April Artisan Crafts DD Roundup

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These are the DD's I featured for April 2013, you can find maytel's features right here. I always strive to keep a balance between all the crafts there is and represent as many as possible, so if you think that any craft is not getting enough love, let me know! Send me suggestions! I love to receive feedback :)

Also please don't forget to check out the Artisan Craft Monthly Challenge and the Get Crafty Contest, both are really fun events and they include prizes!

Features by Talty

Mister Geppetto by MarylinFill<da:thumb id="319706324"/> Pitahaya by AillilStudio
<da:thumb id="342593310"/> 1:3 Parfaits Commission by Snowfern Tomoyo Hime - TSUBASA RESEVOIR CHRONICLE by epi-corner
Vanellope doll by annie-88 Bonsai Beaded Tree by WoolArtToys Golden Snitch by synconi
Two-Piece Creamy Suit Bead Dress by pinkythepink Pencil carving 9 : Dice.. by preethi524 Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban mini pendant set by EerieStir
Summer Picnic by Vissyscrafts Winter Moose by Nymla My Everyday Purple by floriknoture
Pokemon X Y Chibis by xRcks Ollie the Duck by SparkleMeHappy Flying Spaghetti Monster Crochet Hat by rachaek
Children of Arcadia next to secrets by Tuile-jewellery warhammer orcs and goblin by BIGBUBBASSTUFF The Gilded Lady Kirin by scenceable
Promise by LuthienThye<da:thumb id="362773002"/><da:thumb id="360567168"/>
Topiary by Dikaya37 The Wind and the Waves by anqila Horus by Nemhiria
Automaton Soulless Man by NeverlandJewelry Kymopoleia's Headdress by Aryiea

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Snowfern's avatar
Thanks Talty! ^ ^
Talty's avatar
No problem ^^
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:omfg: congrats people! :w00t:
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Gorgeous selection, as always dear Talty - much to admire!!!
Talty's avatar
I'm glad that you liked them :)
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Thanks Talty :iconpenguinsnuggleplz:
Aryiea's avatar
The journal still says january 2013 xD shouldn't it say April? <3
Talty's avatar
oh silly me :stupidme: I just fixed it, thanks for letting me know!
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I sent you a suggestion a few weeks ago, but never heard back and I don't see it here, just wondering if it got lost amongst our other notes :P should I send it again?
Talty's avatar
maybe it did :confused: I'm really sorry about it, please send it again!
thankz for the feature XDD its awesom!
Talty's avatar
no problem :)
Tuile-jewellery's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :floating:
Talty's avatar
My pleasure :huggle:
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Thanks for featuring "Heather"! This is a wonderful collection! :aww:
Talty's avatar
I'm glad that you liked them! :D You're welcome ^^
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thank you so much for the feature! :) xo
Talty's avatar
No problem ^^
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