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The Cake is a Lie

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You can buy a slice in my Etsy store: [link]

Edit: thank you everyone for letting me know that the Portal cake is a Black Forest Cake. I still like the contrast of this version, but I'm going to make a newer version that is a Black Forest Cake inside :meow: I really appreciate the feedback!

It was bound to happen xD I had to make a Portal Cake one day! And I'm so glad I did, it was so much fun and they look great! :la: As far as I know, you can't see the inside of the cake in the game... but I always imagined it would be a vanilla cake, I like vanilla cake covered in chocolate frosting and it makes a nice contrast. However, I can make them with a chocolate cake on request.

I'm not selling the full cake yet... it needs a bit of tweaking, the candle is too flimsy to be used as jewelry. Until I figure out what to do, I'll only sell the slice of cake xD unless you want the full cake for decoration only. I gave the full cake to =moofestgirl, you can see it in video here: [link]

Anyway, I hope you'll like them! :la: I'm specially proud of the piping, it was so difficult to do that small -.-

Note: I used two different backgrounds and lightnings, so in one the flakes look more yellow and in the other they look redder. Funny how that works ._.

Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated :glomp: and I take commissions too!

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Namma2's avatar
;-; I waaaannt it it's sooo realistic I could eat it!
SuzukiFrenchFryCake's avatar
I can practically smell it.
Talty's avatar
:love: that's very honoring!
Vectrez's avatar
Seriously, this one looks so realistic.
Talty's avatar
Sakiyo-chan's avatar
It looks so real, this is really impressive!
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much :love:
FinnTehHuman's avatar
I've been to the black forest in Germany the cake has a weird taste but it's delicious! The cake is not a lie, it is simply yummy. o3o
Talty's avatar
That's awesome, lucky you! :la: hmmm yummy :drool:
ZypherH's avatar
Being a huge Portal and Portal2 fan- I. Am. In. LOVE with this!!
Talty's avatar
Excellent, I'm glad I could please a true fan :D thank you!
ZypherH's avatar
You're very welcome, and all of your work is beautiful I must add.
Talty's avatar
awwww thank you :blushes:
ZypherH's avatar
Of course ^_^
fIioNnAEditions's avatar
Love it, you do a very great job!
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much! ^^
jordanb12's avatar
This cake is not a lie. But it is delisious :D
Talty's avatar
Thank you! :giggle: I think it is a lie Oo it's not real cake after all!
ravensaravengirl's avatar
this isn't a lie i guess? just joking i want to eat it!!!
Talty's avatar
hahaha!! but it is a lie :noes:
MeeperViolin's avatar
Looking at this, my mom peered over my shoulder and started gushing about how this was just amazing and made her hungry.
The detail is just breathtaking!
Talty's avatar
Really, wow! :love: that's so good to know, thank you for telling me and I'm she also liked it! ^^
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