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Wow how fast the time passes! I can't believe this is already my third roundup, I'm actually very happy with this month's DDs :) I think I received a lot of great suggestions for unusual crafts, and I was able to feature some of the most obscure and under-recognized crafts. Please keep the awesome suggestions coming! :la: Remember that I'm specially interested in the original, different and non-ordinary crafts ;) of course I love and consider all the suggestions, but I want to get all the crafts out there. This week I'm looking for etching, knitting, embroidery and clothing.

I want to represent all the Artisan Crafts equally, so if you think that any area is not being properly represented please let me know! I think I got a good mix this month, what do you guys think? :)

Useless fact: I tried to pick one as my "DD of the month" and I couldn't choose my favorite, I love everything so much :heart: what would you choose?

Do What You Love by unicornslaveExploding Box: Happy Birthday w/Red Butterflies by kendravixieTony Steve and Loki - Avengers by PlanetPlushParadigm by andromedaTeatime by Evelin-Novemberduskooak Gypsy Genie polymer clay (closer look) by incantostudiosIorveth by tishaiaMy Little Dragon: Blue Wyvern by SantaniAll by SindacolloKing Cobra by manilafolderCupcake Soaps by lessthan3chrissyKreislauf des Lebens by SpikiePorcelain Teal Octopus Necklace by TinfoilHalo3D Printed Portal Gun by techgeekgirlMayor's House by ForestDwellerHousesWire Wrap - Eye Blue Violet Pendant Super Shift 1 by LadyPirotessaViolin Bottle by bellekaXBJD Kimono for 69-63cm boy and girl dolls by InarisansCraftsIron Man handwarmers by KottdjurRoses Tattoo Machine Frame by Reklaw280Gorilla - Origami by mitaneiSushi Earrings by KawaiiCultureDeathwing by SikipeuneCopper Wire Coiled Bead Bowl by WiredElementsCommission: Fertility Talisman by WyrdhavenLoK: Mako Bento by mindfire3927Storm in a teacup II by hogretSilver Fawn Sleeping Rat Sculpture by philosophyfox

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Gosh you're right. It is hard to choose1
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I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought that :giggle:
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my favourites are the teatime cake and the exploding box :la:
Talty's avatar
I love those too! XD I wish I had the talent for them :(
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Love these! Out of curiosity, what's your position on cross-stitchers who are using purchased patterns? Would you consider one for a DD suggestion?
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I've been thinking a lot about it the last few weeks, and I decided to feature embroidery that was made with patterns when due credit is given and the embroidery work is awesome. However, if an original design is available I will probably go with that one :)

I compared it to sewing, a good portion of the people use bought patterns for their clothes. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the majority of crocheters and knitters use patterns too, so I concluded that embroidery isn't that different :)

However if you have a different opinion I would love to read it!
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Nope, I fully agree. I've been digging through the embroidery sections and I've seen some absolutely amazing cross stitch done. Just wanted to make sure you'd consider them before I started suggesting them!
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I'm being all rude and jumping in here, but as a cross-stitcher I'd say it's more about the execution than the pattern. I'm much more interested in how masterfully the piece has been executed than where it came from. Anyone can buy an embroidery kit, but (for high-level difficulty ones especially) not everyone can bring it to life. This isn't something I appreciated until I got more skilled at it - now when I look at a piece, I can really see the difference between a beginner and someone who has invested a lot of time in it.

Even if it's not a store bought pattern, there are plenty of online programs that generate patterns from photos for you, so it can be hard to know how much effort has gone into creating the pattern.
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You know, I never got back to you because the comment got buried in my inbox before I got a chance to answer to your comment, but I'm glad that you wrote it and I agree with everything you said, I really appreciate your point of view as a cross-stitcher.

I even had the chance to use it today for the DD I featured, as expected people complained that it came from a template XD [link]
cakecrumbs's avatar
Ugh, just when I thought they couldn't stoop lower -- have you seen this? [link]
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I did, I decided that they don't know what they are talking about and decided to let it go for the sake of my mental sanity :)
cakecrumbs's avatar
After reading through that entire thread and getting worked up over a lot of the really horrible stuff being said, I came to the same conclusion. Much better for one's sanity to ignore the ugly side of dA.

I'm just glad the artist hasn't let it get to them.
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People are always going to hate something, and they are always going to complain about something. I don't know why they do it, but discussing with them leads nowhere because all they want to do is hate and complain. So yeah, it's about ignoring the ugly side of dA XD

I'm also glad about it :)
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Oh gawd, there's always one. I don't understand how people see a DD and feel the need to rage on someone's page about it. I check the DDs every day and I've never come across a piece I disliked. I'm drawn to some more than others, but if I'm not drawn to one I can still appreciate the skill involved. I have to wonder if people are just jealous or intolerant or both. It makes no sense to me.

Saying a cross stitch isn't worthy of a DD because the artist used a template is like saying a cake or other food item isn't worthy of a DD because the artist used a recipe, or a drawing or painting isn't worthy because they replicated a reference photo. It doesn't come pre-made. If the design is there you still need the skill to execute it.

I hope using it helps that person understand, but it seems they're just bitter and angry. Usually trying to reason doesn't work there. I see in the comments they're even arguing with the artist over the price of the pattern. Really sad.
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I am going to write an article about why it's acceptable to use patterns in the craft world and I think I'm going to use all of your ideas XD I wish I could see into your mind to see what other awesome ideas are there Oo

And yes I thought it was quite weird that the discussion ended up being about the prize of the pattern, it's not relevant to the talent of the artist.
cakecrumbs's avatar
That's a fantastic idea. Hopefully it encourages tolerance, but it will also be handy to have something to link back to to reference if this happens in future.

It seems to be partially engrained in this idea of artisan crafts. For some reason, people look at a drawing or painting and see the skill involved and are amazed. When it comes to craft, many seem to feel anyone can do it. It's harder to recognise the skill involved. I worked in the craft section at Spotlight (it's a craft/haberdashery/fabric/manchester/furnishings store here) and was the only employee who knew anything about craft. The crafters who came in saw my advice as invaluable. My fellow staff members and bosses who were not craft-inclined didn't. I often got comments like, "But anyone could do that job. If someone comes in and asks you how to do something you can just create ideas on the spot. With furnishings you have to know which hooks go with which railings..." and so on and so forth.

I am flattered you think so! For some odd reason I've always been a natural at debating - I think mainly because my dad was very witty so I grew up having to learn to think fast haha. If anything I've said about the embroidery can help even just one person understand than that's fantastic.
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All of these are so fantastic! Thank you for listing them and thank you again for the DD! I am so honored!
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No problem :)
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It's way too hard to choose! O_O Ahah they're all great! :love:
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:giggle: I'm glad that you think so too! :D
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I missed some of these - like the Iron Man gauntlets. So cool.
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