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Last year MyntKat did an excellent work putting together an Artisan Crafts ABC for projecteducate, however the Artisan Crafts are so extensive, diverse and ever-growing that there's still much to cover. In this new Artisan Crafts Week we will explore some different crafts, techniques, materials and popular themes to expand your knowledge of this addictive world. This list is still not complete, and we invite you to share with us your knowledge.

Artisan Crafts ABC: A - D | E - H | I - M | N - R | S - V | W - Z
Artisan Crafts ABC II:
A- D | E - H | I - M | N - R | S - V | W - Z

E stands for Embossing

Unlike carving in which material is removed, an emboss is performed by pushing the material from behind to create a raised surface or by pressing it between dies with sunken and raised patterns. It's commonly used on leather, paper or metal and depending on the material to be embossed a combination of heat, pressure and humidity is used. Not to be confused with heat embossing described below. A very complete tutorial about paper embossing can be found here.

Mandala with Celtic knot by CacaioTavares Renaissance Style Bracers - Reddish Brown Version by Adhras parchment letter 2 by cyferredrose:thumb195233162:

E stands for Etching

Etching refers to using an acid or abrasive substance to corrode unprotected areas of a surface, usually glass or metal, to produce an image. Fire etching, sand etching and laser etching emulate the results without the use of acids. The pieces can be used as decoration, jewelry, or as part of a traditional printing technique called intaglio (described in the next article of this series).  An etching tutorial by ehay is available here.

Dove and Magnolia Blossoms by HouseofChabrier etched pattern on copper by SteampunkProject Edgelit Triskelion Cross etched glass by ImaginedGlass Acid Etched Brass Series by mtomsky

E stands for Entrée

Entrée (French for "entry") is the first course served to guests and it's meant to set the tone of the meal. Since it's the first impression one will receive in a restaurant, some chefs take great care in designing their entrées to be interesting, creative, delicious, beautiful and fresh, while still being small and not overwhelming so it doesn't compete with the rest of the meal. That's a lot of pressure for one dish!

Culinary Cup Entre' by plusnia:thumb137506743: Mini Taco Salad by Demi-Plum

F stands for Fused glass

Fused glass, kilnglass or warm glass are all names given to the activity of layering glass in different colors and firing it until the layers melt into a solid piece. It's probably one of the most achievable glass techniques since it requires a lower temperature, but it still requires a kiln. A great step by step tutorial can be found here.

Fused Glass Lily Pendant by FusedElegance Discount Fused Glass Pendant by HoneyCatJewelry Fused Glass Locket by Create-A-Pendant:thumb195267296:

F stands for Felting

Felting refers to the activity of mating and condensing fibers until they form a solid piece of fabric called felt. Felting can be performed by mating the fibers with a needle (needle felting) or by rubbing the fibers together in a soapy solution (wet felting). The final product can be used to make clothes, hats, dolls, plushes, paintings, decorations, jewelry, or even construction pieces for the car industry, making it one of the most versatile crafts. This introductory tutorial by Lightspeed-Suzuka is a great place to start.

:thumb307154999: Starry Night by MsGolightly Ocean felted bag by kokonok felt flowers by craftlady

F stands for Fairies

Fairies are one of those things that seem to fascinate crafters and inspire them to create incredible works of art.

Albino fairy dragon necklace by AlviaAlcedo The Sky In Her Sleeves by Firefly-Path Fairy Bottles Various Colors by egyptianruin Steampunk Fairy Doll close up by elvenelysium

G stands for Glassblowing

Glass blowing is a technique in which a molten piece of glass is shaped by blowing air into it, causing the glass to inflate. The inflated piece of glass can be shaped and manipulated as it hardens to create vases, glasses, cups, decorations, figurines. etc. A wonderful demonstration can be seen in this video.

painterly series piece2 by LaughingTree reticello goblets by LaughingTree:thumb156200960: Medusa by doilydeer

G stands for Garnet

Garnet is a gemstone commonly used in jewelry and appreciated for its rich red color, although it can exist in almost any other color.

Time Traveler Silver Garnet Pendant by Wiresculptress Garnet ring by loopy-dloupe BLOOD RARGOSH by LUNARIEEN Dark pink ruby necklace in sterling silver by CreativityJewellery

G stands for Gilding

Gilding is the activity of covering a surface with a thin layer of gold, most commonly gold leaf or gold powder. Gilding can be achieved by numerous techniques, it can be as simple as gluing it or as complicated as electroplating. The gilded place is called a gilt, and there's no limitations as to what objects can be gilded.

Stones of Blood by Maylar Primavera by mocorock scythian gold - the goddess of fertility by AmeKamura Dragon Crest After by Azmal

H stands for Heat embossing

Heat embossing, also known as stamping, is a way to easily do embossing on paper for gift tags, business cards, scrap booking, bookmarks, etc. The desired design is stamped with a slow drying ink, and special embossing powders are sprinkled over the design. The left over powder is removed, and the embossing powder is fixed with a heat gun that melts the powder into a smooth and solid piece embossed over the paper. An example can be seen in this video.

:thumb187086839: SWEET LOVE Handmade Card by hexmedia Japanese Book Binding 12.13.08 by Artsee1 Pink Butterflies by LilithDarck

H stands for Hand spinning

Spinning fibers to produce a thread or yarn is an art on its own. Some knitters enjoy spinning their own yarn, and even consider it therapeutic. Hand spinning allows a better quality control, the ability to dye the material in custom colors or personalize the yarn with different color pallets and textures. If interested, check out this dying and spinning tutorial made by myceliae.

Indian spice handspun yarn by Snowberrylime Cosmic Ocean-Berry Handspun by White-Rose-Tree Handspun stash by Snowberrylime Carribean Handspun by Blushingewe

H stands for Hemp

Hemp is a natural fiber and it's considered to be one of the first materials used for clothing, it grows fast, it's durable and cheap.  It has an unique look and texture that you either love or hate, it's commonly used to make bracelets with earth and natural themes. HippieKender made a tutorial for a cute but easy bracelet that can be found here.

Blue Swarovski Hemp Bracelet by Phathemp Golden Hemp Bracelet by Cillana The Knitting Bohemian2 by illuminangel Hemp Rainbow by kaileighblue

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BeadsByCelleste's avatar
I'm still going through the alphabet, but there's some pretty neat stuff here!!

Have you thought about adding a section for "F is for Flameworking" and show off some of the awesome things one can do with a small hot head torch, mandrels and glass rods? It's definitely a cheaper alternative to glassblowing and sort of in miniature in a way? There are stores that have the supplies all separate, but for any beginner, there's a pretty good kit for $100 to get anyone started that includes the torch, mandrels, glass rods, stringers (thinner glass rods for finer details), etc. It's what got me into it and it's so much fun!! Also, to anneal the beads (heat them in an oven and cool down slowly to strengthen them for durability and longevity), there's a lot of places that will just pop them in the kiln for you for just a few bucks!
Talty's avatar
I'm sorry for the late reply, but I'm glad that you liked the ABC! :) If I ever make a part III I will definitely add "F is for Flameworking" I wish I could ever find one of those beginner kits, I didn't know it was that inexpensive thank you so much for sharing the tip :heart:
WildeGeeks's avatar
Thank you so much for including me here - beautiful choices!
Talty's avatar
You are welcome :)
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eee! thanks so much for the feature in this wonderful article!
Talty's avatar
No problem :love:
Wiresculptress's avatar
I'm very humbled to have my garnet Time Traveler pendant included - thank you :)
Talty's avatar
No problem, it's beautiful :D
Lightspeed-Suzuka's avatar
I've been peering through all of these for extra inspiration, and was surprised (and honored!) to find my tutorial linked :) No wonder I've been getting extra hits lately!

Thanks so much for the lists :D I can't wait to try some of these out!
Talty's avatar
Oh that's great, I'm glad it got you extra hits! You definitely deserve it :)

I'm glad that you're enjoying the ABC, let me know if you try anything :la:
White-Rose-Tree's avatar
This is wonderful! Thank you for including my yarn :D
Talty's avatar
You are welcome, and thank you! :huggle:
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Great collection! Thanks for choosing my bracers. ^^
Talty's avatar
No problem ^^
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Great collection! Thanks for including my hemp bracelet. :)
Talty's avatar
You are welcome, and thank you :D
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Great collection! :D
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ImaginedGlass's avatar
Apart from being featured (thank you again), this is a nice listing of all the wonderful talent, skills, and diversities in art. Very nice work.
Talty's avatar
I'm glad that you liked it! :) I want to give some promotion and recognition to awesome things ^^
maytel's avatar
To me, people who work with Glassblowing are extroardinary artists. I have always wanted to try that, but I know how expensive it can be + I don't have the kiln/workshop for that.

That hemp shirt is AWESOME, I would wear it!
Talty's avatar
I know what you mean! Since I was little glassblowing has fascinated me, I think it's the closest thing to real magic.

Me too! :la:
Demoncherry's avatar
Gilding!! I would love to do that :love:
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