Monthly Food Challenge - Cakes + Winner!

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Monthly Food Challenge
A three month premium membership will be randomly drawn from the members that participate in the challenge.

Theme of the month: Cakes
We know we're all going to love this one: cakes! Make any kind, flavor or kind of clay cake to enter, go crazy! Notice that we're only looking for cakes, no cupcakes, brownies, tarts, etc. CAKES. However, creative cakes like ice-cream cake are accepted :)

**If any of these rules are ignored, you will be disqualified from winning the prize**
  • Participants have to be members of #semi-sweeties
  • Submissions must be entirely made by you (no bought canes or molds).
  • Only new work is accepted
  • Items must be primarily made of clay
  • Unlimited submissions as long as it fits the theme
  • You must write somewhere in the artist comment box that this is an entry for #semi-sweeties' monthly challenge+ add a link to this journal.
  • Submit entries into the "Monthly Food Challenge" folder.
Tuxedo Cake by nightexplorer fake cake of aqua and buttercream by FatalPotato Gold and Teal Rose Cake by SmallCreationsByMel Various Cakes by LizanneATOL pastel cake charms by hmisha Chocolate cake by OrionaJewelry

Helpful Tutorials
Here is a list of tutorials that might help you to achieve this project.
The challenge closes on June 30th 2013 and the 3 month sub winner will be drawn randomly from the members that have participated in the challenge.

*This prize is supplied by Moonbeam13

:dalove: the team at semi-sweeties
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AliatheGhoul's avatar
Everyone's entries are so darn cute!
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Such great entries! :heart: Congrats to the winner. :3
Acid-Black-Cherry's avatar
umm... my contest entry was not added, and it followed all the rules. did I get disqualified or something?
LoekazCharms's avatar
* reading this in Japan * oh my god! :D thank you!
FrozenNote's avatar
Now THIS is my kind of challenge!
AgentRose's avatar
Are cake rolls also acceptable? I just uploaded a picture of some I made today, and was thinking of entering...
SentimentalDolliez's avatar
this looks super fun =)
i think i'll join =)
:la: :la:
PoppyCorn99's avatar
Gaaarsh I submitted mine into the wrong folder! [link] Please decline my first submission!
AliatheGhoul's avatar
I usually don't make food items, but I just finished some super cute cherry cheesecake rings. I think I'll have to participate... :)
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Oh boy, CAKE! :heart:
I probably won't make any, but I can't wait to see other people's entries! :excited:
Chibbur's avatar
Does it have to be a photograph ?
DefineImagination's avatar
I tried submitting it to the food challenge folder it didnt show june D:
Talty's avatar
I'm so sorry, it was my fault, I made the folder but I forgot to allow submissions to it :( I just fixed it, you can find the folder here: [link]
Talty's avatar
No problem ^^
DefineImagination's avatar
Yay! I am so entering!
Talty's avatar
xsuicidemakeover's avatar
defiantly entering this one !! ^__^ EEE Cakes <3
Talty's avatar
Awesome, I'll be looking forward your submission :D
BlackCurtains's avatar
I love making cakes!

Question- If you've won a challenge previously, can you still enter?
Talty's avatar
Me too! :iconexplodelaplz:

yes you can, it's random :lol: feel free to enter as many as you want!
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