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Stamp: Cat Lover by Talty
I Love Sculpey :Stamp: by akuma-cookie

Coffee Addict Stamp by poserfan


You can buy a lot of things from my Etsy, Storenvy, or request a custom commission for any of the things not there!

If you don't have a DA account contact me via mail taltysbakery*at*gmail*dot*com

Important: I receive payments through Paypal.  This means I will not know any of your bank account info,  I will not know any personal information except for your shipping info (name and address). I will not keep records of it, distribute it or use it for any other purpose than send your commission. I'm trying to build a reputation and a serious business here, so the least I want is risk it doing anything that makes me loose my buyers trust.

If you're underage please make sure your parents or tutors have no problem that you place a commission with me and send me your address. I repeat, I will not use it for any other thing.

Questions? Ask me!

Yes! I accept custom commission. To be honest, I love them! They inspire me to create something I wouldn't have thought by myself. I can do that specific design you have in mind, your favorite food in the whole world, or that jewelry piece that you've never been able to find, but always wanted. Interested? Please contact me! I'll be happy to help you. If you're still not sure, I wrote some things that may help you make up your mind.

Keep in mind that if you order something, you'll receive a miniature of great quality. I spend a lot of time and love making sure everything I make is top quality and extremely realistic. They're also made to last a long time if they're properly cared.


:cookie: How to commission me
:cookie: Stuff I do
:cookie: Stuff I don't do
:cookie: Prices overview
:cookie: Payment
:cookie: Shipping

How to commission me

Please don't be afraid to ask me for commission details, I don't bite ;). There's no compromise in just asking, and there's no penalty if you cancel the commission anytime before paying. However, once you pay I'll start working on your commission and it can't be canceled anymore. I don't want to be left with custom items I can't sell :(

  1. Please send me a note with your idea.
    • Got anything specific in mind? Send me details of what you have in mind, and as many reference photos as you think I'll need. I strive to make everything just as you pictured it, so don't be afraid to give me too many details about what you want!
    • If you don't have an exact idea yet, contact me and I can help you with the design so it looks its best! Or you can also let me work on the details, just tell me "pumpkin pie" and I'll make sure to make the best pumpkin pie!
    • Or... if you want me to recreate something from my gallery, I'll just make it exactly the same XD
  2. I'll give you a price, if you agree you can pay (see payment options below). I ask you to please please pleaaaaaaaase don't try to haggle it down, unless you're willing to leave out some items or details. It's yes or no, I'll give you the absolute lowest price.
  3. Once I confirm the payment I'll start working on your commission. My working time is usually something between a few days and two weeks. If your commission is larger or too complicated it may take me a bit more, I'll let you know in advance.
  4. Let me know if you want photos of the WIP and the finished product. I know some people like to keep it a surprise, and I don't want to spoil it!
  5. Once finished I'll send your package. See more shipping info below.
  6. You'll receive your package in a few weeks. Shipping time is usually 3-6 weeks, so keep that in mind if you need anything for an specific date. Shipping to the US is usually 2-4 weeks.

Stuff I do

I offer polymer clay commissions of many kinds. If you want to get a general idea of what I can do, you can visit my gallery. Keep in mind however that I love challenges, so even if it's something I've never made before, contact me! I'll let you know if I can make it.

Examples of what I do:

Realistic food charms (for pendants, cellphone straps, charm bracelets, etc).
Pink and White Deco Cupcakes by Talty Gingerbread man commission by Talty Lots of Cakes by Talty

Food jewelry  (for bracelets, earrings, sets, etc).
Orange Cake Earrings by Talty Sushi Bracelet by Talty Sushi Jewelry Set by Talty

Artistic polymer clay jewelry  (anything NOT foody).
Minimalist Blue Pendant by Talty Bright Colored Roses by Talty Mondkatze 2: Paka by Talty

1:12 food miniatures  (dollhouse scale).
Cookie Bowl by Talty My Little Spring Morning 1:12 by Talty Hmmm... Pizza by Talty

Stuff I don't do

There's some things I can't do, and others I won't do no matter what. I can't do figurines or dolls, I lack the talent. I won't do anything I consider offensive, gore-y or that goes against my principles. This also means that I won't copy someone else's design without their permission! I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it falls under any of these categories.

In the past I made resin pendants. I don't want to make any of those anymore, sorry xD

Prices overview

My list is a good guess, but if your commission needs any extra item, if it's oversized or requires a considerable extra amount of work, I'll have to reflect that on the price. Contact me so I can give you an accurate price! I wrote the price list in a separated page to make it easier to understand:

Talty's Price ListImportant: All prices are in USD (United States Dollars).  Prices don't include shipping. Shipping is $4.50 anywhere in the world for as many things as you order and it includes tracking. I reserve the right to change any price at any moment as I consider it necessary.  The prices reflect not only the materials, but also the time and love I spend to perfect each piece, therefore they're not negotiable.
This is only the price list, if you want to see my commission info please visit this page: http://fav.me/d4j5cr3 Questions? Don't see the price for something? Want a custom commission of something entirely different? Ask me!! I love custom commissions :)
A lot of the things in my gallery are already in my Storenvy! You can also find some of them in my Etsy.

Simple Earrings $7-10

Includes chocolate chip cookies, and simple rose earrings. Can be stud or hook earrings


Payment in full must be sent before I start working. Payment is not refundable. To pay you can either note me your Paypal account and I'll send you an invoice, or if you prefer it I'll make a reserved Etsy listing. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable or is easier for you!

Mexican costumers: Bank deposit is preferred. Contact me and I'll send you the deposit info.


Shipping is $5.50 flat, anywhere in the world for as many things as you want to buy. If you want multiple items I recommend that you order them all at once so you can save on shipping. Shipping includes tracking, the box, padding, bubble wrap and packing materials. Please keep in mind that I will need your address, so if you're underage make sure to ask your parents for permission!

Shipping is usually 3-6 weeks anywhere in the world. Some places are faster, some others are slower. You'll receive a tracking number, you can check it here www.sepomex.gob.mx/ServiciosLi… and after it crosses the border, you can track it in your own country's postal service webpage.

Some countries keep track of packages, some others don't. I'll try to keep track of which countries do as I send more packages around the world. So far, I know that the USPS, Canada and Argentina's postal service do! :la:

I will try to update this list with more information as I think it's needed. If there's anything I didn't cover here please don't hesitate to send me a question! I'm here to help :)

Disclaimer: NOT EDIBLE. Please keep miniatures safely from small children and pets!! Polymer clay can be toxic if ingested, so please take all precautions you can to avoid an accident.

Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, then it's not the end.
© 2011 - 2022 Talty
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maytel's avatar
I want to commission a full-size Loïc!
amzkitten's avatar
I was wondering... how much would a pendant macaroon be?
And your cakes are absolutely adorable~ they look so yummy and real...
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much for asking, I just sent you a note with the price :D
karribou's avatar
Do you have an etsy?
Talty's avatar
Yes, you can find it here: [link] if there's anything that you want not listed there, let me know and I'll list it :) Also, custom commissions are welcomed!
anes15's avatar
how much would keychain or a pendent be
Talty's avatar
depends on what you want, what do you have in mind?
anes15's avatar
maybe something with a music theme or cake theme
sorry i have a hard time making up my mind
Talty's avatar
Ah cake slices are around $10 and full cakes are around $20, depending on the complexity :)
anes15's avatar
defokovocoloid's avatar
do you accept points:iconbegplz:
Talty's avatar
On very counted occasions and only with the conversion rate of 80 points = 1 dollar.
defokovocoloid's avatar
so how many points would a food charm be?
Talty's avatar
Depending on the charm, each one would be around 800 points in average. + 360 points for shipping and tracking.
Creator-2's avatar
Who much would a small neckleace peice be?
I have been looking for two small roses there stems intertwined one red and one blue?
Talty's avatar
I will send you a note :)
Steph-neechanGone's avatar
good luck with commissions ^^ If I had money atm I would soooooooo commission you XD *loves cake*
Talty's avatar
Thanks! :la: well if you ever want anything I'll be here :D
NellieRie's avatar
It's such a pity you don't do figurines~ I'll overflow your your commission slots if you do! I'll think hard about which food I want to be made! =3
Talty's avatar
I'm slowly trying to expand into making figurines, it's a fear I've had for a while and I want to overcome it... so feel free to send me a note if there's any figure you would like me to do, and I will let you know if I can do it :D
NellieRie's avatar
Super excited!!

I'll compile the data and send it over ASAP!!! *weeee* *fingers crossed*
Talty's avatar
wow now I'm super excited too!! xD
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