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Last year MyntKat did an excellent work putting together an Artisan Crafts ABC for projecteducate, however the Artisan Crafts are so extensive, diverse and ever-growing that there's still much to cover. In this new Artisan Crafts Week we will explore some different crafts, techniques, materials and popular themes to expand your knowledge of this addictive world. This list is still not complete, and we invite you to share with us your knowledge.

Artisan Crafts ABC: A - D | E - H | I - M | N - R | S - V | W - Z
Artisan Crafts ABC II: A - D | E - H
I - M | N - R | | S - V | W - Z

A stands for Assemblage

Assemblage, mixed media, found objects are all different names for the activity of putting together apparently random objects in an harmonious and aesthetic setting. It can be made with either new or thrifted objects for different effects. This is a very wide category, and the final products can be decoration, jewelry, clothes, furniture or pretty much anything. For some the thrill of finding useful stuff is close to a treasure hunt.

Heart Drive by LuthienThye Pocket Watch Assemblage by asunder Creator by AMechanicalMind Steampunk Bird Necklace by byrdldy

A stands for Appliqué

In the sewing world, an appliqué consists of a smaller piece of fabric that is placed over a bigger and sewn around its borders to fix it permanently, but it can also be sewn invisibly or glued. Appliqués can consist of complicated patterns, fun characters or elegant decorations, and they are frequently used in quilted pieces with very striking results. Modern sewing machines have simplified the needlework required and made appliqués much faster to sew. Tutorials available here and here.

Detail - Flowering Applique Q by suedollinQuilts Tree spirit embroidery hoop by loveandasandwich Purple Princess Gown by DaisyViktoria Applique by laurelin77

A stands for Amoeba

When we say that crafters can get inspiration from anything, we mean it! Look at this artwork inspired by amoebas, even cakes are dedicated to them.

Amoeba Fused Glass by trilobiteglassworks Amoebia Cake FTW by Phobieh:thumb157165074: Paramecium and Amoeba Magnets by whatnomints

B stands for Bento

Bento is a traditional Japanese meal box that is carefully planned to be both healthy and beautiful. Japanese mothers take great pride in their bento-crafting abilities, some of them spending hours every morning preparing and decorating bento for their kids. Bento is prepared, transported and eaten in a sturdy box with different compartments for food, some also include a clip for portable chopsticks. Bento is prepared with the rule of thumb "4 parts rice, 3 parts protein, 2 parts vegetable, 1 part sweet" and traditionally, the sweet portion consists of pickled vegetables! I know some people that would feel cheated by that dessert... Corselia has a very complete tutorial for basic bento construction and Mechanical2127 has a tutorial about bento decorations.

Bento ~ Charaben ~ Baby Pandas *kawaii!* by mitsubachichan BENTO - fck yea by oliko kitty bento, delicious by susanlin Prom '06 Bento by gargoylekitty

B stands for Bird houses

Some people can't settle for regular bird houses, and they have to take them to the crafty level! Building houses out of different materials, painting them with incredible talent or decorating them to look after something completely different are some of the most popular activities involving bird houses.

:.Chickadees.: by PantheraSculptures Victorian Circus Birdhouse 2 by natamon Rovers Return Inn Bird Feeder by Jimshabitat Robobird House by stuff-from-my-head

B stands for Balloons

Ad-Kins once told me "Don't let anyone tell you clowning isn't an art". I had to find out by myself, and it turns out that there's a lot of artists creating incredible balloon art! Anything from characters, to tools, to cosplay, to balloon furniture. An incredibly useful tutorial was written by mrballoonatic.

Balloon Animal Dragon Costume by YourBalloonMan Balloon dress by doganie a balloon Harley by jario21 Rest your weary feet by mrballoonatic

C stands for Carving

Carving is the activity of cutting or chiseling a material with the objective of creating a raised image or a complete three dimensional object. Carving can be practiced in many surfaces, most commonly fruits, ice, wood or pumpkins, but some artists make exceptional carvings out of incredible things, like pencils. A wood carving walkthrough was made available by piratecaptain.

Fruit Carving Dragon by carvingnations Build Me A Snowman by PixelBlender Pan by Kotka666 pencil carving key ring by cerkahegyzo

C stands for Chainmaille

Chainmaille refers to the art of interlacing metal rings in patterns to form meshes, ropes or objects; It originated in chain mails used in ancient times to protect the wearer against swords, but today it's used mostly for decorative purposes. Beginner tutorials are available here and here.

Chainmaille Cowl Halter 1 by FeMailleTurtle Golden Black Chainmaille Dragon by SilverHauntArmoury Hobbes, The Chainmaille Tiger 1 by Telperinon First Celtic Star and Chainmaille Ball by MailleMentality

C stands for Clock

I guess clocks fascinate more than a few. There's a plethora of beautifully decorated clocks with any technique imaginable, and many talented people are still making their own clocks down to the mechanism. Here's a sample of all the beauty available.

Wooden Clock by back2root No.3 by ericfreitas dragon clock by Macca4ever:thumb304891187:

D stands for Decoupage

Decoupaging is the activity of decorating an object by gluing pieces of paper or fabric to the surface, later several layers or glue or varnish are added until a seamless finish is achieved and the images look painted. Decoupage is usually accompanied by other crafting techniques, like stamping, gold leaf, crackling paints or antiquing. This easy decoupage bookmark tutorial by InkKiller is a great start.

Little girl box by Shadowisper Mothers Day by katatonia91 Decoupage by 13th-Tale Decoupage box by InkKiller

D stands for Drawn thread

laurelin77 describes it as: "Drawn Thread Work is traditionally white on white and is created by snipping individual threads and un-weaving them from the surrounding fabric, then securing the ends with stitching. Once this is done a pattern can be created by gathering together and twisting the remaining threads of the fabric." Drawn thread work can be used for beautiful tablecloths or fresh summer garments, and it's adorable for baby clothes. It's a relatively unknown craft so it's perfect for anyone looking for a new hobby; there's no tutorials available on deviantART but this one does a great job explaining the basics.

Drawn Thread Work by laurelin77 Block 97 - Whitework Ventures by Kithplana Drawn Thread Work Colour by laurelin77

D stands for Damascening

Damascening is a metal work that consists of inlaying a metal into another, commonly gold into oxidized steel for contrast. The surface of the metal is prepared by making several shallow cuts and a gold thread is forced in the cuts by hammering it; as a result the gold is encrusted with the desired design. The technique has been used for centuries to decorate armors, weapons, tsubas, jewelry, wall ornaments, and many etceteras.

Images borrowed from Wikipedia…

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mrballoonatic's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my sofa and my tutorial

It is a great feature thing you do for all of :devart: but in particular those of us that work in Artisan Crafts, especially those using non conventional materials in their artworks!

Keep up the great work!
Talty's avatar
it's my pleasure :la: I love love love looooove featuring and promoting the artisan crafts :huggle:
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WOOT! My Balloon Harley got used!!
Talty's avatar
Yes it did :la: good work!
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*squees* thank you!
Talty's avatar
You are welcome ^^
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
You forgot "B is for Bookmark!"

Here are two creative takes I've done on that theme:

Ribbon bookmark: [link]
Bookmark charm: [link]
Talty's avatar
:giggle: it would have been a good option, but unfortunately I couldn't choose everything I wanted since I was limited to three things per letter :lol:
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
That makes sense. I guess I'll have to wait until the next installment, then. (And thanks for the fave, by the way! :))
Talty's avatar
yup, next time I'll add it :D I'm not sure if I'll make another one soon tho, it was too time consuming x.x and you're welcome :)
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Wow! This is so great!
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excellent! :la:
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These are really awesome features/series. That chainmail is incredible. I can't imagine how much patience that must take. Lots of crafty things I'd never heard of, like those bento boxes. I don't think I've ever seen food so adorably prepared. What is it with this website? You give me clay that looks like food and food that looks like precious adorable baby animals. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO EAT ANYMORE! :fear: But where is "C is for Clay"?
Talty's avatar
hahahaha your message is so funny! :giggle: but I see what you mean, it's confusing how many things that look like something else exist :lol: oh and I didn't add clay because I already had enough words for "C" but not enough for "P" so I went with polymer clay instead :D
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Oooh, some very interesting stuff in here. I really liked that dragon clock. Very cool. :D
Talty's avatar
Me too, it's a pretty awesome clock :D
Quolia's avatar
They're all so lovely :love: Love the bento and clocks!
Talty's avatar
I'm glad that you liked my picks! :D
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Thanks for the feature on my decoupage box ^^
Great idea of showing us some incredible techniques
Talty's avatar
You are welcome! ^^
It wasn't originally my idea, but I agree it's a great idea :D
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That is crazy!! I didn't know that most of these types of crafts existed! I love all of them :dalove:
That pencil carving makes no sense to me, it is too awesome, I must look away.
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weeeeeee I'm glad I could help you meet something new! :la:

When I discovered that guy I immediately fell in love, I still can't understand how he does that :stare:
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He's probably made of magic, that's the only logical explanation.
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