarely used for some people and young Muslims would literally believe that they have met Muhammad himself but it wasn’t the Muhammad from ISLAM but was just a regular person who their parents chose the name. At Old England, a country that was built on a land located at the center of the Atlantic Ocean discovered by British colonists in 1746, has someone with that name in the town of Oldchester with the last name of Miller who’s still alive in 1932 during the Great Depression after the events of World War 1. He isn’t quite famous in Old England nor Oldchester except for the people who know him as his friend or partner. Muhammed was just a flower shop owner who obviously sells flowers to people. All he cared was to be a normal person in Oldchester and just be a shop owner who sells flowers for rich people, for collectors, for students going to prom, and for people who really really love flowers. His favorite flower was a Black Rose, a rare flower only found in Turkey and the country of Old England. People say it’s a omen and gives terrible future events that’ll happen to people. Muhammad finds these rumors a talk of stupidity, he knows a that flowers can’t talk or think but a flower that’ll give anyone a terrible event that will happen to them in the future. Muhammad is part of a catholic church where he’s just one of the people who sit in their chairs and listen to their pastors preach, the reason I brought this up is because the church doesn’t allow the Black Rose inside even on weddings because they do believe it’s a omen but it is also a flower grown by Satan but the flower is actually just a normal flower, it grows from a seed like one, drinks like one, stands still like one, and dies like one. Muhammad does sell those flowers in his shop but there’s rarely a customer who would buy them. Today in February 28, 1932 A.C. he was going to play the organ for a wedding of 2 couples named Roberto Smith and Jaimie Brown, he knows nothing about them much but he feels happy for them that they have began to marry today. Muhammad was just finishing putting on his clothes for the wedding and watch the wedding at the catholic church Muhammad always goes to owned by Pastor Tom Towns, after getting himself dressed for the wedding, he heads out of his home atop of the flower shop he manages. He closes the shop behind in case nobody would come in and rob the flowers or his furniture upstairs, he does leave a sign saying the shop is closed. The sky today is cloudy either telling the people below it’ll be a cloudy day or that it’s gonna rain soon, the street his shop stays in is named Adams Rd and it had a few people walking down the street with either themselves or with their good buddies. Muhammad proceeded to walk to the catholic church and luckily the church was only five meters away from him. The road was made out of stones and had some wheel marks on the same place, it was also wet from the rain yesterday just to let you know. Muhammad saw the crows on the light poles and on the buildings. They flew to various places or just stayed there and would sometimes caw from their beaks, Muhammad hates crows because they are a symbol of death. On his way to the church, he walks on a sidewalk to have him and other people walking in the sidewalk from getting hit by cars and carriages. The vehicles are more Fords or some are terraplane cars and such. The cars next to him were going to the same direction as Muhammad is going while the other cars were going to the opposite. Muhammad could see the church up ahead where it stands next to Old England’s largest river runs down beneath the bridge he was passing by, this river was called River Johnson because in the wilderness, the trees do not grow on it but their leaves would show anyone from a plane or an avian flying above seeing the river flowing down. River Johnson goes out into the ocean where Muhammad could see from the bridge he was standing on from his left. As he was nearing the church, there were wedding decorations. All were white with decorated flowers, cherry blossoms on the ground, and a red carpet for the Groom Roberto and the Bride Jaimie. Muhammad climbs on the five steps of the church and opens the wooden doors, there are the people that were invited to the wedding and there was the man who would play the organ, the pastor to preach about God to look after Roberto and Jaimie and then tells the Groom to kiss the Bride. Just like all weddings do. Muhammad looks at people who were sitting down to wait for Jaimie to make an appearance, he saw Roberto standing at the area where he and Jaimie had officially married and near him was Tom Towns the Pastor of the church who will preach to the people of having God looking after the coupole and ordering Roberto to kiss Jaimie for their wedding. Muhammad observes the pews to see if any of them were empty, Muhammad finds one that doesn’t have a pew in front but it would allow anyone sitting there to perfectly see the Groom and Bride marrying. Muhammad walks over in the center passing by the seated people, Tom saw him and smiled as a greeting.
“Muhammad! I see you got the invitation, are you happy for these people to marry and continue one’s family to the next?” Tom said. Tom was a man in his 50s leaving Muhammad in his 30s. Tom was 56 while Muhammad was 35. Tom’s hair was silver and the back of his hair was touching his back neck, it only covered the back of his head but he had a bald spot on the front. He wore a brown sleeved suit with a yellow tie in the middle, the trousers were silver with the shoes were peerless leather.
“Yeah I am. This is the first time I ever been invited to a wedding! How are things with you pastor?” Muhammad politely asked Tom of how he was doing. Tom smiled and laughed.
“Everything’s just the same. I come here to church every Sundays to preach and have people pray for God and Jesus to bless our souls and wash away our sins, now that I just said that it made me flashback to the day when you were baptised to wash away the sins after your actions on the grounds of-” Muhammad stopped Tom right there before he was about to say the Ottoman Empire.
“Please I wouldn’t want to talk about those times there, just not used to remembering that stuff back in World War 1.” Muhammad said. Muhammad was a Old England veteran when he was being allied with the British Army to attack the Ottoman Empire, each time Muhammad hears the name Ottoman Empire it would have him flashbacking to the battles he fought there. When he came home to Oldchester, he wanted to be baptised so his sins would be washed away.  Muhammad was only 20 years old at that time when war broke out after a man from Serbia assassinated the Archduke of Austria causing them to declare war on the Serbians. It had started in July 28, 1914 and ended in November 11, 1918. Tom understands and doesn’t want to talk about Muhammad’s past anymore but to only about the wedding. Muhammad sits down on the pew and he waits silently for the wedding to began, he turns around to grab a bible behind the pew and begins reading one of his favorite story in the bible where Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt to find the Promised Land. Four minutes have passed and Muhammad was still reading the bible until the organ began to play the Bridal Chorus, a popular music that is commonly used in weddings for when the Bride enters. Muhammad and the rest of the guests had stood up from their pews and looked to the Bride Jaimie walking slowly to her Groom Roberto. Jaimie’s hair was mid brown and her face was covered by the white veil from her white dress with a rose on her chest. It wasn’t actually Muhammad’s favorite flower the Black Rose but it did fit in with the wedding. The organ kept playing until Jaimie stopped in front of Roberto facing towards him holding the bouquet on her hands. Tom clears his throat as Roberto removes the veil to reveal Jaimie and everyone sat down.
“Roberto Smith. Do you take Jaimie Brown, as your lovely lawful wife?” Tom said to Roberto.
“I do!” Roberto said while smiling to the woman he’s going to marry.
“And you Jaimie Brown. Do you take Roberto Smith, as your lovely lawful husband?” Tom said to Jaimie.
“I do!” Jaimie said.
“God, may you send angels upon as the guardians for these two couple as they will live together to grow and live until death to carry their spirits to Heaven. And may you look after their children as they grow from an infant to an adult! May the Holy Spirit be with you and your children. Amen.” Tom preached. Muhammad and the guests said amen.
“You may now kiss the Bride.” Tom said as Roberto and Jaimie had kissed to officially become a husband and wife until their time comes.

The Bridal Party has commenced after Roberto and jaimie officially married, Muhammad was with the Best Men while the women were with the Best Women, they all had been enjoying themselves by talking to each other, having a drink or eating foods. This was the first wedding Muhammad was invited to.
“So the drunk drank more than eight bottles to win a chugging contest, and he urinated himself in front of the entire bar but he kept on drinking it!” one of the men said a joke causing the others to burst into laughter including Muhammad. This joke was said by Holden Hall, a 41 year old gun shop owner who is a World War 1 veteran that fought with Muhammad without even knowing each other. His joke was sorta true, there was a chugging contest at a bar in Oldchester and it resulted one of the two contesters to urinate themselves after drinking eight beers.
“I’m sure glad I’m not that man! Who was the drunken fellow?” Muhammad said.
“No idea except that he drinks a lot of beer that he might wet himself!” Holden said and again the men laughed. Roberto drank the finest wine in the wedding while he listen to Holden’s jokes, the joke almost made Roberto spill his wine or even spit into laughter. One of the men had nudged Roberto’s shoulders to have his attention.
“Roberto, do you hate Black Roses?” he said.
“Oh yes, I really do. Why do you ask?” Roberto asked. The man pointed to a window where a lady was watering her flowers and one of them were a Black Rose that was one of Muhammad’s favorite. Roberto scoffed at the lady who watered a Black Rose.
“People these days. Always think that rose would be a harmless little flower when it’s really a bad omen for us all. I wish someone here in Old England or at Turkey would just make them go extinct.” Roberto said. Muhammad didn’t like what the Groom said but he ignored it anyway. Muhammad started hearing a boy shouting in the street next to the church, he goes over to see that it was one of those boys who always shout out for people to buy newspaper.
“Get your newspapers! Leon Mandus of the Royal Family of Old England has made a discovery of an orb found in a undiscovered temple that is now being sold for five hundred million bucks!” This gave Muhammad some interest including the people passing by the boy.
“Hey you there! How much is one of those newspapers?” Muhammad said to the newspaper boy. The boy came over to Muhammad with a newspaper in his left hand and hold out his empty right hand.
“That’ll be 2 cents mister!” the boy said. Muhammad reached for his wallet and took out 2 cents and gave it to the boy, then the boy gave him the newspaper and tipped his hat.
“Have a good day.” the boy said and went back into his post. Muhammad walked over to the men to tell them about Leon Mandus finding an orb on a undiscovered temple. Now if you’re wondering who Leon Mandus is, Leon is the current king of Old England. He is the husband of Sofia Mandus, the father of Sophia and Oliver Mandus. Today he was coming back to where he and his family lives in known as the Chester Palace after having a meeting with the King of England named George V to discuss about preventing future World Wars and about allying with Old England if another World War breaks out. The Mandus Family is also the current Royal Family of Old England and they have control of all in Old England but not in a totalitarian way, when Leon was returning by ship he saw a flock of bats coming out of their cave until he noticed a broken pillar at the entrance. As he ventured in the cave he was upon a old temple that held an orb within which is also the orb that he wants to sell it for five hundred million money.
“Oi you lot! Check this out, it’s about Leon Mandus!” Muhammad said to the men. Roberto grabs the newspapers and reads it outloud.
“The King of Old England Leon Mandus, has found an orbing with an extra of finding a temple in Old England (interesting). The orb was taken to the palace and was confirmed to be a 186 year orb.” Roberto paused and whistled after calculating what year that was from.
“This fine globe that Leon found was dated from 1746 which is when Old England was discovered gentlemen!” Roberto said. The men were amused that such an orb would be made from 1746, Roberto continues reading the newspaper.
“Now the king declares the orb to be sold for FIVE HUNDRED MILLION?! HE’S SELLING IT FO FIVE HUNDRED MILLION?!” Roberto said as he was shocked from how much the price of buying the orb would be. Jaimie was walking to Roberto to see what was the reason for his shocked expression. But before she would say anything, Roberto showed her the newspaper. She read the newspaper to then reading the part where Leon would sell the orb for five hundred million.
“Well I’ll be damned the Royal Family became cheapskates by having some rich people to buy this orb for five hundred million, that would make the buyers absolutely bankrupt!” Jaimie said.
“Well Leon is the king so he does what he wants in this country, I mean he just put this orb on sale for five hundred million and that would make his family more rich but whoever buys it will have their pockets empty.” one of the women said. She was right about this statement, whoever buys a item for five hundred million would have lost their money or even worse have their whole life ruined because of it. But there’s one man in the crowd who doesn’t feel right about this finding Leon found, he felt that something would happen if Leon keeps the orb for sale.
“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, but don’t you think that it’s weird that a orb was found in a temple here in Old England? I mean what do you think might happen if-”
“Oh so now your saying that whoever steals the orb they would be cursed for thousands of years like how those people who discovered the Tomb of Tutankhamun and they’ve been cursed with bad luck that they’ve died? I don’t think so, it must have been already their time to pass on, there’s no way there would be a living spirit guarding the orb and curse whoever steals it for thousands of years.” Holden interrupted the gentleman. Well you maybe familiar of the name Tutankhamun who was the Pharaoh of Egypt and was also supposed to be the cause of deaths of the people who discovered his tomb and cursed them resulting into their deaths. Some say that it must have been their time to exit life already or those who believe in curses believes the that spirit of Tutankhamun cursed them. Now a man says the orb might be cursed because it was found in a temple, although Leon never mentions what the temple is though and not even telling it about the men who were wanting to interview Leon. A orb that can curse anyone who steals it, this line were the thoughts of Muhammad because he doesn’t believe in curses and thinks that it’s probably just a normal orb. What could go wrong?

FEBRUARY 28 - 11: 07

Around at 9: 00 the Mandus family left their home the Chester Palace to go see a play that tells the story of one of William Shakespeare's tales known as Romeo and Juliet. It’s quite a lovely and romantic story about two people who fell in love with each other. One is named Romeo, the son of a wealthy family and Juliet, the daughter of a rival family of Romeo’s. The two lovebirds are stuck in a middle of a violent feud between their families and Romeo and Juliet happily marry. But once the story goes deeper, Romeo and Juliet dies in the end. Now it’s 11: 07 which is almost time for the play to end at around 11: 12. Meanwhile at the Chester Palace, the palace is being guarded by the royal guards while there are maids and butlers looking after the house while the Mandus family were gone. Beneath the palace was the orb sitting still and Leon was waiting for someone to buy it for five hundred million so he can have five hundred million bucks in his family’s wealth. Now we focus on two maids taking a break from their work from cleaning the living room, along with them were three royal guards standing in their places like statues. They wear full-dress uniform of green tunics, wear raccoon hats, and both carry M19141 Johnson rifles. All they do is stand in place until it’s time for them to change posts.
“Do you know what would be better for the orb to be bought? Lower the price into five million instead of being five hundred million, not sure if people will believe if Leon is trying scam them or is telling the truth.” the first maid said. The second maid nodded to hear this good idea of having Leon lowering the price of the orb he found in a temple from five hundred million to five million.
“Yeah, he’s becoming a cheapskate with all of the wealth and power of being the King of Old England along with Queen Sofia on his side.” the second maid said. Then the first maid was going to bring up the conversation of something unusual about the orb that Leon found.
“Hey have you noticed anything weird with that orb by any chance?” the first maid said. One of the guards in the living room began to listen to the maids.
“No, why do you ask?’ the second maid asked.
“It’s because that when I was down at the chamber where Leon keeps the orb, I thought I saw something moving inside like a snake. Makes me shiver down my spine to think that there’s literally a snake inside it.” the first maid said. ‘Something is inside in the orb and it’s alive?” the guard who listened to the conversation thought. The second maid made a puzzling face.
“Now that’s quite ironic, you must be seeing things. Like how dumb people say they’ve seen a ghost in their houses.” the second maid said a joke. It made the guard being concerned about the orb due to the maids conversate about a living thing inside the orb. The two other guards ignored their conversation to be focused on their posts. The guard who listened to them was standing near the door that goes to the palace’s hallway, and in that hallway were the sounds of boots running along with what sounds like a man growling and screaming maniacally. The guards heard the noises and the maids stopped talking to stand behind a couch to cover themselves from what’s coming from the hallway. The guards had pointed their rifles at the door ready to shoot, the door opened to reveal a guard bleeding from their neck and he closed the door which was being banged ruthlessly by someone who was growling and grunting maniacally. One of the guards rushed over the wounded guard.
“What happened?!” the guard said. The wounded guard’s breath was shaking with his neck bleeding from a bite but the bite was also covered in blood and some sort of black liquid as well.
“I was going to my next post at the orb’s chamber, and when I - I got there, there was a guard just standing there with his body in pale color and his eyes were all black. He noticed me and just lounged on me like an animal and bit me!” the wounded guard said. ‘A guard that bit one of his own comrades? And has pale skin with black eyes?’ the guard thought. Whatever or whoever this wounded guard described used to be a human but it’s no longer a human anymore.
“And that guard is right there? Trying to burst through the door?” the guard said. The wounded guard nodded yes. The two guards loaded their guns and so did the guard next to the door, they were preparing to shoot this monster. One of the guards nodded to the guard next to the door and he opened it but he was sent backwards when the door was opened with a maniac guard dropping down to the ground after bursting through the door. The maids yelped when the guard got up to reveal it’s face was all covered in blood and the skin was pale and the eyes were black. This guard was now a monster who couldn’t control himself. The guards opened fire and the monster was dropped to the floor followed by the shrieks of the maids.
“Jason, check if he’s dead!” one of the guards said. Jason got up and picked up his rifle to check if the monster was dead, he checked it’s pulse and there were none. Jason gave the guards a nod that it was dead alright. But suddenly, in the hallway were greeted by maniacal shrieks and growling with boots stepping into the ground. Jason went out to look to the sides of the hallway, the left had none but the right hallway had six guards running towards Jason and to his shock, the guards had their skins paled and their eyes black. Jason shut the doors and locked them, as he did the monsters were banging on the door to burst through. The wounded guard made sounds of groaning and was in pain from the wound.
“Quick give me something to stop the bleeding, you two hold the doors!” one of the guards ordered. Jason and one of the guards holded the doors shut to prevent the monsters from getting in. Jason looked to the wounded guard and he was groaning in pain, then he was twitching violently and was dead immediately. Jason wonders why the wounded guard died by just twitching. Then in the next seven seconds, the dead guard was brought back to life with pale skin and black eyes.
“HEY! LOOK OUT!” Jason warned. The maids screamed in terror from the dead guard who just turned into one of the monsters, the guard pointed the rifle at the monster and began firing when the monster gave a monstrous screech and running towards the guards. The monster was dead in front of the guard and the maids were crying in fear over what was happening.
“WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” one of the maids yelled.

AZURE TOWN - 11: 13

The play of one of William Shakespeare's tales of Romeo and Juliet has ended with the same exact ending where Romeo and Juliet dies. The Royal Family of Old England, the Mandus family had been watching the play in one of Old England’s popular theatres the Oak Theatre. Sofia doesn’t like Romeo and Juliet but at the ending she did let tears out, her daughter Sophia likes Romeo and Juliet that she cried over their deaths, Oliver didn’t however due to the fact that he didn’t quite like romance stories. The family were at the corridor where they were exiting the theatre on one side of the theatre where they are free to walk without crowd in their way while there’s a side where a crowd walks.
“The play was just rubbish, it was always the same thing!” Sofia said. Leon laughed at Sofia’s words.
“I saw you crying at the end Sofia, don’t try to hide it.” Leon said. Oliver holded his laugh so it wouldn’t burst out of his mouth.
“Well tell that to the play, it like cutted onions and sprayed it onto my eye holes!” she said metaphorically. Front of the theatre awaited their carriage that they had rode to Oak Theatre in Azure Town, it was a victorian carriage consisted of two horses, yellow outlines, black painted wood, and four wheels. The carriage would also fit about five people in it. The carriage rider opened the door allowing the Mandus family to enter the carriage to go back to the Chester Palace. The first one being Leon but he stopped at the first step when there was gunfire from the west distance of Azure Town. This made the Mandus Family afraid and nervous over the gunfire that they’ve quickly entered the carriage.
“What is going on?! Who’s shootin’?” Oliver said. Leon looked at the window behind him where the gunfire was coming from to see a mushroom of a small explosion. Outside he heard the panicked screams of the citizens in Azure Town, he even saw a crowd of them running away from something. The family looked at them where they could see the people running and screaming in terror while there were people jumping on them and biting their skin off, the carriage was moving away when the gunfire was coming from their royal guards. Leon could see that those people biting others had pale skin with black eyes, it looked like if they were possessed by some sort of supernatural spirits.


Muhammad woke up after being startled by an explosion outside. He got up and looked opened the window and the window blinds to see that there’s a chaos happening in Oldchester, he heard screaming, gunfire, and explosions. And growling and screeches? Muhammad looked down at the street where there were two men coming out of a window while screaming for help during their escape of four people growling maniacally and were running faster. Muhammad was confused why those people were growling like that. There was a truck driving with someone at the windshield, the driver was trying to remove the person but it rammed into Muhammad’s flower shop. He dressed up and ran down to the shop beneath him where the flowers were broken and torn off, their pots were broken along with the dirt scattered around. Muhammad saw the dead body of that person at the windshield but it didn’t looked like any normal person looks like. He had pale skin and black eyes. The driver got out of the truck and started running. Muhammad exited the shop over his paranoia and terrified feeling of what’s happening in his city. He didn’t feel like going to the streets but he thought of going into the alley that was two blocks away from his shop. The chaos in Oldchester was still occurring and he doesn’t know why this is happening. As Muhammad was walking in the alley, he was passing by another path entry to a street’s alley. There were a small group of people in the alley eating something, Muhammad took slow steps forward and one of them turned to Muhammad with blood on their mouths, Muhammad saw the headless body of a mutilated women. He never felt this terrified before nor seen anything like it. The people eating the women spotted Muhammad and growled at him then started to sprint towards him, Muhammad ran to the direction he was going to with those crazed cannibals on his trail. He heard them growling and shrieking maniacally like animals, when he was running he saw a dead body sitting down but it suddenly came back to life and it was just like the cannibals with their pale skins and black eyes. Muhammad didn’t stop running until he would lose these cannibals behind him, suddenly there was a man jumping out of a three block building while holding a thompson submachine gun with him. He noticed Muhammad running away from the maniac cannibals and pointed the gun.
“GET DOWN!” he ordered. Muhammad ducked allowing the man to pull the trigger on the cannibals, the gunfire stopped and Muhammad looked at the dead cannibals with gun wounds on their body. The man was holding his hand out to lift him up.
“Come one! Let’s get out of here or those things will come for us!” he said. He looked quite familiar, Muhammad knows who this man is Holden and they’ve met each other at the wedding of Roberto’s and Jaimie’s but had also fought alongside together in a battle at the Ottoman Empire in World War 1. Holden still had the thompson submachine gun with him to defend himself and to defend Muhammad from those “things” that were once humans but had now become something sinister. Whatever these things were they’re attacking Oldchester by eating the people, however guns can kill them but it ain’t enough for occurring event happening right now. Muhammad followed Holden to the factory in Oldchester called Pinkerton Factory, the factory had three tall chimneys standing tall over the buildings in Oldchester and the factory works on making cloth, wools, and paper.
“Why are we coming here, Aren’t one of those things inside?” Muhammad asked Holden.
“Not precisely underneath the factory!” Holden answered. Holden rushed towards to a hatch that goes underneath the Pinkerton Factory while Muhammad was behind, he opened the hatch and went inside first and letting Muhammad to come down closing the hatch above him. The lanterns were lit up to show the way, it looked like a tunnel with pipes on each side of the wall, the walkway was metal which could also let anyone see beneath the walkway with it’s small holes. Now that Muhammad and Holden are safe from above, Muhammad wants to know how did Holden knew about this place.
“Excuse sir, what’s your name?” Muhammad asked Holden’s name.
“It’s Holden. Holden Hall, you?” Holden greeted himself.
“Muhammad Miller. Now tell me how did you know about this place beneath the Pinkerton Factory?” Muhammad asked. Holden turned around to face Holden.
“I used to work here, I came to this place when I used to be one of the guys that keeps the pipes and other stuffs here properly or else the factory may blow up. Until I quited and opened up a gun shop. But when those people up there started becoming somewhat insane, I’ve came here with my son Tommy.” He said. Muhammad was confused over what Holden just said about having a son named Tommy, Muhammad looked at the weapon and knew that it was a thompson. The gun made Muhammad realized what Holden meant by Tommy.
“With him and I, we’ve been out in the city rescuing people and sending them here. I’ve rounded up four whites and three blacks.” Holden said. Muhammad thinks of how Holden is a hero to those people he had saved from what’s happening in Oldchester. While beneath they could still hear the explosion and some had shook the tunnel, Holden turned right where a steel door that would be enough to prevent those cannibals from getting in. Holden knocked the door and from the small window of the steel door was a 16 year old boy with glasses, he opened the door letting Holden and Muhammad in. Just like what Holden said, he saved four white people but now five with Muhammad as a addition, and there were three black people with one of them having a girl next to them who seemed to be their daughter. The black man was bald and the black woman had short hair who was crying over the crisis above them. The two white people were none other than Roberto and Jaimie, they were lucky enough to survive the chaos going on above. Muhammad does know about the boy with the glasses who picked up a pipe as if he wanted to use it as a weapon against the people above who had become flesh eating monsters. The other was Pastor Tom Towns praying to God and the Holy Spirit to protect him and the survivors in the room from the monsters.
“I think you guys are enough to save right now. I don’t think I could save many people up there with those cannibals running around the streets of Oldchester. Anyone got any ideas what they are?” Holden asked all of the survivors he saved if any of them knew what has those people who were once innocents transformed into flesh eating monsters that doesn’t hesitate. None of them were speaking because they couldn’t take their minds off from what they had witnessed.
“I think we should give them some space Holden. We’ll know about it tomorrow.” Muhammad said. Something is going on in Oldchester, Azure Town, the Chester Palace, and all of Old England is experiencing this problem with innocents turning against their friends and families and neighbors by eating them. Muhammad feels afraid of what is happening to these people and to what is happening today. It feels like World War 1 again but more in a bizarre version. But soon or later, Muhammad and the rest of these survivors hopes to be rescued and escape Old England. Whatever’s causing all of this madness will be found out and whoever discovers it must find a way to destroy it or else it may spread to the world leaving nothing behind but just mindless humans who only wants to eat flesh.
ANIMUS - Chapter 1
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my zombie outbreak story called ANIMUS. Setting in a fictional country that is related to England called Old England where a zombie outbreak had caused havoc to everyone in Old England. The story focuses on Muhammad Miller who is the story's main protagonist. Enjoy this zombie dark fantasy everyone!
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Aimi felt terrified over a voice she heard, it sounded more finely, maturely and fatherly. Aimi didn't trust this voice because who ever said that might lead her to a trap. She observes the tree having crimson lights coming from the inside and the roots were touching the water colored in pitch black where she can't see her own reflection nor what's under it. The tree was at the center of this lake sized area sitting on a rock. She wonders why the tree glows and what is up with the water, she did said to herself that she will not lay a hoof on that water because there's something wrong with it. Aimi looks around to see if there's any other way around so she can't swim or walk across this pitch dark water that's not normal liquid, she sees that there are dry grounds that surrounds the water having her to walk on them.

                                            Come to me Aimi, I'll tell you everything you wanted to know
                                         Step into the water and I'll show you who you really are, little one

The voice appeared again, and still Aimi did not step into the water believing it was a trap for her to fall into. Aimi wanted to ignore this voice's calm and nice request of wanting to reveal Aimi who she really is and everything she needed to know. Although she must remember everything when she meets someone she had already met on the surface or that she might get a flashback.

                                                  Aimi do not go that way. You don't know what's up there
                                                There's conflict, genocide, and devastation on the surface
                                               Walk into the water and I'll take the amnesia away from you
                                                         then you must stay here where it is all safe

"Safe? I'm pretty sure you haven't seen those monsters back there haven't you?" Aimi protested on the voice's words of saying that this underground cavern is safe but it's really not safe at all. It is the home to Vampspirits and they are not friendly to those who are not their kind, they would suck their blood and have their skin dried up, they even tried to suck Aimi's blood as well. Aimi continued to the path she was going to, then the tree began to glow even more crimson than before but Aimi ignored the light and pressed on.

                                                              Stay here with me Aimi, I'll be your father
                                                             And they will be your brothers and sisters

She knows what the voice meant by "they" but she wouldn't want to be their sibling.

                     I know they were vulgar towards you but my children will be nice to you if you become my child

Becoming the child of whom? Aimi turns to the glowing crimson tree having to realize the voice was speaking from there in telepathy. Maybe he is the one who created these Vampspirits. But why do they live underground? She thinks in her mind that she must not care about this right now and must head on. Up ahead was another cavern that hopefully might take Aimi out of this forsaken place. The glow of the tree began to glow more and more brighter, Aimi felt some kind of a anger emotion from someone. She couldn't look at the tree because she wouldn't want to know what she might see or witness.

                                                     Aimi......step into the water and come to

The voice sounded calm and fatherly earlier but now it sounded a little angry but not yell was made. Aimi could feel some sort of anger from the inside of someone but she doesn't know who it is. Whoever this being is, she doesn't want to find out and she doesn't want to meet him in person.

                                                              Fine then. If you won't behave like child
                                                                     Then I'll have to do it myself!

A loud and eerie noise has appeared but it is not made by a living organism nor from anyone. It shivered Aimi's spine and had her fur standing on their ends and her skin was growing goosebumps over the horrific and creepy noise. While this noise was occurring, the light from the tree glowed even more brighter, brighter as the sun itself. Aimi wanted to run after that noise but her mind thought it might have been some sort of a trick to have her intimidated. But there was a feeling behind her, it told her that something or someone was coming to Aimi. That was the moment she heard heavy footsteps from the water giving her the run and giving whatever or whoever stepped into the water to give chase. As she was running in the cavern, she couldn't hear anyone chasing her except for a force coming towards her along with a bright crimson light behind her that she dares not to look back. Aimi saw a small space that she could crawl in but she couldn't go there because whatever's behind her might catch her in there. She couldn't just stop running but her lungs were telling her she needs to stop running but she ignored them over the entity following her. As she was running by, she saw a lantern lit up that showed a gap of a bridge, Aimi put to a stop and looked down at the bridge. She did felt him behind her, Aimi turns around to see the ominous crimson light surrounded by the red fog she saw at the cornfield. Coming from the light within were the sounds of hooves walking toward her. Aimi came face to face with a Vampspirit that's taller than the others. It had glowing crimson irises surrounded with pitch black pupils on the eyes, it's ears were representing ears, there were two long antennas on the top of it's head next to the ears. It has the same three thumbs of a Vampspirit and also of Aimi's thumbs, it has the same hooves of a Vampspirit and of Aimi's. The tail was long and had half fur in the middle while leaving the end having fur. For those of you how tall this being is, he's about the size of a elephant. He loomed Aimi with that stare on his face adding with that size of his intimidating Aimi's fear. Aimi looked to the gap to think that if she jumped, she might reach the other side. Aimi shut her eyes tightly for the risk she's about to cost her life.
"Screw it." Aimi muttered. Then she quickly turned around and jumped to the other side of the gap, her left hand slipped but her right hand was still hanging on the broken bridge. Aimi told herself not to look down nor the entity, she moved her left hand and has grabbed the gap. She was slowly coming up to the bridge, Aimi saw the crimson light becoming brighter while heavy footsteps were behind her. Aimi rushed herself up and she was now on the other side of the gap, this gave her chance to start running again and she could hear the entity coming after her again. As she ran through this dark cavern lit by her light and the crimson light from the entity behind her as well, she told herself not to look back. But her worries had been telling her to look back and she did, she saw his aura glowing crimson and was surrounded by red fogs around him, they were even spreading all over the cavern's walls and ceilings. Then Aimi fell backwards after bashing into a wall she couldn't see, she had pain from her right side of her face and she groaned in pain from the impact. Aimi looked at the entity who was approaching towards her slowly.
"Let me help you. I'll make things right..." he said. Aimi had her hopes lost as this would be her last moments being alive, guess this means she will never be able to remember who she was nor what she is. However, she noticed that her hand was touching an old rope leading to a hole in the ceiling. Her pain was slowly healing from the wall she bashed into but she ignored that pain to climb to the hole, she grabbed the rope with her hands and placed her hooves on the rope below her to begin climbing. Aimi was nearly there but he was getting closer to her, she didn't want to stop, she had to keep going so she won't die. Aimi was nearly there until she was grabbed by someone from the hole and was pushed into it, now she was in a small cavern where the entity wouldn't fit into. Aimi was catching her breath before thanking whoever saved her. There was a sound of a rock moving and to her surprise, it was a Vampspirit pushing a rock to cover the hole to prevent the entity from entering. Although she does not forget what Vampspirits do to their prey so Aimi got up and ran away just as her lungs were healing from the exhaustion she had. Aimi ran slowly because she was exhausted of running so much but it was worth escaping, she didn't hear the Vampspirit calling out to her but she was going somewhere. She was following the rope that she climbed onto and saw that it was ripped but it was stuck under a heavy rock to have it hold onto. Aimi was now in some kind of strange abandoned area. The red fog was here too but there was no sign of the entity. On the ground had some kind of weird wooden planks lined up with some sort of weird rusty material at their ends. She saw the wooden structures that looked like someone or some several others were working here until some reason it is now abandoned. Aimi heard running footsteps behind her knowing that it was the Vampspirit. She had enough of this.
"STOP! STOP FOLLOWING ME AND-" Aimi stopped speaking when she saw the familiar Vampspirit. This Vampspirit looked like the Vampspirit she first met and looked after her rounds, Shinray was standing  in front of Aimi as she was angry and had enough of all this running and the Vampspirits that she wanted to get out.
"I know what you and your species are. You weren't wanting to keep me safe or wanting to release me when you healed my wanted to save me for food, right?! Is that it?!" Aimi shouted at Shinray. Shinray had his face blank from hearing Aimi.
"Let me be now! I want to go to where I live, I don't know where but I want to go to my real home! I don't want to be here anymore!" Aimi cried. Just after she finished, Shinray took one step toward her but she picked up a rock and threw it at him. He hissed over the rock hitting him in the left forehead and Aimi fled from him, she looked back at him where he was looking at her with his eyes slit and his fangs appeared from his mouth with a angry expression on his face. Just how many times will she have to run from she thought. But his expression went away when a red mist was coming out of the small cave that Aimi had exited from and Shinray backed away from it in fear, the only reason he was afraid was obvious for Aimi, she saw the entity surrounded by red fogs around so it means that he's coming.
"I'm sorry Kyuketsuki! I-I'll never kill another, I swear! I'll behave!" Shinray begged. So that's what his name was, Kyuketsuki was the name of the entity that Aimi was chased by and was probably the tree she found. Aimi couldn't stay and watch, she had to get away quickly from it. Apparently, she knows that his name was Kyuketsuki and Vampspirits do tend to be afraid of him because when Aimi heard Shinray saying he's never gonna kill another which he meant killing Michael so he couldn't kill Aimi but for himself. Well whatever this Kyuketsuki does, it may not sound a good punishment if the Vampspirits or his children would kill one of their brothers or sisters. Aimi stopped after she noticed something peculiar. It looked like some sort of drawing that has the words "Red Mine map" above. Although Aimi doesn't know what a map is nor how to read. Until she remembered it on a flashback.

"You have seen a tall tree when you are above the trees of Nibel, correct ####?" her caretaker said. She does know of the tall tree in Nibel called the Gisno Tree where the Element of Waters is hidden away, today her caretaker is showing her a map of Nibel to have her know some locations she should go or not go. She nodded yes since she could definitely see the Gisno Tree from afar.
"That's right, some of us use these maps to figure out where we are in Nibel. You can see that I have marked some areas that we shouldn't go to. You see that there's an X on a location on this map named the Misty Woods, I'm giving you an advice here ####, don't even dare and not even step your hooves into that place." her caretaker warned her about the Misty Woods. But she wants to know what happens if she isn't in one of these locations and is in a area that wasn't marked on the map.
"But what if your in a area that's not in this map?" she asked.
"Well it's either those areas are underground, caves, underwater, or some parts of Nibel that weren't even discovered. Course we did discover most of them, but listen you should stay inside the borders of Nibel because you might be attacked by a monster out there." he said. She gulped in fear and swore to herself to never go out into the border of Nibel. But she did one day...

Now that Aimi knows what a map is and how to read one, she could know the areas of this place and this would be the gateway out of here. But about that feeling after that flashback made Aimi wonders if she did went out of Nibel's border or not. But that's not what she should focus on now, she starts reading the map trying to find the exit. And thus, maps never lie, the exit was near the location Aimi is in right now. Finally she would be free from the horrors of these caverns and caves she has been through. From the direction that Shinray is, he led out a shriek of fear as a sign that he's been killed. Aimi felt afraid that Kyuketsuki might come for her next, she made a run for it and hopes it'll be her last. She remembers where she must go according to the map, she runs with effort and joy that she would be living on the outside without having to worry those disgusting Vampspirits. Aimi could feel the exit close now, it brings her eyes come to tears to the thought. But then....when she reached the exit of the home of the Vampspirits and whatever the Red Mine is, the exit was sealed by wood. Aimi slowed down in front of the exit as her emotions of hope and joy of getting out were crushed from this sight she's seeing.
"" Aimi silently cries. She hears the eerie noises behind her warning her the coming of Kyuketsuki, she didn't want to stay, she wanted to be free, she doesn't want Kyuketsuki to catch her. The crimson light appeared with the red fog coming for her.
"NO! NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! I BEG YOU!" Aimi orders the entity to stay away. Aimi turns to the exit and tries to pull the wood to have it opened, she could see light from the wood's cracks but it wasn't enough for her to come out.
"Please.....don't kill me..." Aimi begged the entity to not kill her. Aimi stopped pulling to cover her head from Kyuketsuki's fog for some plans for Aimi. Everything went into a silence except for Aimi's sobs. She couldn't hear the ambient of the mine or caves or even the caverns, everything was just quiet. Then another ambient appeared, Aimi slowly removed her arms from her head to see that she was inside some sort of tree and it was glowing red but there was no source of light. It was a massive area that would fit any animal that's the size of a normal tree.
"It's time for you to stop crying little one." a voice said. Aimi looks around for this voice that sounded just like the one when she was in a cavern with that crimson glowing tree that was high enough to reach the ceiling of the cavern. If he says that she should stop crying, she can't because she's been caught or even worse, imprisoned.
"Now, now. There's no need to overthink Aimi. I didn't imprison you. And I do not want to kill you either." the voice said again.
"I'm certain you know my name by now, I believe that one of my misbehaved children was begging me not to punish them said my name and you were there too by the way." the voice said. Aimi does remember Shinray begging for an entity named Kyuketsuki not to kill him. The voice was actually telling her that it belonged to Kyuketsuki. But where was he anyway? She didn't noticed at first but she was being lifted from the ground, when she did noticed. Her breath was shaking in fear and she didn't move a single limb on her body, she only looked down where it was shrinking by whatever's floating Aimi. Now a hand was holding Aimi but she couldn't move a limb, it didn't cover her whole body with the thumbs but she could see that it belongs to Kyuketsuki.
"There's nothing to be afraid of Aimi. Apologies for my..rude and vulgar actions towards you. But now that your here we can calm do-"
"Calm down? I've been hunted by cannibals and by you! I never even calmed down, I never even did! Take me out of here, now!" Aimi interrupted Kyuketsuki. He was rather disappointed over Aimi interrupting his sentence.
"I think your caretaker has taught you that it's rude to interrupted anyone who's speaking." he said. Aimi only nodded and started calling herself stupid because she thought that Kyuketsuki would do something to her if she had just interrupted.
"However. I do not like anyone saying the word cannibal, nor on my children. Nor on your brothers and sisters that you should never talk on their backs." he said. Aimi hated when he said that the Vampspirits were her brothers and sisters but they really weren't, why bother saying that if she's not related?
"And no. I'm sorry to say but I'm not letting you out into the surface." Kyuketsuki said. Of course he wouldn't let her go out on the surface because he really wants to eat her. Aimi felt depressed and wanted to go out of this hell caverns so she could live in a normal and better life instead of being here with the monsters. Thanks to her amnesia however, she can't remember who she was but she hopes it must have been a good life and that she was a good child.
"Hey, no need to cry. Just stay with me and my children. You'll be safer down here if you choose to be with us." Kyuketsuki comforted Aimi. Aimi does want to live but not with them, she wants to live with the Spirit Guardian who took care of her instead of being taken cared by Kyuketsuki and the Vampspirits who tried to kill her.
"I don't want to live with you. I want to live up there!" Aimi begged Kyuketsuki to let her go free. Apparently, this made Kyuketsuki frustrated at Aimi's excuses and her begs of wanting to go into the surface.
"You have two choices small child. You can stay and live with us. Or you choose to die. What do you pick?" he said. This was rather a tough decision for Aimi. If she chooses one of these decisions then it would ruin her life forever. If she chooses to stay with the Vampspirits then she has to kill innocents for their blood and live forever in darkness without the sun or the weather. If she doesn't, then it would be the end for her. So she chooses what's best for her.
"Fine.....I'll stay with you..." Aimi answered her decision. Kyuketsuki smiled and he throws Aimi out to a cavern where she met the tree, she was now stuck on the water that she didn't want to step into. It was only for about one minute until Aimi was at the water's shore. She so many things different inside her. She no longer had those wounds in her torso and forehead, she was hungry, and she now has the fangs that all Vampspirits have to suck their prey's blood. But there was something missing. Her memories. Guess Kyuketsuki doesn't cure those with amnesia after all.

                                                                    Welcome to your new home Aimi

Sitting by having herself curled up in depression and guilt of never getting out and choosing to become a monster like them. She didn't want to hurt anybody but she must do it for survival. Luckily she didn't. The location she sits in is a mine cart at the Red Mine, she was told that the Red Mine was being built by selfish and greedy beasts who wanted to capture the Vampspirits. She doesn't believe that however. Aimi kept coming back into the Red Mine for eight days and she still feels the same thing. All she feel is loneliness and sorrow. She did gained some memories but not that many however because they were only two. She remembered where she had played with Spirit Guardians, and there was a memory where she and her caretaker were having fun in a area in this forest called Nibel known as the Thornfelt Swamp. From these memories they've felt like good ones too. Well whatever got her into the home of the Vampspirits might be revealed to her in a memory soon, how and why did she fell down in this dark abyss anyway? There's some reasons why she hates these caverns. One is that she has to be the predator, two is no Vampspirit gets along with her well. Well they don't show any signs of harm or hostile, they just ignore her because they don't want their monstrous father Kyuketsuki who will kill them if they hurt Vampspirits or kill them. She comes here because no Vampspirit hardly ever goes, it's Aimi's private area where she sits all day and think about the outside. Although Aimi never looked around the Red Mine. She thought there wouldn't be anything useful here. For the first time in eight days she goes to the mine's exit where the sun was being bright on the other side of the wooden barricade. Kyuketsuki and the Vampspirits said that the sun would burn them that they'll turn to dusts. It was sad that she couldn't get out and live in her old life at Nibel. She must have good friends who miss her up there. Aimi could only see the lights from the barricade's cracks and she wanted to feel what the sun is like. Course she does have second thoughts of the sun burning her but she wonders if all that is not true, Aimi puts her hand to the sunlight from the crack and just stayed there to see if she would burn after all. But she didn't burn however, her hand was burning from the light, they said that the sunlight would burn Vampspirits so why isn't she? Maybe she's vulnerable to the sunlight after all, maybe she could still go out there. Aimi ran back to the Red Mine and tried to look if there's anything that would break the barricade. She did found some sort of weird object that has a sphere wood and on top is two pointy metal facing the other ways. She takes it and goes back to barricade. Now all she has to do is break it.

                                                          What do you think your doing child?
                                                                             You will die!

Aimi ignored Kyuketsuki's voice and started smacking the barricade with the object and it seemed to work perfectly! The wood was cracking and light was beginning to come out, it did hit her body but she didn't burn at all. She heard Kyuketsuki's voice ordering her to stop but she refused to do so. If she hits the barricade with one more hit then she would be free from this place, she turns around to see a red fog that is the sense of Kyuketsuki approaching. And she let her words all out.
"F### YOU AND F### YOUR CHILDREN!!!" Aimi yelled. She swung the object to the barricade and it broke letting out the sunlight hitting all of her body and the entrance deep within. Her body wasn't being burned nor turning into dust at all. Aimi walks to the light and she ignores Kyuketsuki callings. As she walks, there was only brightness and just that. There were no trees, grass, skies, nothing that she seen in her memories. Then she was back to the day she was born in.

The eyes were closed and her hearing were starting to get better from what she was hearing. They seemed like voices but she couldn't understand what they were saying at all, all she heard was.
"The wind almost took her to Mt. Horu, you think she might be alright?" a voice said.
"Of course she will be! I grabbed the leaf before she would get near the mountain itself and she just got born in my hands. Anyway, I'm fine though. I can take care of her myself thank you very much." another voice said. The voice was coming above her and she was feeling like being held by someone but who? She was slowly opening her eyes to have everything going bright, from her vision she could see some sort of tall structures with movable green like substances. Above them was some sort of ocean of blue with wool up there as well, she slowly turned her head to meet a living thing carrying her with his arms. He was smiling at her but it was all new to her.
"Hello Aiko." he said by giving her a name. Aimi's real name. Aimi's real name was Aiko.

She was no longer held by that Spirit Guardian but was lying down and looking at the ceiling. The ambience doesn't sound like what she heard in the caves at all, she heard birds singing and there was also the wind. It was even day time. But why was Aiko lying down? Well there was a obvious reason for that. She was lying down because she had the bandages in her forehead and her torso. Aiko begins to wonder why she had those bandages back on her body if she was just healed? Aiko moved her body then it was warning her how hurt it was. She grunted with pain and lay back down. Suddenly there were footsteps coming beside her, she looked to see that it was her caretaker she saw in her memories. He looked both worried and relieved to see her well. He hugged Aiko attempting not hurting her wounds as he hugs her.
"Oh Aiko! Thank goodness your alive and well!" he said. Aiko makes a puzzled face about everything she's seeing. Not because she doesn't know them it's because why was she lying down with the same wounds she had when she fell down, and why wasn't she underground anymore?
"Aiko why did you go outside of Nibel's borders and ending up down on a cave with wounds on yourself?! Haven't I told you not to go there?!" he said with tears coming down from his eyes. Aiko does remember that he warned her not to go outside of Nibel. Well she was in Nibel alright but what about Kyuketsuki and the Vampspirits? What about the underground caverns and what about Aiko as a Vampspirit? But what did he mean by ending up down on a cave with wounds all over? Didn't she escaped the Red Mine with the entrance? Does he mean the exact same place where she woke up with amnesia?
"I...I was at a entrance wasn't I? Some place called the Red Mine. Wasn't I there?" Aiko asked him. He made a bewildered and shocked face.
"What do you mean the Red Mine's entrance? You were lying there with all of those wounds on your torso and your forehead! Don't you know why you were there?" he asked her.
"N-no I don't, I really don't! I just can't remember anything...but I regained some memories and saw you in them too!" she said. His hands were covering his eyes as he comes to a realization that Aiko doesn't remember him anymore. It broke his heart to hear it.
"I saw you in my memories I swear, I remember you and I playing in.....Thornfelt Swamp? W-wasn't that-"
"Where we live at. You'd always go out there and play in the water. Don't you remember those times Aiko?" he said.
"Well I do remember playing with you there. But I don't remember anything. But can I ask you something?" she said. He made a confused face as to why she was asking him, maybe it was because of who she was or where is she.
"Aren't there any Vampspirits in those caves at all?" she asked. He made a shocked expression to hear her asking that question. He was stammering on the answer to her question.
"How could you possibly know them? I haven't even told you about them yet nor warned you about them! How do you know exactly?" he asked. Aiko explained the reason for her question and he was smiling and sighing with relief. Aiko doesn't know why he's happy to hear her saying that she was turned into a Vampspirit and before that she was chased by them as well.
"I'm just glad none of that stuff ever happened. I mean you didn't burn in the sun and you don't even have fangs!" he said. Aiko opened her mouth and moved her arms to touch the teeth to look for fangs and there were none. They were all normal. And she figures out why he said none of that stuff she said ever happened. It was because she was dreaming all of that the entire time. It all made sense after waking up in this place. She was in a coma the entire time that she was in Nibel after all! But she didn't gained her memories back at all. She doesn't even remember why she was there. Knowing the truth, she sprouts tears of joy from her eyes as she's glad she didn't experienced all of that in real life but in her dreams.
"Well if you don't remember my name, my name is Bureku." he said. Now Aiko knows the name of her caretaker which was Bureku. She does remember how she and Bureku were playing in Thornfelt Swamp and how he was educating her. But now she questions why she was even there in the first place.
"Whatever you dreamed didn't happened Aiko. The only way for your memories to come back is to well obviously wait for the next few days for them to show up and we could know why you were there anyway! Sounds good?" he said. Aiko nodded yes and it seemed that she would live in her old life now. Aiko never wants to go there ever again.
"Alright then Aiko, let me replace those bandages." Bureku said then taking off the bandages and going to get some new ones too. Guess the Vampspirits are real but the ones she met didn't meet them in real life. But maybe Kyuketsuki is real too. Suddenly she was at a different location where she wasn't lying nor wounded. She was fine and walking healthy.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Aiko? I mean that mine would have monsters there-"
"Don't be ridiculous! There's no such thing as a demon in a mine that'll kill anyone who comes there." Aiko interrupted her friend. Your wondering where we are now are you? We are at where it all started, how she fell down to the hole where the Vampspirits live at. Aiko and her friends were walking to the Red Mine, a forbidden area from outside of Nibel's borders that no one should go to because the ones who were working there had disappeared. The entrance was barricaded but still, Aiko wanted to enter the mine to see if there was some sort of entity living in the mine after all. They were walking through the woods where the trees stand and the birds cheep for all of the creatures to listen to, Aiko had four friends walking along side her and three were believing in Aiko's belief of no monster at the mine. What could possibly go wrong?
"Hey look over there! There's some huge hole at that ground!" one of her friends said while pointing to a big hole on the ground. They both came near the hole to see how deep it was, to their surprise there was only pitch black darkness there. Aiko grabbed a pebble and dropped it at the hole, she bent down to listen for the pebble to fall to the hole's ground. She counted at how deep the hole was and it was a fifteen second drop to the hole that no one could survive. One of her friends gulped and backed away.
"I don't think we should be here...let's just go back." he said. Aiko got up and she wasn't amused by her friend's request.
"Hey like I said. We should be fine in that mine! And this hole here, there's no way I would just fall dow-" the edge of the hole that Aiko was standing on was collapsing allowing her to fall down to the pit of darkness. Aiko screamed in terror while her friends were calling out for her as she fell down, she looked to the darkness where there was nothing there. And she had landed on the ground and became unconscious from the rough landing.

So that's why she was there in the first place. It was because she thought that the Red Mine had the workers disappearing and that Aiko thought there was no monster living in the mines after all. She went to the mine along with her friends to see if there was really a monster living in the mines but she fell down on a hole all because of her beliefs of no monster in the mines. Then she gained more new memories. Aiko saw that she was living by herself and that she left Bureku because she wanted to take care of herself instead of him. She thought it would be best if she would live alone and look after herself like everyone else. Well it seems she was wrong. Thinking that she would be fine had just caused her to be wounded and be in a coma for days. Bureku came back with the new bandages and was wrapping her forehead and torso to cover the wounds.
"Hey Bureku?" Aiko asked him. Bureku looked at Aiko to hear what she has to say.

                                                                                 One year later

After the events of Aiko falling down to a pit and being in a coma for a few days was all in the past now. One year and now she was living with Bureku after that. Her friends and loved ones were glad that she was okay and a few did scolded her for going there in the first place. Aiko did had a meeting with Kazuko the Spirit Tree and he was both glad that she was okay but not happy that she went to the Red Mine. He did told her that the Vampspirits and Kyuketsuki were real and were living deep in the mines. Aiko apologized to him and he always forgives his children who had done something wrong (Except for Erato). Right now, Aiko is sitting next to Bureku as they celebrate the Light Ceremony. They were sitting on a log and around them were Spirit Guardians who were attending the ceremony. Aiko wanted to forget everything she dreamed about and live in her normal life in Nibel, I forgot to tell you that she has remembered everything now. She no longer has amnesia anymore. But now she just wants to celebrate the Light Ceremony.
"Beautiful isn't? Just like last year right Aiko?" Bureku asked. Aiko smiled at Bureku.
"Yeah just like last year!" Aiko said. Aiko felt somebody poking her, she turned around to look to a Spirit Guardian who seemed worried.
Have you seen a small Spirit Guardian who almost looks like me but smaller?" he asked her.
"No I haven't." she said. Before she could say anything, the Spirit Guardian went away. Guess he must have lost somebody. Aiko hopes he would find that Spirit Guardian. Bureku grabbed Aiko and was dragging her away from the fields.
"Bureku what are you doing?" she asked him. But Bureku wouldn't answer as he was staring at something behind Aiko. Aiko heard some Spirit Guardians making frightened noises making Aiko turning around to see a owl diving towards them.

To be continued in Ori and the Blind  Forest....
The Last Escape - Part 3: Freedom
The third and last part of The Last Escape, featuring a Spirit Guardian from Nibel named Aiko who's substitute name was Aimi due to her having amnesia who fell down into a underground caverns that is inhabited by Vampspirits that are blood sucking vampires and tried to drink Aiko's blood as well. Technically this part had Aiko escaping the home of the Vampspirits going through the Red Mine and wasn't successful as she got caught by the Spirit Tree of the Vampspirits named Kyuketsuki, he also wanted to turn Aiko into one of his children but it later turned out that all of those things Aiko had gone through were nothing but just a nightmare she dreamed the entire time. I hope you enjoyed this 3 part series and I think you all might have found a secret in the ending. I give thanks to… who posted a Halloween drawing made by… featuring a Vampspirit persona that has given me the idea of this story. Just to let you know though, Kyuketsuki was made by me and I handed him to Joshthegaming since he had the idea of Vampspirits. Now your probably wondering about my other projects called Agoraphobia, Pokemon Journey: PRISM MOON, and the recreation of Ori and the Blind Forest. Those are still worked on and I have to think of what should happen in their chapters so please be patient. Hope you enjoyed this story and I expect you to read my other literature works!

Vampspirits belongs to…

Kyuketsuki was made by me and is now with…
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You guys had been reading my Ori fan fics and my recreation of Ori and the Blind Forest and you all have found some errors there. The error I found when I was replaying Ori and the Blind Forest was the Ginso Tree, to be honest in the literature stories I literally wrote Gisno Tree. So mistake everyone, I thought it was called Gisno but it was Ginso. Now that I hear the word Ginso, what does Ginso mean?
It turns out that Moon Studios added a easter egg in Ori and the Blind Forest. This allows Ori to become a rainbow that he will change into various colors. If you want to know the codes, here they are

PC: A, W, D, S, W, W, W, <space>
Dad: Go to sleep "Walks away"
Game Freak Employee 1: Who should catch Eevee?
Game Freak Employee 2: Ash!
Game Freak Employee 3: How about Lana!
Game Freak Employee 1: Alright, Lana will catch the Eevee!

*Episode airs*

Me: Game Freak.....why...
Taluca in winter clothes
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As I was searching around in Google Images of Kuro from Ori and the Blind Forest, I found this
I have already finished the Half-Life series by going from Half-Life 1 to Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Now I feel like replaying Ori and the Blind Forest, it's been 11 months since I beaten that game. Might help me think about the areas and dialogues for my project of recreating Ori and the Blind Forest.
"Hang on, now. Gimme just a sec..." Kukui was trying to fix the camera to have his cousin see him better and waved at the camera.
"Hey there! Good afternoon! So the day has finally come that you're gonna become a Pokemon Trainer, right Moone?" Kukui said. Moone is the name of a 11 year old girl who lived in Alola through her whole life, just now she has chosen to become a Pokemon Trainer like every young people do.
"Yeah it is! I can't wait to form a powerful team of mine! I'll be the Island Champion for sure!" Moone said. Kukui laughed at Moone's determination but not actually teasing her though.
"Well Moone, let me break it to ya. Alola is divided into 4 islands correct? And each island you'll travel with your current Pokemon, you'll find nothin' but rare Pokemon, yeah!" he said. He was correct about this opinion. Alola is a region in the world of Pokemon where it is divided into 4 islands. Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula'ula Island, and Poni Island. Each of these islands have Pokemon that aren't in each island. Moone daydreams of the team she would have.
"I see that face of yours, your probably thinking on what your team would look like." Kukui said.
"Yeah, I wonder if I can catch a Ribombee..." Moone said.
"Now now Moone, you know that's your expectation which means that in reality you might possibly get a team like that soon." Kukui said about Moone's expectations. Fun fact, Moone finds Ribombee an adorable bug type that she would become one (Don't tell her I said that).
"And we all know that Pokemon were such mysterious creatures to us way way back in ancient and modern times and they still are! "Kukui holds a Pokeball and throws it in the air to have a Rockruff pop out. It landed on Kukui's desk and looked at the camera with it's big blue eyes.
"You find 'em all over. In the grass, in the caves, in the sky and sea. Here in Alola we love our Pokemon, and depend on their heaps, too. Some of us even battle with 'em, if we call ourselves Pokemon Trainers like the ones your gonna be Moone." Rockruff was nuzzling Kukui's jacket and put it's paws on his chest to have Kukui to play with it. Moone chuckled.
"Rockruff! Can you wait until I'm done talkin' to play?!" Kukui said. Rockruff barked and dropped down. Moone thinks about catching a Rockruff.
"First things first, in order to become a Pokemon Trainer you gotta get yourself a Trainer Passport and your officially given the title of a Pokemon Trainer. All you need to fill is your name and have a photo of yourself. I'll send you the passport for you to fill, just write your name and have a photo of you in it as well." Kukui instructed Moone.
"Got it!" Moone said. Kukui was typing and Moone received an email. She went over to the email and opened to have a Trainer Passport popping up on the screen, she typed her name and clicked on the empty photo profile to take a picture of her self. The screen showed Moone's face and there was a timer telling Moone that the picture will be taken in 10 seconds, she smiled at the computer and the picture was taken. Then the photo was at the Trainer Passport of Moone, it was small and was at the top right of the passport.
"Alright I'm finished with it, I'm gonna send it to you now." she said and send Kukui the passport.
"10-4, good buddy! I'll let everyone out here know you're on your way to Iki Town! Moone! Can't wait to see your full potential, cousin! Also, I hear that there's another someone who's going to become a Pokemon Trainer, I suppose that you 2 would make great rivals! (And might be the perfect match)." Kukui said while telling Moone that this trainer would become her boyfriend.
"KUKUI!!" Moone blushed. Kukui laughed at Moone's response.
"It was just a joke cousin! I'll see you in Iki Town!" Kukui said and turned off the computer. Moone cannot wait to become a Pokemon Trainer, she even dreams of becoming a great Pokemon Trainer that Alola has ever known. She can't wait to see what's up ahead.

A nudge on the shoulder shook Joao to have him woken up seeing the sea from inside the plane. Rubbing his eyes over waking up, he turns over to his dad who nudged him.
"You've been sleeping about 14 minutes and your gonna stay asleep once we land Joao?" he said. Energy of excitement grown inside of him as his dad told him about the plane landing.
"Land? Are we almost there?" Joao said.
"Of course son. I can't wait to visit the Aether Paradise..." his mom daydreams of visiting Aether Paradise. Now let me tell you about Aether Paradise. Aether Paradise is a very large floating structure that serves as an artificial island located in the middle of the Alola Region, and that's the region where Joao and his parents are coming to. Aether Paradise serves as a base for a company called Aether Foundation whose goals are to help injured and wounded Pokemon then bringing them back to the wild, where they belong.
"I can't wait to see what kind of food they have in Alola..." his dad daydreams of tasting the food made by Alola chefs and can't wait to learn how to cook them.
"I can't wait to see what kind of Pokemon Trainers are there..." Joao daydreams of Pokemon Trainers with their powerful teams. In about 3 minutes, Joao and his family along with the passengers in the plane visiting, moving, or coming back to the Alola Region. Seeing new Pokemon was Joao's favorite thing to see, he had seen Pokemon from his home region Unova, then he saw new Pokemon at Kanto, and then he saw new Pokemon at Kalos. He just can't wait to see what kind of new Pokemon awaits in his vacation to Alola. There were 2 soft beeps coming out of the plane's speakers alerting the passengers.
"May I have your attention, in about 3 minutes we're be making a landing in one of the islands in Alola's Melemele Island. Please put on your seat belts for landing." the pilot spoke in the speakers. Joao looked out the window to see the sea having a Wailord jumping out of the water then crashing down on causing waves to form, Joao did see Wailords back in Unova when he was on a cruise with his family when he was 4-years-old. The size of the Pokemon scared him that he thought they were gonna crash the ship. He did forget about that memory later. Over the distance that the plane was heading to, he saw 2 islands from his window indicating those islands are from Alola. What kind of Pokemon would he meet and see? Over the past 3 minutes, the plane landed on the runway and was slowing down, the jets were cooling and shutting off to have the plane stop. The plane stops at the runway and on the other side of the plane where Joao isn't is where the stairs for the passengers to climb down from the plane.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our destination. Have a wonderful day in Alola!" the pilot spoke.
"I'm so excited for this!" Joao said. His dad smirked in excitement as well.
"Are you kidding? This is the 3rd region we are visiting! Just like Kanto and Kalos. I'm sure your brothers would come out of those regions and come here for a family bonding time and reunion instead of being the champions." he said. Joao's dad may have confused you over that Joao's brothers are champions. Well let me tell you about his brothers. Matheus is the 2nd born brother of Joao leaving Joao as 3rd in the family. Matheus is the current champion of Kanto over 10 years. His other brother is the 1st born named Pedro, Pedro is the current champion of Kalos and is the strongest fire type user in Kalos. His dad wanted Matheus and Pedro to come to Alola after Matheus became the champion and is still the champion over the past 10 years meanwhile Pedro is still the champion over these past 3 years. It would be a nice family reunion for the Alexandre family. The passengers got up from their seats and exited the plane in a line, Joao could smell the outside air, it smelled just like a tropical island along with the ocean waves crashing into each other. Almost out of the plane, Joao started having goosebumps from the air outside because the air inside the plane was cool and outside was starting to feel warm. Joao did a little research on Alola before he and his parents got onto the plane, he read that Alola is a region that never gets cold except for the top of Mt. Lanakila, the tallest mountain in Alola. Mt. Lanakila is also one of the highest mountains in the Pokemon World. The sunlight hit Joao's body causing his eyes half shut from the light. He opened his eyes slowly to see the nature of Alola, many trees were either normal or tropical. They sky was clear enough to have the sun shine down on all of Alola. The sounds of the ocean were appearing from behind the plane and all of this makes Joao hyped of what he might experience his vacation in Alola.
"Hey son, your holding up the line." his dad said. Joao no longer focused on the trees and the sounds of the ocean instead he looked at his father to look behind that there were still passengers behind him.
"Oh right, sorry." Joao apologized and walked down the stairs to the runway.

"Oi vey! The weather is so hot right now!" Meowth complained over the warm weather of Alola.
"Well it is a region that never gets cold, so you'll get used to it." James said.
"Yeah, but we can still enjoy so much things here in this region. I hear they have so many accessories and beautiful outfits!" Jessie said about buying Alolan accessories and clothes.
"Well if you don't get caught by the police that is." James said.

The warm air was gone since Joao and his parents entered the airport giving all of those inside a cool and relaxing air. It even gave a few people and Pokemon goosebumps including Joao. They walk to the baggage carousel where they would get their luggage.
"So where are we gonna stay in? A hotel or a motel?" Joao asked his parents. His parents thought if they would either stay in a motel or a hotel.
"We can't actually live in a motel, it's only for motorists or people who took a long drive on the road. I don't think that Alola has motels." his mom said. It does make sense since Alola is a 4 divided island making it that there is no roads to reach other islands except that you can either get to each of the islands with a ferry or with a Pokemon.
"Maybe asking someone if there's a hotel here in....what's the city's name?" his dad said.
"Well to be honest, before we were about to fly here to Alola, I was doing a little research on Alola. The island we're in is called Melemele Island and it is the home of the region's biggest city called Hau'oli City. I'm guessing that they might have hotels there!" Joao said. His dad was proud of his son's knowledge of Hau'oli City and that he researched on what is in Alola. Joao even saw the Pokemon that live in Alola as well and can't even wait to meet them in person.
"Alright then, we should ask someone to take us to a hotel in Hau'oli City (If it has one)." his dad said. Apparently though, they need to get a taxi in order for them to reach Hau'oli City. If Alola has taxis. Joao looked around that there were still people in the airport along with Pokemon, he spotted what looks like a region map. Maybe that could be the map of Alola.
"There's a map over there, maybe we could check it out and see where Hau'oli City is!" he said. His parents however didn't approved with the idea.
"We're kinda in a hurry, we'll see or find a map on the way there. Sounds good?" his mom said. Joao decided to go with that idea since they would find a map of Alola once they go to Hau'oli City, now your wondering how could Joao forget the map about Alola if he researched back in Unova. Joao tends to forget a few things and he forgot the map for Alola.
"Let's get ourselves a taxi and have the driver take us to a hotel in Hau'oli City. Then we can start our vacation together as a family!" his dad said. Joao cannot wait to see the new Pokemon that Alola has. His mom cannot wait to visit the Aether Paradise. His dad also cannot wait to check out and learn how to cook foods made by Alolan chefs. This vacation will be a fun time for Joao and his family.

Joao can't focus on the trees since the taxi is just passing by them fast and Joao only sees the trees blurred. He was looking out into the trees and deep within those trees if he could find a Pokemon roaming there.
"I can't believe you're really wanting to see new Pokemon here Joao." his dad said. Joao turned away and looked at his dad who's sitting at the front seat.
"Well of course I am! I seen new Pokemon from Kanto and Kalos, not to mention that they had Pokemon from other regions as well." Joao said. His mom chuckled.
"You just made me think back on that cruise in Unova where you hid in the closet when that Wailord was jumping out of the water." his mom said. From what I said earlier, Joao saw a Wailord from a plane and I mentioned from his childhood when he was 4-years-old, he got scared of a Wailord jumping out of the sea next to their cruise ship and I didn't mentioned that he hid in a closet. Joao looked at his mom in confusion about what she said.
"Really? I don't remember that at all!" Joao said.
"You were about 4-years-old back then, you screamed and hid in the closet from seeing that Wailord." his mom laughed. The driver heard Joao's mom and sighed.
"I've had the experience too. Except I was only 9 and I was on a boat with my mom on her Lapras then a Wailord popped out of the water and I got scared that I fell down into the water." the driver said his backstory. Just to let you know, Wailords are the biggest Pokemon to ever exist in the world of Pokemon and their sizes scared young kids out of their skins. Anyway, I'm getting off topic here. Joao looked at the backseat organizer containing a magazine, he grabs it out and the cover of the magazine featured a picture of a sea screenshot with Wingulls in the background, it had 5 people in the cover with 3 Pokemon that were a Clefable and what looks like a Grimer with different color with it being green and yellow. There was also a tall Pokemon that has a big paw with no fingers, the Pokemon's head color was pink and black with the ears seemed to be like wearable ears. It seemed to be waving at the camera while hugging a man wearing a white coat and he worn green goggles and has green hair along with a green goatee. The man was nervously smiling and Joao could see a sweat in his forehead. The person next to him seemed unnerved of the the Pokemon's arm hugging the man. There was a lady next to the nervously smiling man with purple hair, pink glasses, and worn a warm and soft pink sweater that's inside a white coat. This cloth choice made Joao question the logic of how can a lady wearing those clothes cannot be sweating hot. Next to her was a person wearing some sort of mask and whoever's inside the mask could only see faint yellow colors. Below the masked person was another lady who was crouching down and smiling, the different colored Grimer was also next to her as well. Atop of them the picture of a woman with huge and long hair, her hair was blonde and had small silver streaks and her eyes are green but her right eye is half covered from the big hair she has. She looks to be wearing a white dress with a diamond badge on it, with green soles. She was smiling with open arms and atop of her was the a building with straight windows as if it was some sort of huge lobby or a working office. In front of the building was the title of the magazine saying "Welcome to Aether Paradise!". Joao's mom gasped when she looked at the magazine.
"That's the place! That's Aether Paradise!" his mom said without noticing the Pokemon in the magazine.
"Really? Let me see." his dad asked for the magazine. His mom gave him the magazine and he observed the cover and noticed the Pokemon in it.
"Hey this Grimer seems off. It has green slime instead of being violet slime." his dad said.
"Well, that Grimer you just mentioned with violet slime is from the Kanto Region. This Grimer is from here." the driver said. Although it questions to why is the Grimer from Alola have different colors than they do in Kanto.
"Why is the Grimer in the Alola Region look different than Kanto Grimers do?" Joao asked.
"I think it went like this. There was a problem with some garbage or trash here in Alola, so the Alolans brought Grimers from Kanto to get rid of them. And somehow, the garbage turned them into this color. And gave them an extra type, dark type. Of course, Kantonian Grimers are only poison types but in Alola however, they are poison types and dark types!" the driver said. Joao seemed fascinated by this. A Pokemon that changed it's colors and type when it came to Alola. He wonders if there are any other regions that has Pokemon like these.
"Amazing! Pokemon changing their color appearance and getting a new type is awesome!" Joao said.
"That's not the only thing. Alolan Vulpix is an Ice type while it's Kantonian counterpart is a fire type. When it evolves into a Ninetales, they still are ice type but they also become fairy types as well!" he said. Joao was more fascinated by this, he saw fire type Vulpixes and fire type Ninetales but he never seen an ice type Vulpix nor a ice and fairy type Ninetales. By the way here's a note. Ninetales is a ice and fairy type told by the driver, and ice types and fairy types are strong enough to defeat dragon types. Which means that if you have a dragon type in your team and you have that Pokemon fight against a Ninetales, then you would be already defeated. Just how amazing can this region get as Joao's mind said. Not only he met new Pokemon in Alola, but he met Pokemon from other regions that changed their appearance and types or either got a extra type.
"Oh yeah! Jana, what's Aether Paradise anyway?" his dad said. And no, Jana is not Joao's mom real name but it's short for her full name which is Janaina.
"Aether Paradise is the headquarters of a worldwide famous organization that goes by the name of Aether Foundation! They're a company that helps and treats Pokemon and send them back into the wild!" his mom said.
"So, this Aether Paradise is the home to a company that helps Pokemon to get better and release them back to the wild?" Joao said to his mom.
"Certainly yes! I was young when that company was still going. I heard that it was created before I was even born!" she said. Joao started to imagine Pokemon being taken care of and their wounds being treated by Aether Foundation employees, he's glad to hear a company like Aether Foundation. Why would a company do bad things if they tend to help all Pokemon in need.
"I got 2 things for you guys. 1 is that Aether Foundation is also known for researching and studying Pokemon. I also hear that they've discovered Pokemon that are not from this world." the driver said. The driver was startled when Joao shoved his head forward to hear the driver say it again.
"DID YOU SAY THAT THEY'VE DISCOVERED POKEMON FROM OTHER WORLDS!?" Joao asked quickly. His dad told Joao to get back and never scare him again.
"Guess your a Pokemon lover and when I said Pokemon not from this world, you really got jumpy there." the driver said.
"Exactly, meeting new Pokemon is amazing. But meeting Pokemon from other worlds is a 9 thousand times than amazing!" Joao excitedly imagined what the Pokemon from other worlds looked like.
"Heh, just don't get your hopes up. It's literally rare to meet those kind of Pokemon. And 2, we're here!" the driver told Joao, Janaina, and Elias that they've reached Hau'oli City. Joao looked at the windshield where it shown a city with a beach in front as well with 1 only tall building towering over others. It was the city itself. Hau'oli City.
"Meet Hau'oli City, the largest city of Alola to ever been built! Your destination is that tall building over there." the driver pointed at Hau'oli City's tallest building which is actually the hotel.
"That's a huge hotel! I expected it to be one of those buildings!" Joao's mom said as she didn't expected the hotel of Hau'oli City to be a very tall building and the only tallest building of Hau'oli City and tallest building in Alola. Thinking about it, if they get a room from above the hotel, they would get quite a view from their windows. Although, it might hurt Joao and his parents ears since it's that big enough to pop somebody's ear.
"Hey, is it just me or are those palm trees moving?" Joao's dad said from seeing 2 palm trees moving from the beach. Joao looked at the palm and they seemed to shake and move, when he looked down he saw feet and a tail with a face. Joao looked up at the palm tree where it's coconuts had 3 faces. It looked just like an Exeggutor but with a tail and a very tall neck just like a palm tree.
"What?! Those are Exeggutor? The neck is way to big and when did those Exeggutors grew a tail with a face?!" Joao asked.
"Those are other Pokemon that changed when they came to Alola. Alola is a tropical and hot region and it is the reason why the Exeggutors in this region have tall necks thanks to the sunlight of course. By the way, Alolan Exeggutors are grass and dragon types!" the driver. His mom whistled from how tall the Exeggutors are since the Kantonian Exeggutors do not have tails with faces nor have tall necks.
"I've seen 2 Exeggutors of Alola that are both grass and dragon types? What else is there in this region?!" Joao said.

"Oh man, you can see everything from up here! The beach, the ocean, the city, the streets, the people, the Pokemon, all sorts that we could see from up here!" Joao said when he was viewing Hau'oli City from one of the highest floors and rooms in Hau'oli City's tallest building which is the hotel. His palms were touching the windows from seeing a beautiful view he enjoys seeing, the sun was setting below the sea and below him were the streets and buildings of Hau'oli City, there were people walking or either in cars, Pokemon were there too. Some were Pokemon he already seen or some Pokemon he didn't seen.
"Wow! Your right, you can see everything from up here! But you shouldn't keep looking for too long or else you might have problems with that vision of yours from the sun. Also, I've found a magazine that has 2 Legendary Pokemon, it's on your b-" before his mom would finish what she said, Joao after hearing his mom saying Legendary Pokemon he quickly turned around and sprinted to his bed and landed on his front body.
"My god, how many energy do you have?" his mom questioned why he was so energetic.
"It's because I injected myself with adrenaline, that's why." Joao joked about injecting himself with adrenaline. Joao grabbed the magazine of what his mom said and he saw that magazine was already opened to have Joao see the Pokemon his mom mentioned. The pages contained information about 2 Legendary Pokemon that are famous in Alola. From what he could see were 2 drawings that looked like they were pictures taken. The left featured a Pokemon with white fur, a huge mane with orange like crystals and had 4 yellow spikes framing it like a crown and it had 2 spikes on the lower jaw from each side of it's lower jaw, it had a large tufts on it's mane. It's face was all blue and it was suddenly resembling a galaxy of some sort, from it's leg has a dark orange band and it's paws were black with 3 toes along with 3 yellow claws. It's tip of the tail is a large black spot with a thin yellow rim. From the right it shown the 2nd Legendary Pokemon which looks like a counterpart of the one from the left. The Pokemon's skin was showing a dark violet galaxy and it was also on it's face. The chest was also glowing blue as if it was the heart of the Pokemon. The eyes were dark pink with white centers, it's ears were crescent shaped and drapes around it's neck as well. The insides on the ears were white and dark violet while the outside was all yellow. It's torso had a ribcage in front of the glowing blue light from it's chest with a silently curved spike on each shoulder and 3 spikes extending from the bottom toward its tail. The Pokemon's wings looked like a Zubat but it had 7 finger bones and were too big for a Zubat to have. 4 run through each wing, 1 running along the edge to the outermost top, and 2 pointing upwards that may act as claws that seemed to function. The bottom of it's tail is also lined with a yellow crescent shape just like the head, with a ridge running up in the middle of the tail towards the ribcage. Joao looked at the top of the Pokemon from the left where it has fiery letters spelling Solgaleo. On the bottom of the Pokemon were it's information that goes on to the next page where the right has the dark violet Pokemon with dark violet letters spelling Lunala. The bottom was explaining about these 2 Legendary Pokemon about their past and their present activity.
*Solgaleo and Lunala are the 2 famous Legendary Pokemon of Alola and it is said that Solgaleo created the sun while it's counterpart Lunala created the moon during the world's creation or even the galaxy's creation. The 2 Legendary Pokemon were feared by the Alolans from ancient times and a group of Alolans in Ula'ula Island had been worshiping Solgaleo while another group of Alolans in Poni Island were worshiping Lunala. There has been stories of the ancient Alolans seeing the 2 Legendary Pokemon and 1 Alolan claimed to have made contact with Lunala but we'll get to that later after we explain this. Solgaleo and Lunala did created the sun and moon but it is also said that they were the creators of the Alola Region as well! But it is hardly ever known if they have created Alola but it was what historians said. The Legendary Pokemon were given nicknames as well. Solgaleo was called as the Beast that devours the sun and Lunala was called as the Beast that devours the moon, apparently like I've written before, Solgaleo and Lunala were feared by the Alolans for their tremendous power and were considered as threats. However, 1 man who was the 3rd king of Alola, Kamana, didn't see them as threats but considered them as the gods of the sun and moon. He written a note saying that at when the sun was setting and the moon was rising, Kamana made contact with the 2 Legendary Pokemon and wrote that the Legendary Pokemon were speaking to him with telepathy. The Pokemon were telling Kamana about a crisis in Alola that would happen in the next thousand years but does not explain how many years it would take but they've said it would be thousand of years. The 3rd king has made a prophecy on a mural explaining about the crisis he was told by Solgaleo and Lunala but his people called him crazy or a maniac to believe such monsters. But it is whether true or not that this crisis that may happen in Alola could not happen or not happen but it is rumored to happen soon or not." Joao's mind has 2 hands now. 1 hand says this crisis won't happen but the other hand says it definitely will happen. He can't even know which side to take for his mind, either the mind that tells him it won't happen or the mind that tells him it will happen. Joao stopped reading and looked at the 2 Legendary Pokemon called Solgaleo and Lunala, he can't even wait to meet these Pokemon in person. Although if he does tell anybody about it, they wouldn't believe him or would be jealous if they do. Thinking about it, he never actually started his career of a Pokemon Trainer. So what if he would start his Pokemon Trainer career in Alola? What could go wrong with it?

                                                                                3 months earlier....

Quickly pushing the button to the Conservation area above, she looks behind to see the 4 Aether Foundation employees coming after her in a hurry because of what she stole from them. The elevator goes up to the Conservation area and she looks down on her bag where the Pokemon she stole from them was safe in her bag.
"Don't worry Nebby, I'll get you out of here." she told the Pokemon.
"HEY!! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" a voice boomed. There was 2 Aether Foundation employees ordering her to stop but she made a sprint to get away from them. She ran as fast as she could from them as she turned around each corner and not even taking a look back but only looking forward. Suddenly, there was a employee just in front of her and she was blocking the path. She stopped running and looked behind to see the employees now walking towards her with grins on their faces.
"You'll be in big trouble when the president hears about this." the employee said. There was no way for her to escape at all, she was cornered and there was no way for her to go. Light was coming out of her bag from the Pokemon inside, the employees backed away and she was brought to a wormhole meaning she was no longer in Aether Paradise.

                                                               Pokemon Journey: PRISM MOON
Pokemon Journey: PRISM MOON - Prologue
I think it's time for me to make a different fan fiction story. This time it will focus on Pokemon Ultra Moon but instead of being called Ultra Moon, the title says this series will be called PRISM MOON. This Pokemon fan fiction takes place in Ultra Moon where myself is the main protagonist of this series. But look, this is not me but a counter part of mine in the world of Pokemon. My real name is Joao and that's the name of the protagonist who starts his Pokemon Trainer career in Alola. Now here's the plot for this story I made for Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Pokemon Journey: PRISM MOON tells the story of a 14 year old boy named Joao who was on a vacation with his parents in Alola to spend time with family. Joao's parents is expecting his 2 brothers Matheus and Pedro to come to Alola to have a family reunion. Meanwhile, Joao saw how the amazing new Pokemon he had seen in Alola weren't like the ones he saw back in Kanto and Unova (Unova is Joao's and his family's home region). Joao starts his Pokemon journey with his first partner Lukas, Alola's Grass Type Starter Rowlet. Along the way, he will catch Pokemon as his partners to win Island Trials and Island Challenges to become a Island Champion. But as he journeys to become the Island Champion, he and his Pokemon along with his friends and allies must battle against crisis events involving dimensional Pokemon called Ultra Beasts. And a multidimensional organization that plans to rule the world.

Just to let you know though, Matheus and Pedro are real people and they are my real brothers, Matheus is my middle brother and Pedro is my first born brother. By the way, this story will have characters who are based on real people that I know of. And again, Joao is my real name and the protagonist is me. I do have a Pokemon Ultra Moon and this story will be based on my game's experience in my version. Now try to guess who the main villain is gonna be for PRISM MOON.
Griffin OC: Erin
Meet my Griffin OC named Erin everyone! Well she isn't part just of any story, I just created her for fun. Well I created her from this game where you can create your own Griffin, feel free to create a Griffin for fun or to have them as your avatars or OCs!…

Now here's some things you need to know about her, this will be her bio and she is my first OC to ever shown on a bio from me.

Name: Erin
Species: Griffin
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Height: 8 feet tall
Weight: Don't know what numbers to put but she's heavy as a bear is
Living environment: Nature near my home

Personality: Erin is a skeptical, motherly, quiet, and curious Griffin who I've met near my home which is in nature and she is one of the first Griffins I've met. Also the tallest one to ever met as well. Erin often comes by to visit me and would occasionally talk about some stuff and other things she knows and I know, to be honest she can be quite a gentle giant Griffin since she does act motherly to anyone she meets that are more than in their child or juvenile years. She does like being quiet and all since she likes to hear nature's songs. And songs I mean by the ambience and birds tweeting over and over to make her feel relax. Erin is also curious about a few things about how people usually behave and how intelligent they are, she may ask questions about a few certain things. Well I hate to say this but...there was one time I was taking a shower and I got out to clean myself until I saw her freaking face at my bathroom's window that I just shouted to have her know I don't like how she saw me naked. Luckily she didn't see my dangle dongle...she was curious of how I would take a bath so she silently watched me wash myself, later I told her not to watch anyone take a bath because when people take a bath, you have to let them clean themselves privately. By the way, don't be scared of her size, she's quite a gentle giant. You can ask her a few things that doesn't bother her much, like asking her if you want to ride her. I rarely didn't want to because of extreme heights. Well except I'm in a tall building like how I was in the Freedom Tower. Maybe some day I would ride her.

Bio: To be fair, I haven't even known her history. Erin just doesn't even say about her childhood or anything in her past, there were a few times she had mentioned her childhood but not fully. Apparently, me and Erin met each other when she found my house after I left to hang out with my groups to check out some interesting art they posted, although I got back and found her trying to fit herself in the front door, however she was too big to enter my house anyway. I just stand there looking at her because it's obviously that DeviantArt has mythical creatures as well, she did came up to me with that tall height of her. Just to be fair she is 8 feet tall and I would probably ride on her back, Erin has been quite a gentle giant Griffin that towers anyone that's 7 feet, 6 feet, 5 feet, 4 feet, 3 feet, 2 feet, and 1 feet (I think 1 feet would be the size of an actual insect). Erin would come visit me to talk about a few things and there would be a few times that we both were resting, I almost suffocated from her heat thanks to the summer season. Although she did warm me a lot when we were resting in winter because I needed heat for my body. Erin still visits me today and you can feel free to have a chat with her if she feels like it (If you want to draw you or your character meeting her, ask me for permission first m'kay?).

Relatives: She doesn't say about them
Friends: Taluca

Likes: Nature/Birds singing/Me because she visits and hangs out with me/Being motherly/Quietness/Friendly people/Children

Dislikes: Deforestation/Carnivores/People with bad behaviors/People being scared of her size/Summer season

And that's pretty much it, feel free to ask me permission to draw her. You can draw me and her hanging out together if you want to, but just ask me permission first okay? I hope you all like my OC!
Tell me. How does it feel to have amnesia? Then if you don't, these are what you feel if you have amnesia. Alone, confused, afraid, helpless, skeptical, unknowing, and you feel having the first feelings of your life. After all. Amnesia can erase your memories. You can remember anything that you want but with amnesia, you won't. You won't remember your loved ones, your birth, your name, your height, yourself, your life, your home, your favorites, everything that you know or love are gone with amnesia. You could either get amnesia with a hard struck on the head perhaps. Maybe a hypnosis? Or perhaps falling down a great height and you have memory loss and don't know where you are. But tell me something....if you had amnesia, and you wake up in a area where monsters roam around which was also the place you've been in, how would you survive if you have forgotten how to survive? How long would you last?

Nervous systems always tell us about the pain our bodies are having right now. The nervous systems that operates inside #### is telling her about the wounds and injuries on her head and torso. Everything was so blurry and distorted. She lay on a solid ground that was lid up from her body for some reason, she had a splitting headache on her left head and couldn't concentrate her vision. She tried to concentrate and she was slowly focusing it. Now her vision is not blurry and distorted anymore but she still feel the pain in her torso and head. She lifted her arm and touched her hand on the ground to lift herself up. She was weak and she didn't know how she was weak. Grunts of efforts have been appearing from her as she lifts herself but crashes down onto the ground. She needs to be healed from these wounds, but she doesn't know how. Nor she doesn't know who she is, nor she doesn't know anybody that treat her, nor....she doesn't know where she is. One more thing though, her hearing wasn't quite clear. It kept ringing and ringing for about eleven minutes or so. For some unknown reason, she felt something unusual. As if a presence was nearby. Her ringing was cooling down that it was almost gone, and as it was, she was hearing the sounds of hooves stepping in the ground. She couldn't turn her head however but whoever was making those footsteps slowly appeared from her right vision. Then to revealing themselves in front of her. It reached it's hand out and touched her forehead with one of it's three thumbs, it observed the strange cyan liquid that was coming out of her forehead. After just observing it, it reaches both hands out and picks her up slowly to not damage her. Although she does feel scared of this thing's size. It's size was more than five times taller than her. Her hearing was becoming silent and she had herself passed out.

She wakes up with a headache on her head but it goes away. She turned her head to see that she was in some kind of den. Of course she knew what a den was since she can't remember anything. There was the creature that picked her up from the ground she was lying in and was grabbing some sort of material. It walked to her and wrapped it around her forehead where the cyan liquid was dripping from. She even noticed that the same material was on her torso as well. They were all covered in the cyan liquid from her body. She could breath and her breath was shaking a little as a response to her fear.
"W-what are-what are you..?" she asked the creature. It finished wrapping the material around her forehead and looked at her with those green eyes.
"Well I suppose you haven't even heard of us but you didn't even ask me of my name is." it said with a gentle male voice.  She seemed confused at first at to how could she know him if he wasn't heard from her when she woke up. And what did he mean by us? The creature sighed.
"The name's Shinrai. And yours little one?" he asked her. To be honest, she doesn't know her name. But not even herself, nor her past, nor what she is.
"I....I don't know......what am I?" she asked Shinrai. Shinrai's face seemed puzzled at her answer even puzzled as to how couldn't she know her name if she was only eighteen years old.
"Do you remember anything at all? Any one you love? Anything you love? Any place that you were in?" Shinrai asked her. She shook her head slowly to tell him that she doesn't remember a thing, Shinrai smirks and his eyes turns the other way.
"Must be memory loss. That's why you don't remember. Guess that huge wound on your forehead had your brain inside had your memories scattered." he said. He was speaking metaphorically saying that her memories had been lost but she thinks for a minute that did he mean there is something inside her head.
"But no, your brain isn't alive. It's in there for you to move, think, remember, focus, and even help you see. But apparently though that fall must have made your brain loose your memories. Erasing yourself from who are you. I don't even know who you are anyway." he said. She seemed worried about herself. Will she remember who she is? Is she a bad person or a good person? Who knows who she is.
"Well how about a nickname?" Shinrai asked her.
"What?" she asked him back.
"A nickname is a substitute name meaning you have a different name than your real and proper one. So how about this name? Aimi? Sounds like a good name for you!" he said. She doesn't remember her real name but Aimi would be her substitute name until she remembers her real name soon.
"Yeah...I could go with Aimi!" she smiled nervously. Shinrai chuckled a bit.
"There's no need to worry Aimi, why would I hurt you if I helped you? I'm a nice guy around these parts!" he said. For the record he was right, he seemed nice and a trustful person that Aimi could trust with. She normally smiled and lifted herself until she backed down from a pain in her torso.
"Hey, hey, hey that torso of yours gotta heal up! You can't expect yourself to walk out with that wound still open would you? Just rest for five days and you'll be up in no time!" he said. He was right, maybe Aimi should rest until she's healed to get up and walk. Aimi decides to stay in his den for a while and soon leave wherever she is.
"Alright I'll stay here. Five days doesn't sound so bad....wonder if I could get my memories back when I reach the fifth." she said. Shinrai smiled.

For about four days, Aimi had been laying down on the same bed and waiting for her wounds to be healed. Aimi had been in the care of Shinrai, a unknown nice creature that treated her wounds but he hardly ever brings anyone inside his den nor even doesn't tell Aimi about what he is. But he did tell her where she was. Shinrai said to Aimi that she was in a giant underground cavern where his neighbors and friends live in. But the question is....why didn't he mentioned his friends and why hasn't he brought them over to his den? Aimi wakes up turns over to the den where there's no sign of Shinrai. Maybe he's out to get new bandages or food. But now Aimi thinks if she could walk now, she moved her legs and slowly moved them to the other side of the bed. Her body was lifting as well but she felt a little pain in her torso but she didn't make any noise for it. She pushed her hands on the bed and Aimi was standing on the ground. Although her legs were shaking to have her balance since her foot were hooves. Aimi gains balance and takes steps on the ground. She doesn't remember the time she first walked but this feels like her first time walking. Lowering her self to the ground so she could wait for Shinrai to come back, she hugs her knees and wait for him to come back from whatever he's doing. Now she began to think a few things. Why hasn't he said anything about Aimi's species? he could have just told her what she is but he doesn't for some reason. But what makes things weird about him is that on the third day when she was waking up from her sleep, Shinrai was there and he had his head close to her torso wound and shoved his head back after noticing her then wiping off some sort of liquid in his mouth. It was weird for him to do that and he never even mentioned about that soon.
"Aimi? You got yourself out of the bed? Aren't you hurt?" Shinrai's voice appeared from the den's entrance making Aimi turned to him. Aimi slowly got up on her hooves and smiled at him.
"Turns out I'm fine walking! Well the first few steps of mine almost made me fell down but now I can stand like you Shinrai! Where have you been today?" Aimi asks Shinrai where he has been.
"Well, I have been collecting bandages for your wounds. Sit down and let me take those bandages off to replace it with these." Shinrai said. Aimi sits down and Shinrai removes the bandage from her forehead and replaces it with another, then he goes to remove the bandage on her torso. She opens her arms for Shinrai to remove easily and after removing them, he just stared at her wound...just stared inside and couldn't take his eyes off. Aimi covers her wound and Shinrai goes back to concentrate, Aimi reveals her wound again and Shinrai covers it with bandages.
"Sorry, I was just checking the wound to see if it was getting better." Shinrai said. Aimi didn't feel right about Shinrai's looks when he was observing the wound. He had his eyes almost wide opened and his green eyes almost shrunk. She didn't feel right about this at all, something was off about him.
"Hey! Hey Shinrai, are you there?!" a voice called out for Shinrai. Shinrai turned away from Aimi to look to the direction where the voice came from. There was a light moving out of the den and appeared another creature that looked like Shinrai but had different looks and a voice, even a different height.
"Michael! Haven't I said you can't come over-"
"Who the hell is this? A Spirit Guardian from above the ground? And dig on those wounds on her. Damn she must have a bad time." the creature named Michael said. So she figured out one thing about herself. She was a Spirit Guardian and for some reason, she looked almost like Shinrai and Michael. Except that she was small and had long ears, she had four antennas, two on her top head and two at her lower head that both were next to the ears. She had a rabbit tail and with white eyes. Michael was taking slow steps towards Aimi making her feel frightened.
"Do you mind if I....look at your-" Michael was cut off when Shinrai got up and stand in his way, Shinrai had his hand on Michael's chest and pulling him backwards.
"Just go Michael, it's not even your business!" he said. Michael was feeling enraged.
"Oh! So you want me to leave while you take care of her!? Come on Shinrai your're my bud! I mean can I just get a peek at her wounds? I promise I won't do anything, I just want to see if I can do anything." Michael said.
"I've said no. No means no and it means you cannot look at her blo - wound, they need to be healed in order for her to get better!" Shinrai said. Aimi is not gonna pretend she heard Shinrai cutting off a word he was about to say with wound instead of a word that goes with 'blo' for some reason. Aimi saw Michael's mouth was leaking some kind of liquid on the corner of his right mouth.
"Just....just one s - peek and then I'll-"
"Hell no! She's mine!" Shinrai becamed furious and struck Michael to the ground. It seemed that the struck from Shinrai loosened a tooth on Michael. But Aimi saw that it wasn't an ordinary tooth. It was sharp enough to pierce through a skin and at the tip of the tooth was a small hole. Aimi thought is this what Michael's teeth look like or is there anyone that has this tooth. Aimi got up and reached her hand out to Shinrai.
"'re alright?" she asked. Shinrai turned around to Aimi with sharp two sharp teeth coming out of his mouth, they looked just like Michael's tooth. Aimi felt intimidated and scared on Shinrai's expression, she backed away from him.
"No please don't Aimi! These are just nothing that's all! Come over here so I I can...." Shinrai's voice was becoming raspy and he wasn't breathing properly nor he was acting like the Shinrai Aiimi knew. Aimi took more steps back and this however was kinda a bad move. Shinrai's eyes had shrunk and his eyes were slit that have easily intimidated Aimi once more. She looked behind Shinrai where Michael got up and grabbed Shinrai's shoulders to have him turned away from Aimi and to hitting him. Aimi felt...betrayed or lied. Like the one who looked after her was gonna do something to her or that something has triggered inside. She couldn't stay longer. She ran out of the den but the first steps of her first run had her tripped. But she got up and exited the den and tripped again, she got up and ran and this time she didn't tripped. She didn't even bother to look behind but to look straight ahead to a dark cavern. Where will this cavern take her to?

Aimi thought of finding help here. She met Michael meaning that there might be others, and if she found one of them then she would tell them about Shinrai. She can't get the feeling of being betrayed or she couldn't get the feeling of being lied as well. Aimi didn't want to stop running because if she did then either Shinrai or Michael might catch up to her, however her lungs were running out of air and she couldn't take it anymore so she stopped running. She panted and tried to catch her breath before going. Aimi proceeded walking instead of running, she hopes of finding help from someone not like Shinrai and Michael. But would she find help? From walking to wherever she's going to, there were sounds of water making some weird noises, Aimi went over to check it out and what she found was that the water was moving to the left in a very quick speed but it just looked like a regular water. She looked around her surroundings and found a den stuck on the ceiling for some reason but luckily there was ladder at the wall which the entrance was there as well. Aimi began to climb up the ladder to seek help desperately, she called out to whoever was in the den in the ceiling and there appeared someone like her. With a sigh of relief she felt safe.
"Thank goodness....can you help me? There's two crazy guys following me! Can you help me?" Aimi said to the inhabitant hoping it would help her. The inhabitant was looking at Aimi's forehead and her torso covered in bandages.
"What happened to you?" it said with a feminine voice.
"The thing is, I don't actually remember because I lost my memory but I've-" Aimi stopped talking when she noticed the inhabitant's eyes becoming slit and she was dropping the same liquid shinrai was doing.
"Not you too..." Aimi mutters. She climbs down quickly and luckily she called out for the inhabitant when she was about to climb and she was about eight climbs away from the den. She reached the ground and turned to the water moving fast then the sound of a thud came from behind her. The inhabitant had dropped down from her and just like Shinrai, she had fangs coming out of her top mouth and she had the liquid coming out of her mouth as well.
"Stay for awhile! I'll help you in no time young one!" the inhabitant said.
"No thanks!" Aimi turned around and without hesitation jumped to the other side and proceeded running. Well if you thought this was a big stream then you were wrong. It is a stream but a small stream that Aimi doesn't know of that she thought it might pull her away. Aimi ran not bothering to look behind at the inhabitant who seemed to give chase to her. Aimi kept repeating "Don't look back, don't look back, don't look back" over and over and over in her mind to not have her head get a peek of the inhabitant or else it might slow her down. Aimi ignored the tiny pain in her torso because if she would have stopped then she would have been killed by the inhabitant. As she was running, she spotted something in the distance with torches lit showing some sort of a lift. Now hold on a minute how could she have known that by now? Let her memory tell you.

"Are you gonna tell me what this thingamajig is and how does it work?" #### asked.
"One: It's called a lift. - Two: It can take you to areas that are up and areas that are down." the Gumon said. #### hadn't seen anything like this but what the Gumon said is that it can take you up or down. She started to think about it and got it figured it out.
"Aah like how the Gisno Tree is so insanely tall and we can use this to get to the top?" #### said. The Gumon laughed.
"Yeah, just like that! Except we can't build anything at the Gisno Tree because Kazoku would be absolutely pissed at us."  the gumon said. FYI the name Kazoku belongs as the real name to the Spirit Tree who created ####.
"It's quite simple, you pull the switch and it takes you down or up. It's quite easy for everyone to do that." the Gumon said.

Aimi seemed that she saw a memory for a split second and was talking to a creature that has the torso all round and the legs are long and the arms are long too and both of them are attached, the creature had yellow eyes and had dark purple fur around his body. The creature was called a Gumon however she doesn't know why they are called a Gumon nor what they do. But looking at the lift gave her a brilliant idea, she has to have the inhabitant to be slow or have her get stuck on something.....maybe hitting her with a rock should do. Aimi was slowing down and picked up a rock and waited for the charging inhabitant to come closer. Aimi's perfect timing was correct as she dodged her and hit her with the rock on the head, the inhabitant had felt pain in her head from the struck and was sitting down making groaning and hissing noises. This gave Aimi a perfect chance to get to the lift. She hurry got on and pulled the switch causing the lift to go down. Except this is not where Aimi wanted to go. She fell down meaning she came from the surface, the lift could have gone up but it goes down meaning she has to face other inhabitants of these caverns. And now Aimi is coming down to where there are dens close to each other as neighbors would live in, some were on the ground or the ceiling, they're all lit up for the inhabitants to see and she saw them walking down and doing their daily business. But their daily business might get interrupted when they see Aimi. Because now Aimi must never trust these inhabitants until she gets out of these caverns.
"I'll have to avoid these monsters so I can get the hell out of here....." Aimi muttered to herself and praying to not get killed and to escape these caverns.
The Last Escape - Part 1: Amnesiac newcomer
And yet another Ori fan fiction which is a horror genre. Clearly tells about a Spirit Guardian named Aimi however it's not her real name since she woken up with amnesia due to a big fall to some kind of underground cavern that's the size of New York City (New York City does not exist in this fan fiction nor anything that has anything to do with humans because this takes place in the Ori universe where humans do not exist) that's the home of a certain group species in the Spirit Guardian family called Vampspirits. And no, there's not gonna be any romance like in Twilight. And yes, this will be a horror run and hide survival story like Outlast 2. Vampspirits are obviously what a vampire really is. They're blood suckers, carnivorous, intelligent, silent predators, doesn't like sunlight which is why they live in underground caverns, but these guys can't turn themselves into bats like Dracula. This story has an absolute ton of main antagonists, those main antagonists are the Vampspirits since they are the only enemies in this story and Aimi has to escape their home before they would suck her dry. Hope you enjoy ;)

Vampspirits were made by… not me.
(This is was posted in December 1 of 2018, this was before the game was released in 2019)

So last year in 2017, Moon Studios came to E3 2017 and gave their fans a surprise, they've announced the official sequel of Ori and the Blind Forest titled Ori and the Will of the Wisps. From what we know from the first trailer is that the owlet that hatched from her egg named Ku is Ori's sister, the settings of the game seems to have taken place a new location than Nibel is. Then what kind of journey that Ori is going through now? This is about the predictions of the upcoming game releasing in 2019 so don't hate this journal because your already in 2019 and the game is out already because this was posted in December 1 of 2018. With that being said, let's get started on my list of predictions for Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Again, this was posted in 2018 and was not posted after the release of Ori and the Will of the Wisps in 2019).

1: The Wisp
Just like the title says, Will of the Wisps for some reason is the title of Ori's next adventure. Well here's some information I got from Wikipedia itself about what Wisps are "In folklore, a will-o'-the-wisp, will-o'-wisp or ignis fatuus is an atmospheric ghost light seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes." So it means that Ori will encounter some glowing atmospheric spirits and from what I think that the reason the game might be called that is because that the wisps are in fact the tree in the 2nd trailer of the game. From what I just known is that a Wisp tasked Ori to save their tree or home, although he did bring his new sibling Ku with him so he cannot do it alone. But from what I think is that the Wisps got attacked by a demonic bird that we saw in the ending of the 2nd trailer meaning it might be the main antagonist, also I think the Wisps would reveal a bit of some character pasts such as Kuro's husband and Gumo's past since Gumo's origins and childhood is actually unknown. A friend of mine DangerFuryGirl said that Gumo was a prankster and a troublesome Gumon in his childhood so it may be a possibility we get to see his past. And we could get to see who was Kuro's husband! Maybe even Naru's mother as well, well....this is just a prediction that I think the Wisps could show Ori about some character origins and pasts, we just have to see when the game's out. I forgot to mention that we could see the history of the Spirit Tree in Nibel, Sein said that when Naru was young, the Spirit Tree was only a sprout. This means that the Spirit Tree might have used to be a Spirit Guardian and had transformed into a tree, wonder if this first prediction might be true though....

2: The main antagonist
Every fantasy and adventure game has a main villain and Ori and the Will of the Wisps has one. Featuring a giant demonic bird that could be taller than Kuro, it has tiny legs and it stands with it's only claw wings. However the demon is currently unknown to the Ori Fandom as to what it is and why did it attack Ori, either it's the main antagonist or not the actual main antagonist. A theory of mine that I made which was given by SivetheSpirit. Sive is a friend of mine in DeviantArt and he said that Ku has a damaged wing, so does the demon. It made me worry and feel more terrified to have such a adorable little owl to turn into such a monster. But that's not the only thing because the demon has horns, Ku has 2 feathers standing on top of her head representing horns, this could mean that Ku somehow transformed into the demon and attacked Ori. Also another thing I had in mind about this villain. I theorized that this demon could be Kuro in Ori's nightmares or his hallucinations. Another thing by the way, I posted some theories about this demon on Steam and I called it a demonic owl but someone replied saying that it could be a crow. He said that crows represent the symbol of death and are aggressive, so it's possible that this demon may not be Ku or Kuro. We just have to see it for ourselves without getting spoiled.

3: Ku's life in Nibel
Yeah your gonna say "But Taluca, Ku had a happy life in Nibel! The trailer from E3 2018 shows it!" Well not all of it bro. The trailer only show us time skips of Ku growing up with Ori, Naru, and Gumo as a happy family. But from what I think is that Ku didn't had such a good life with the other creatures of Nibel. Sive did say that Ku has a damaged wing so it could mean that someone in Nibel beat her because she represents Kuro or just that they took their rage out on her because Kuro killed someone they had loved. Now I know this may sound bad but it's possible, there are characters in stories that are hated by people because they represent a villain or a monster. For example, Naruto is hated by his own village because he has a demonic spirit inside of him called the Nine-Tailed Beast who destroyed Naruto's village before he was born. So it may be possible that most of Nibel might hate Ku because she is the child of Kuro.

4: Co-op mode
The 2nd trailer didn't kinda shown anything that allows us to play in 2 player mode. I mean Ori rode on Ku's back the E3 2018 trailer so why can't there be a 2 player mode? Trust me, a 2 player mode for Ori and the Will of the Wisps should be cool. We could either control Ori or Ku themselves. Except that there might be some parts that does not require 2 player mode...

5: Kuro's husband debut
Kuro had 4 children of hers, 3 hatched and 1 was still in the egg. We all know how Kuro got her children, she had a mate of course! However Ori and the Blind Forest did not mention nor debuted Kuro's husband in the game but I have a feeling that he might debut in the sequel when he's gonna save Ori and Ku from something. Believe me, he should appear in the sequel and if he doesn't, then there's a possibility that he died.

6: Humans
Ladies and gentlemen. I want you to meet the most retarded theory to ever exist, why is that you may ask? That's because the first Ori game had not shown a human, not even the gameplay for the sequel. Just wanted to do this for a funny thing for this journal and all but also to tell you all something. I kinda had a stupid and most embarrassing theory I made, I believed that the Ori universe was a post nuclear war world and that the humans completely died or survived and forgot about their pasts. However in a early gameplay of Ori and the Blind Forest did shown a tribal human attacking Ori, but it's obvious that Moon Studios scrapped the idea of adding humans in the game universe. So yeah judge me if you want about this.

7: Free to play
What is Free to play? Free to play is the type of a game that allows you to explore and do anything in that game's world, like if you finish a game's story you would get a message from the game that you can roam around the game's world and do whatever you want without worrying any main missions, this could also help you find some easter eggs as well. It may be possible for Ori and the Will of the Wisps to let us go in Free to play after beating the game's plotline.

That's all that I can say, I just wonder if these predictions of mine may be right in the game's storyline. Well we gotta play the game for ourselves, I'll see you guys later. Also write down in the comments about what you think about my predictions!
The lift has reached to it's destination where Aimi wasn't supposed to be in. It went down instead of going up because up was where she fell down and going down means more trouble for her. By trouble, I mean she has to face cannibalistic creatures that looks like her but isn't part of her species which is the Spirit Guardian. Although Spirit Guardians are still unknown to her but she'll figure them out once she has her memories back. The dens that she was seeing were either made of wood or stones, many were on the ground while some were on the top although they had ladders or ropes that they could use to climb on. And she could hear them doing their daily business or some are just relaxing. But those are soon to be interrupted when they spot Aimi who's not one of them but only a fine drink for them. She can't stay out in the open so she could let them see her, she has to hide where they would never find her. Aimi crouches and moves quietly and slowly to avoid detection from those beasts. She entered a small path that had two dens at both sides, she just hopes no one will notice her so she can't get killed. Luckily there were some baskets blocking her path and also a good place to see them, Aimi lifts her head to take a peek at them, they've walked to wherever they were going to, they've walked with their friends, they've walked carrying objects, and doing what they all are doing that Aimi doesn't care and know about. Aimi crouches down quickly and her luck was still with her when none of them had seen her. All she needs is to find a place to hide, she looked around if there was anything and she found some sort of small opening on the bottom of the right wooden den which might be perfect for her hiding spot. However she isn't gonna get in there without grabbing some food to eat. Shinrai did gave her bread, corn, and fruits. Now you may be wondering as to how can these unknown species that are similar to Aimi's managed to gather bread, corn, and fruits. You'll find that out in a future part of this story so please be patient reader and don't go theorizing of how they do it without sunlight. Aimi looks at the baskets to see if they had any food there and she took a peek inside them, she looked around to see if there was anyone around but there wasn't. Aimi needs to be swift about it, she looks inside one of the basket that contains fruits. There were oranges, berries, apples, pears, cherries, watermelon, and tangerines. Aimi grabbed only one them and entered the hole that goes under the den, although she doesn't have to crawl but she can lay down if she feels sleepy, the basket did fit through and now she was in her hiding spot. All she has to do is to wait for hours until all of them are asleep, that way she can escape easier without them around. She only needed to eat if she waited for about eight minutes so she can't waste the fruits in the basket. However her hiding spot might have been either safe or either not safe because Aimi heard footsteps above her meaning that there are those cannibals living in this den. It sounded like there were two of them. Aimi couldn't see them but all she could do was to sit and eavesdrop to their conversation.
"Alright buddy I'm here in your den, show me what you wanted me to see." a feminine voice came from either one of them. Aimi heard squeaks and heard the female creature who asked her buddy what they wanted to show her was some kind of animal was gasping in awe.
"I got this mouse here from the cornfield, it's been a while since we've drank any blood lately." another feminine voice said. Been a while since they've drank blood? It suddenly occurred in Aimi's mind that she did see Michael's tooth end having a small hole in their teeth but why the tooth instead of just cutting the animal to drip it's blood.
"You drink half of it while I drink the other half." they've said. Aimi heard the squeaks of the mouse from above her were louder and were sounding like it was in agony, then it stopped when one of them sighed with pleasure after drinking the mouse's blood.
"Do you think any of these Vampspirits were lucky to catch critters like this?" the first Vampspirit said said.
"I doubt so, I just hope we can find more and more blood for us. Apparently we are stuck down here thanks to the f###### sun at the surface that would burn us into dusts!" the second Vampspirit said. So it turns out that Shinrai was part of another group that's not Aimi's group species called the Spirit Guardians instead he belongs to the Vampspirit species. She doesn't know why they are called Vampspirits but she doesn't know what the word vampire is. The only thing I can say about Vampspirits is that they are blood thirsty Spirits who can live in dark areas that is not lid by the sun because if one Vampspirits had their skin being touched by the sunlight then they would be turned into dusts. There has been incidents with these blood sucking vampires attacking Spirit Guardians, Gumons, Swallows, and all other beings. Aimi stays under their den until every of those things called Vampspirits have fallen asleep so she could escape easily without being noticed. Maybe she might escape.....or not.

Hours of waiting for the Vampspirits to sleep has finally come, all of the Vampspirits sleep quietly and sleep gentle in their dens without knowing that there is a meal just passing by. Aimi crawled out of the hole that goes under the den and sees that the baskets blocking her way were gone. She also knew that it was completely dark and no torch was lid except for the light glowing from the Vampspirits as they sleep, however she can't just run to the other lift because she'll wake them up. She walks normally by taking a her steps quiet in case they might hear. Aimi prays that none of them wouldn't wake up during their slumber. Aimi passes through dens where the sleeping Vampspirits are and she goes directly to the lift just as the same direction she remembered which was her north. Aimi is both worried and convinced of herself and her wounds. She is worried about herself being hunted and chased by the Vampspirits, as for her wounds she needs to replace the bandages. But she wonders where Shinrai got the bandages from. Well, Shinrai is in fact a medic so Aimi has to find the area where he usually treats Vampspirits that were hurt. Throughout her walk to the lift, she saw a den that was a little bigger than the others, it had some kind of red cross at the top of the entrance. She remembered that Shinrai had some boxes in his den with those symbols, maybe this is where he gets the bandages and where he works at. Aimi enters the area to find bandages to replace the bandages currently on her torso and forehead. However she goes into a sudden halt after seeing a Vampspirit sleeping on a bed but was facing the other way instead of Aimi. They probably doesn't know that Aimi is behind them luckily. But Aimi has to go quietly not to wake the Vampspirit or else they would kill her or even wake up the sleeping Vampspirits. She sees that there are boxes that are the same as the one from Shinrai's den, she looks inside them and does find bandages. Aimi takes a long bandage then she removes the bandage attached to her torso, she starts wrapping the torso with the bandage. She hears the Vampspirit moving in their sleep and they were sniffing. Aimi does remember that she heard two Vampspirits sucking the blood of a mouse and this also gave her a new lesson about Vampspirits, they can smell their prey's blood if their wounds are opened. Aimi realizes it quickly and finishes the wrapping, she grabs a small bandage that could fit in her forehead and proceeds to sneak pass the Vampspirit in their bed to go outside. She takes off the bandage from her forehead and replaces it. Guess the patient who was getting treated has learned from their medic how to treat their bandages themselves. Aimi continued to the lift and still didn't forget about not making a noise to wake up the Vampspirits. Aimi might be near to the lift by now, if she goes to the lift then it might make noise. She would just lay down in the lift so she can avoid being seen while she's going up. Aimi sees lights up ahead and they're the same glow to the Vampspirits. She gulps in fear.
"Please do not spot me..." she prayed. Aimi crouches to remain stealthy, she goes over to the light to see three young Vampspirits that are twice her size. They seemed to have a conversation about two Vampspirits that were fighting each other and one of them had been killed by getting their neck sliced.
"I wouldn't be surprised about it, I mean Kyuketsuki might be pissed by Shinrai's murder on Michael. What do you think made the two fight about?" one of them said. So it seems that they were talking about Shinrai and Michael, Aimi remembers how Shinrai looked at her with those sharp fangs coming from her upper teeth and his green eyes were slit, she even remembers Michael attacked Shinrai and heard them fighting after she ran off. She doesn't ever want to see Shinrai again. But who was Kyuketsuki she wondered.
"What do you think might happen if father would caught Shinrai? Probably turn him into dust." one of them said. Aimi did remember from two Vampspirits who were in a den that Aimi was hiding under on did mention about something called a sun that would turn them into dusts. To be precise, Vampspirits would turn into dusts while staying out in the sunlight. But hearing his sentence make Aimi shiver as she thinks of how she would encounter this Kyuketsuki. Aimi was looking at one of the three who was sniffing. Then they've turned to Aimi's direction and in her shock, they've caught a glimpse of her. Aimi backs away and has to find a way to hide or to flee from that Vampspirit.
"What are you smell - Oh that's different..." one of the three Vampspirits said. Aimi looks around to find something to hide herself from their detection but there wasn't anything for her to hide. She sees that the den next to her has a opening but not the entrance but it would be for the Vampspirit living there to look at the back of it's den, Aimi climbed inside the den without hesitation of the Vampspirit sleeping inside. She ducks from the den's back opening so she cannot be seen from the Vampspirits. Aimi hears them sniffing that is coming from her wounds, she looks to the Vampspirit sleeping like a feline. Aimi sees the entrance of their den, she prays that she wouldn't wake them up while heading there.
"Hey girl!" a voice whispered atop of Aimi causing her to be frightened. She gasped in fear and turned around to see one of the three Vampspirits looking at her, he was bewildered by her wounds he was looking.
"Good lord, what happened to you?" he asked her. Aimi got up and took a few steps back from him, she looks to the Vampspirit who was waking up from their sleep and sees Aimi having wounds in her torso and forehead. They were confused until their eyes became slit.
"Hey, hey, hey! What's up with your what I have been smelling, weren't you? Can I get one more sniff from you?"   the Vampspirit said with his eyes slit. Aimi backed away until the woken Vampspirit charged at her trying to bite her neck, Aimi tries to prevent the Vampspirit from biting her neck and sucking her blood then Aimi kicks it's stomach. The Vampspirit dropped to the floor when she was feeling the blow from Aimi's hoof.
"Yeah that's right, don't let that w#### near you. Why not hang with me and my buddies over here?" he asked Aimi after climbing in the den. Of course, she knew he wanted to suck every blood she had inside of her body and so she made a quick sprint from him. Aimi exited the den only to find a few Vampspirits awoke after hearing the commotion, she didn't stop to look at them as she sprinted away from them. Aimi got into a stop due to the Vampspirits appearing ahead, she looks behind at the other Vampspirits who are approaching her slowly. She climbed inside a den after dodging an attack from the beasts, she exits the den and makes a quick sprint to the right to where she was headed to. However, there was a den blocking her way and when she looked behind, there were several Vampspirits charging towards her. Luckily, there was a small space that she could crawl under. Aimi was under another den to which there were some Vampspirits on top trying to catch her, there was a little Vampspirits following behind her but she didn't bother to look. Her bandages were starting to get covered in dirt from crawling. Aimi was almost out when her leg was grabbed by the young Vampspirit, just like the previous Vampspirit, she kicked the young one to have their hands off. Now it seems her luck has brought back to her as her light shown her the lift she was going to ride on. Aimi hurried to the lift and pulled the switch to have it go up, wherever she was going to, she wishes she wouldn't encounter any more Vampspirits. Suddenly, a Vampspirit was holding onto the lift and they really didn't want Aimi to go away. Aimi stomps on it's hand to it's face, it let go of the lift to falling down to the ground. They won't forget about Aimi's hoof on their hands. Even her hoof's mark on their face. She heard them ordering her to come back down and some were growling. Aimi looks at the dens where she could see the lights of the Vampspirits appearing from the dens meaning that they have known of Aimi's presence. They won't be a bother to her anymore since she's going up to wherever she's going.
"Please don't let there be more of these freaks." Aimi prays again.

The lift had stopped to it's destination after it took Aimi away from the hungry Vampspirits that gave chase to her after they've smelled the sweet blood of hers. However, she knows how they would use a lift and she runs but not quite that fast as she did to those other Vamspirits. The cavern was dark and eerie, no sound came from the way she's headed except for the ambience. As she was running to this direction, she came upon a cornfield that had paths for those to pass by and collect the corn.
"So this is where Shinrai got those corns from. Wonder how they grow." she said to herself. Well it's obvious that a cornfield grows with water and sunlight....well this cornfield doesn't need water and sunlight for it to grow. There's quite a reason for that in the next part. But there was one more thing as she looked in the cornfield, she noticed that there was another den maybe that a certain Vampspirit wanted to live here to get the corn easier. Also, for some unknown reason, there was a red fog all over the area. It totally fit in with the ambience but Aimi doesn't know what it is. Aimi walks near to the cornfield where it's blocked by some sort of wooden fence to prevent any thief or something else from stealing the corn.

Aimi has been standing still in the same area where she is because the cornfield she entered is quite too big and she got lost easily. She couldn't find a way out and she stayed until someone would come get her. From within the cornfield was a voice calling out for Aimi, she recognized that voice, it was her caretaker. He was calling for Aimi to respond back, she responded to his calls. Her caretaker appeared from the cornfield and sighed with relief after he found her.
"So this where you have been little one? You can't just go to some places without even knowing what they are, you hear me ####?" he said but the flashback has cut off Aimi's real name. Her young self was shedding a tear in her eye for being so dumb getting herself lost like that. Her caretaker saw the tear and wiped it off.
"Hey, don't feel bad about yourself because you got lost here. You'll learn how to live on your own someday and you gotta find a way out. Now come on, let's get you out of here."

Aimi heard a couple of angry voices from her left behind, she looks shocked as to see that there was actually another way to get to where Aimi is now which is probably where the Vampspirits are coming from. Her emotions had become frightened after just hearing them and they made her jump over and enter the cornfield. The corn was starting to stick themselves onto her bandages which slowed her down a bit, maybe she would try to crouch and it sorta worked. However, she still had to move before Death could take her soul after she dies from the Vampspirits. Aimi rustles through the corn's legs and whenever she moves through, the corn would move allowing anything from above to see the corn moving and might even spot Aimi herself. She could hear the Vampspirits getting closer to the cornfield and they were yelling at each other about getting Aimi first. Looks like the Vampspirits really doesn't want to share Aimi's blood to others after all. Aimi speaks herself in her mind about staying calm to herself and keep moving forward, if there's a god of luck watching over Aimi then they would give her the best luck they would give her. However it was just Aimi's imagination of a god that would bring luck to all. Aimi was no longer inside the cornfield but was in a path with each side are the cornfield, she takes this as an advantage to go ahead. She does hear the Vampspirits behind her so it means she should head forward instead of going to her death. Aimi's mind put her legs on their brakes after she spots a bright light coming from the side of the cornfield she exited from, a Vampspirit was coming out. Aimi looked to the other cornfield and crouched down to enter it. She didn't hid deep within the corn but she just peeked to see the Vampspirit. She saw how it was looking at both sides of the pathway to see if Aimi was there but doesn't even see that Aimi is hiding with the corn. It goes into the corn Aimi is hiding in making her to come out and enter the other side of the cornfield, she just has to keep going to get away from them. And might soon tell the surface about what she has witnessed and escaped from. Aimi was startled after she heard a yelp from her far left, she couldn't see them but she could hear them.
"YOU MOTHERF#####, DO I LOOK LIKE HER?!" the voice of a young Vampspirit shouted at another Vampspirit who might have accidentally attacked the young Vampspirit. Aimi heard a Vampspirit apologizing to the Vampspirit it attacked but it caused Aimi to halt immediately after hearing that yelp. Aimi sighed with relief then gulping in fear as she goes ahead. She just prays that she wouldn't bump in front of a Vampspirit. She could hear the Vampspirit calling out for her but she wouldn't just fall for their stupid tricks. Aimi saw something up ahead from the corn, it was the wooden fence that surrounds the cornfield while behind it is the red fog. Aimi goes between the fence and she was out of the cornfield, there was a torch lid that shown another lift that goes upwards. Maybe this time it would take her to the surface, the problem is it's that the lift was sixteen meters away from her. Aimi goes walking but keeping her head low in order for them not to see her from the cornfield. As she was heading to the lift, she heard running footsteps behind her. Aimi looks behind and there was suddenly a Vampspirit charging towards her. Aimi dodges the Vampspirit who just toppled over from a rock and was injured form the fall. The Vampspirit yelled in pain after it broke a tooth from it's mouth causing Aimi to laugh a little and cause the searching Vampspirits to hear him. Aimi looked at the cornfield where the Vampspirits glow were appearing from the cornfield. Aimi turned around and dashed towards the lift. Looking back would slow her down if she did and she had to keep running until she reaches the lift and go up, Aimi's right hoof tripped and she was struck on the ground. Feeling no right to stop, she gets up and moves on. Aimi looks back and she sees the Vampspirits coming to her. The lift was so close to her, she was running out of stamina and it ran out just as she reached the lift. She puled the switch and it went up leaving the Vampspirits below and just watching her go up. Aimi looked down at the Vampspirits who were furious at her but she saw some of them smiling at her with either grins or smirks. They didn't look like smiles of Aimi escaping, maybe it means she might encounter something up ahead. The lift stopped and she was greeted to another cavern. And yet, Aimi didn't cared about it and went on. Only the fog remained and for some reason she felt something if she was feeling frightened of some sort of force....or someone. Whatever it is, it means something bad is up ahead. The fog was getting thicker and red as Aimi moves on. She couldn't see anything up ahead except for bright crimson lights up ahead, what were those glows and who or what is making them she thought. The red fog had cleared to reveal Aimi a giant tall slender tree with crimson lights glowing from it's insides. The top had no leaves but it's branches seemed to be on the ceiling. The bottom were the roots sitting on a boulder that were going down to a water that was the size of a lake. What was this tree and why was the water black Aimi thought. What did she mean that the water was black you asked? Her light glowing from her body revealed the water to be absolute pitch black and she couldn't see her reflection, the water didn't seemed to move but it gave Aimi a chill in her spine.
"I'm not putting my hooves in this water....this water is wrong..."

                                                                Your quite an interesting one aren't you?
                                                                                 Who are you child?
The Last Escape - Part 2: Through the cornfield
2nd part of Aimi's story of how she has amnesia and is trying to escape a humongous underground caverns inhabited by Vampspirits (Not a vampire romance story) who just known of her presence in their home and now they want to suck her dry. And suck her dry I mean by sucking all of her blood. Anyway, this part had Aimi hiding from the Vampspirits by spending the whole day hiding under a den and waited for them to go to sleep which is a huge advantage for her to escape the caverns. Will she escape or not escape? Wait until the final part is out and you'll see...

Vampspirits belongs to…


Taluca's Profile Picture
Joao Lucas Rocha Alexandre
United States
I originated in Brazil until I had moved to U.S.A. I have a mind that has so many ideas and imaginations in it that sometimes, I sorta forget them but I do remember them. I was born with autism and I am fine with it because I like who I am, so don't judge me or hate me because I'm autistic. I am happy that I joined DeviantArt to meet creative people who draw amazing art (except for the ones who draw inappropriate things) and see their amazing arts that they have made including their characters and species. I am also a story writer as I will go and write stories for people to read to entertain them but to also let them tell me if I need to improve anything. Just to be clear is that I may do a lot of fan fictions but I also make my own original stories.
This is what I found while I was looking at Google Images of Kuro from Ori and the Blind Forest

Journal History



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Hey! I saw your comment on the ThoseWhoWentMissing group page, and I wanted to welcome you to the group! :D I have been a member of the group for about a month, and finally finished my first esk's design! It is a ton of fun, but as someone who watched the group from afar for quite a while without knowing how to go about getting my own esk or how easy it is to claim your first Nursery esk MYO to design for free (Nursery - Fall Fun!) I wanted to offer to help you out!

All of the current Nursery Esk are about to be claimed (there was one left and someone claimed it and will likely be approved) but the new Nursery should drop very soon, any day now, as there are always about two a month and so far we've only had the first!
Newcomers Guide
Getting started in the game

The ThoseWhoWentMissing game is an original species ARPG that is inspired by the Esk species. You will earn points when you submit artwork and writing to the group and you can use these points to unlock game features and create or upgrade Esk characters. To provide ongoing inspiration we have prompts, events, and opportunities for character creation so there is always something to do. This guide will help you start off in the game.
What are esk?
Esk are the creatures that you can use in this ARPG. Esk are a "closed species" — you cannot make one without permission, but you can earn

This is a handy newcomer's guide for reference, and I would be happy to help you go through it as a fellow member and show you how to contact the official admins if you have any questions I can't link you to!

The main points in here to start participating in the group are this:
1) Make a player Profile (F2U Base and my own player profile as an example below, but you can customize and decorate yours however you want!)
Player Level: Title (#)
Aura Points: # AP

Click the thumbnails to view more information.

Badges earned from TWWM.

Tracker of submissions and ownership changes.
DATE: Description.
DATE: Description.
DATE: Description.
Leaf Vine Divider by Moonlight-pendent13Leaf Vine Divider by Moonlight-pendent13
Player Profile Template by NorthGull
[TWWM] Sokolva - Player Profile Name: Sokolva :iconSokolva: 

 Lvl7: Shrub 
2150 AP
Open TF Slots: 1


Murkhail / Мюркаи́л 1719

Origin: Trespasser
Nature: Rejoicing
Size: Startling
Nature Features: Petrified Swamp Cypress, Xanthoria parietina (Common Orange Lichen)
Boundary: Yakutsk Stone Forest (Siberia, Russia)
Morph: Arctic

2) Gain 100 AP
AP stands for Aura Points and they are the levels that you as a player gain in the game. They do not get spent, and gaining them unlocks many features and abilities in the game you can read more about on the main page! You need 100 AP to get to level 2, which is Seed, and this is the level at which you can claim your first MYO Esk from the Nursery!
You get AP by writing, drawing, or making crafts of official esk or NPC characters of TWWM. This can be either gift art or commissions! It is extremely quick to get 100 AP, especially if you know how the points system works and what you can do to gain points quickly. You can even get 100 AP in a single art piece or piece of writing (or a combination of the two). In other words, it is a very easy task to get to 100 AP and it is really intended to help newcomers get their foot in the door and understand the point system a little bit before getting to design their own character and take part in the game!
The Points System Guide (I'd be happy to explain anything that is confusing!)
Points System [esk inspired art]

ThoseWhoWentMissing has a dual-scoring system. Players earn points for submitting to the group and characters earn points for being portrayed in those submissions. This guide was updated February 4th 2018.
Aura Points (AP) are given to players
You will receive AP every time you contribute artwork or writing to the group regardless of whether you own an esk or not. AP is your reward for expanding the esk lore and collaborating on the game's world-building. 
Earn Aura Points to unlock features in the game and earn MYO slots!
Growth Points (GP) are given to characters
Esk characters receive GP every time they are depicted in a piece of artwork or writing that you or other players submit to the ThoseWhoWentMissing group. Whenever your character wants to change its form, gain powers, or create a new esk it must use up some of its GP.
^a really handy point calculator that you can fill out and will calculate your points for you for each piece of writing and art!

3) Wait for the nursery to come out And check it fairly often, it can drop anyday, anytime. They randomize it and don't announce it so that players all around the world will not have an advantage or disadvantage in terms of time. However, even though the first few usually go very fast, it is rare for all to be gone in two days. Usually as long as you check about once a day, you will be able to claim your esk! Just be sure to have your 100 AP by then, and to follow the instructions on the nursery (they are simple but many people don't read them)

4) Once your Nursery claim is approved, you get to design your esk!
Esk Species Guide by witherlings  
There are detailed guides on your first MYO design, and there are a ton of directions you can go with it. Just look through the Esk Masterlist if you want proof of how variable and different esk can look! Also, even though your Nursery Esk must start out with all common traits, all traits are unlockable (and are only unlockable) through GP you gain in the game. They cannot be bought or traded, and reflect the ways in which your Esk grow as they gain power, journey through the world, and interact with others and your environment. All that being said, some people never change their esk from the original design because they love it so much! You can an unbelievable amount of options, and the more you research your Nature feature and the environments it grows in, the more inspiration you may get!

5) Submit your design to the nursery Your admin that accepted your claim will check it out and either accept it right away to put on the masterlist or explain any traits that are rare or uncommon and need to be changed to get accepted. This process is very quick!

We actually have a discord server called The Esk Support group that is full of new nursery claimants, longtime experienced players, and even Wither, the creator of esks!

We design esk together, create lore, make art of each other's esk, and are a smaller, cozier community to get your feet under you and learn more about esks as a species! There is also the huge, awesome official group server found on the main page, just look to the top right and click the icon titled "Group Chat" to join! I hang out in both places under the name "Sokolva" so feel free to tag me if you want to talk, or DM me or Note me on DA with any questions! :D Welcome again to the group, I hope you have as much fun in this wonderful community as I have had.

I also have just opened up a Raffle for a Free Transformation Slot. The winner of the raffle will be gifted a Soviet Fallout Exclusion Zone esk to design however they want, that is radioactive. My Esk Murkhail will be the one making the transformation! However, do note that if you win this Esk you cannot get an esk from the Nursery, as that is for First time Esk owners, so think it over carefully! You don't need any AP to enter of course :D
TWWM TF Raffle! THEME: Soviet Fallout Esk (OPEN) by Sokolva
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