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Red Velvet and Black Forest Cakes

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Cake! I wanted to make three layered cakes, and so I decided to make red velvet and black forest. Funny because they sort of fit together, being "colorful" cakes. I didn't know what to put on top of the red velvet cake and so I put a red rose, I thought it would look delicate. My favorite is the way the frosting under the cherries came out, and the sight touch of cherry syrup in the black forest :)

These are sort of old, I made them 6 months ago, I'm still trying to catch up with my backlog. If you want a cake like this send me a note, this design is available for custom commissions!

Materials: Polymer clay, TLS, oil paints, blades, toothpicks, eyepins. Made more or less following my cake tutorial

Edit: =Reixma made her own edible red velvet cake, I love it! Go love it too! [link]

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I've been in love with your cakes from the first time I saw them! They look so realistic and your technique is so ingenius!!! Whenever I show these pics to my friends they are awed and amazed just as I am. These are so detailed! I love the icing oozing out of the black forest cake. It's so convincing!! My only suggestion would be to darken the red velvet color so its not such a cherry-red. This may just be my personal preference though because I know red velvet cake CAN be that color, I just don't feel it translates as well as a slightly darker red would. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)"/> Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! I just did a quick google search and it looks like most red velvet cakes are indeed a bit darker, so I shall darken it next time!! Much appreciated :)
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No problemo! I'm glad I could help! =D
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The cake slices look stunning. The frosting looks amazing on both of the slices, but I docked a star for creativity because these two types of cakes are so common, both in the baking and drawing world. The technique is beautiful. The detail and precision gone into both of the slice is amazing, if the slices did not have little hooks hanging out of them or the penny next to them, I would not have known that they were made of clay and not real slices of cake. Beautifully done, it's just that the black forest cake is way too popular because of Portal and bakers everywhere make red velvet, but it doesn't change the fact that it looks amazing.
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Thank you so much for your nice review, it helps me a lot! :) I'm glad you liked it and thought it looks realistic enough, sadly yes they've been made a million times by everyone but I wanted to give it a try to and try my own style, luckily there's many ways to decorate them so I tried to be creative with the decorations! :D
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I applaud your awesome clay cake creating skills :)
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You're too kind! :huggle:
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A splendid feast - for a Microminian.
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I am soooo unlucky, where i live we don't have polymer clay just play doh.......
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I absolutely love your work. If you'd ever like to do a trade, let me know! :D
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i love black forest cake :3 great job!
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Thank you so much :D
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c'est bien la photo
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awwwwwwee i just wanna bite !!* =p~
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:giggle: I'm not sure what will happen to your teeth :lol:
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At first I thought the size is probably as big as my hand

Until I saw the copper... MAN!!
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hehehehe that's good to know! :love: thank you!
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you are SO talented!! I just love all the little bitties you create.
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Thank you so much, that's very kind of you to say :meow:
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This made me want TO FREAKING MAKE A RED VELVET CAKE! And I'm going to perfect it, SOMEDAAAAAAAY!

*gasp for air*

Great miniatures by the way!
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Thank you!! ^^ I've never tried making a red velvet cake for real, too difficult :noes:
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one question: why do almost all of the pics have a penny by them?
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It's for size reference, most people are familiar with the size of a penny :)
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