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Polymer clay chocolate kekes

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More cakes! 1:7 as the last ones. Each slice's radio is 21~22 mm, they're 1/8th of a cake. These are among the cakes I gave away before I could take proper photos, so again, please excuse the poor picture quality :(

My mom's friend makes a delicious vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and cherries, which is one of my favorite cakes ever! So I had to make a mini version for her :heart: After I sent her the mini clay version, she sent me back a cake ! :dance: I'm eating the last slice right now, it was sooooooooo good!

Oh good cake, I'll miss you :tears:

I'm also proud of the chocolate shavings in the other chocolate cake. I think I spent a whole afternoon making them thin and small enough. That's what I call a fun afternoon :lmao:

Everything was made with polymer clay by me, using nothing but Sculpey III, TLS, Fimo's decogel, a toothpick, a needle, a blade and pastels. No molds or premades :)

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Wow! They look so delicious, precious and cute! I am so hungry right now... Are those low carb? 
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:giggle: I am glad that you found them so yummy! and yes, they are low carb :lmao:
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*dies from starvation* just looking at these, huuuu~!
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:giggle: I'm glad that you think they look good enough to eat!
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But they do though XD
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:lol: then I succeeded!
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These look so real! I wish I was detailed like that! Incredible!
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Those cakes are amazing! i love it. I'm going to take a peek at your tutorials :) (Smile)  
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The Cake iz a lie :(
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Most realistic polymer clay cake that I have seen.
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waaaa adoro estos pastelitos! :3
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Mil gracias :D
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Estas loca, niña, tantos detalles son dignos de una reina de la paciencia, te admiro!
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hehehe en serio que linda, me halagas mucho y hasta me dan mas ganas de hacer cosas asi :D
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your welcome! they looked so yummy!
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