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Polymer Clay White Kekes

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1:7 polymer clay strawberry shortcakes :) the first one I made was popular among my acquaintances so I've been making some more because everyone wants one :heart: that makes me sooo happy!

Each slice's radio measures 2.1~2.2 mm. They're 1/8th of a cake. The second photo shows some more cakes I've been working on, will upload those soon.

Sadly I was on a rush and couldn't take good photos, and I don't have the cakes anymore so these ugly photos will have to do :( I'm sorry about the low quality!

Shortcakes were made using the same technique described in my previous submission, but this time I tried adding seeds to the strawberries!

Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated :blowkiss:
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hnnnngh ;v; all your cakes are so beautifully delicious-looking!! hoping to make a bunch of cake charms this weekend meself, hoping to get some for our school's christmas sales..! hopefully they'll come out nice! ;v;
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm sorry for the late reply :( how did the crafting go? :P
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its no problem! ;v; m' sure you get a ton of comments as you have so many beautiful tutorials and artwork posted, i didnt expect a guaranteed reply in the first place x'3 and thank you for asking!

the jumble sale thingy wasnt too busy, but i got some charms sold still- (kinda blurry photo, sorry) the four cakes on the left were inspired after some of your work, although i went with a bit more cartoon/simple style with them. pretty happy with the simple red pies as well, hee! ;v; 
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I always try my best to answer all my comments, I want to return the kindness :la:

Oh wow you did so many things, they look great! I can see where the inspiration came from, I think it's excellent that you decided to use your own design while still being inspired by someone else, that speaks a lot about your artistic skills! The red pies are so cute too, I hope you had fun making the cherries, they always give me nightmares :lol:

Great work all around!
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-Jenna <3
P.S. I make things from clay too! My store is full of them!
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Looks yummy!
You can try to make a music box cake
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much :D
I don't know those cakes, how do they look?
Jadedmooon's avatar
Oh, it's just a round cake about 10 cm wide with a music box inside it ^^
here are some examples: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] (sorry, I put loads of them)
Talty's avatar
Well that's an adorable idea, and those are a lot of beautiful photos! :la: If I can find the music box mechanism it would be a really fun thing to try, thank you so much for sharing! :la:
artzme11's avatar
u make really cute charms luv them ur an artist
Talty's avatar
That's very kind of you to say :huggle:
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xoxstrawberryclay's avatar
wow they r super realistic do u by any chance have a youtube account
Talty's avatar
Thank you! :D Yes I do, it's [link]
kawaiifootmittens's avatar
your cakes are by far my favourite, and i think they are the best ive seen, i wish i was as talented as you ! but i guess i'll just have to keep on practicing ! i hope to make some as cute as this one day ^-^
Talty's avatar
Oh thank you so much, your comment is so nice and it really means a lot to me, it's very encouraging :blushes: I can guarantee that it's a matter of practicing, I don't think there's any secret or special skill that you need to make cakes, it's all about practicing and don't giving up, so I'm sure you'll be able to make cakes just as you want them ^^
DeBonniez's avatar
i swear, it looks so yummy!!!! god, i want it so bad... :iconreallysadplz:
You've got amazing skills, keep it up^^
Talty's avatar
oooh thank you so much!! ^^ I will try!
DeBonniez's avatar
my pleasure!! ^-^
yachumichan77's avatar
This might sound dumb, but what do you use for texturing the sides? I've never seen polymer cakes this textured ; u ;
Talty's avatar
I've practiced a lot until I could make the texture like this. But I explained my technique in my polymer clay cake tutorial: [link]

There's no dumb question, and I'm always glad to help ;)
yachumichan77's avatar
Ah thank you so much!!
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