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September 30, 2010
Suggester's words: Polymer Clay Waffles Tutorial by *Talty [is] a polymer clay waffles tutorial. These waffles are extremely easy to make, are great for beginners and can be used for a dollhouse or jewelry.
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Polymer Clay Waffles Tutorial

Edit: As ~ClownsKillPeople cleverly noticed, square wooden matches make great pokey things too! And ~eatyourbrians says that sanding the matchstick slightly gives a nicer result :) Thank you both :hug:

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See all my Artisan Craft tutorials here: [link]

Terms for using my tutorials

When using my tutorials or techniques explained in my tutorials all I need is that you say or write "Inspired by Talty" somewhere on the description, that's all I'm asking for. A link back to my gallery or tutorial is appreciated, but not necessary. You can make anything in my tutorials for personal or commercial purposes (yes, that means you can sell what you make) but you can't claim these techniques as your own. No redistribution, reposting or repacking of my tutorials, images, text or any part of them is allowed. They can't be translated to other languages without my permission (ask me about it). FREE TUTORIAL, NEVER TRY TO SELL IT.

:iconvalenceleclerc:'s beautiful waffles were my inspiration, I think that we more or less have the same technique :XD: she deserves a big chunk of the credit!

My first sculpey tutorial, yay! :boogie: This is the technique I use for making miniature waffles, absolutely not the only technique but the easiest I've found and without any special tools or templates :D If you make anything using this tutorial please let me know so I can't link it from here.

Oh I love making tutorials so much :D I will surely make more very soon, if you have any request please tell me! Even if it's something I haven't made before, I love challenges :eager:

Comments, suggestions and feedback always much appreciated :blowkiss: Also please let me know if I made a typo or something... I had lots of trouble writing this tutorial, I don't know why :hmm:

Please do not repost this before asking me! I won't say no, I just want to know where this is going.

Beautiful things other made using this tutorial:

[link] by ~DaeDae13
[link] by ~Greencherryplum
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LlamaCow's avatar
Or you could mix oil paint with some kind of liquid gloss (like a mod podge brand) and than glazing won't be necessary ^^
BloodyMaiden9's avatar
Hey I have a quick question I just started to use clay but to do like those kinds of clay can I use modeling clay or it has to be polymer clay ?
MagicxDelights's avatar
You suggested a daily deviation to yourself? :O
Inuvantem's avatar

This tutorial has been featured in a journal by our group :iconclay-for-beginners:. You can find this journal here. If you would like me to remove your tutorial from this journal feel free to let me know and I will! Have a nice day! Hi!
Talty's avatar
Thank you I'm honored! I'm glad that you found it interesting to deserve a place on your feature :)
Inuvantem's avatar
You're welcome :) It's a very useful and great tutorial! :)
Jenna7777777's avatar
I love clay tutorials!
Talty's avatar
rainyrainbowsrain's avatar
Talty's avatar
My pleasure :D
rainyrainbowsrain's avatar
It's MY pleasure, because that helped me out so much~
Talty's avatar
that makes me happy! :heart:
The tutorials are great, i'm looking forward to doing them - i've reposted the link in my pinterest - hope this is ok?
Talty's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, but I'm glad that you found it useful! I guess it's okay, not really sure how pinterest works :confused:
TurquoiseDemon73's avatar
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!! It really helps hopeless learners like me!
Dumb question (sorry ^^;): About the glaze, you drip the translucent clay all over the waffles and then bake it again?
Talty's avatar
Sorry about the super late reply, I lost this message for so long x.x I hope it still helps, but there's no dumb question: that's one way to glaze the waffles, but what I did here was just use some cheap air-dry glaze :) it's more glossy and easer to use, in my opinion. Sculpey and Fimo sell their own kind of glaze :)
miniminiXD's avatar
Thank U for making a tutorial

Luv your work! XD
Talty's avatar
No problem, I love to share techniques :D thanks!
Knaya227's avatar
that is really good a technique i use is i take a paint brush and brush on a golden brown pastel chalk and the toasted look comes out like a charm! you should try it some time it gives the art an extra umgh!
Talty's avatar
I use that too, except that I use several colors to give it more dimension :)
Knaya227's avatar
Cool although i have not tried using colorful colors yet! How or what kind of projects would you use purple or yellow or colorful colors for!
Talty's avatar
Oh no, I mean that I use a sort of ecru color, some light brown and some dark brown for the more toasted parts :)
Knaya227's avatar
Oh cool but i was testing it and realized you can use it to enhance any color. Like to give strawberries a bit more pop! You should try it, it is fun when your art has a bit more wow as you probably know!
SophieGia's avatar
I love your tutorials! Thanks for posting! :D
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