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Polymer Clay Faux Opal Tutorial (Buyable)

NOTE: The tutorial includes a list of materials, how and where to find them including a link to the place where I get mine. If you still run into issues finding them send me a note for further assistance. I also sell the glitter that I use if you really can't find it, but I *think* it should be easy to find, I just wanted to be absolutely sure it's available for everyone :nod:

Download by selecting the purchase for points button on the top right corner. If you want to know more about the Premium Content Platform you can read the official announcement of the beta here: [link]

Download to read the tutorial, only 160 points (that's equivalent to $2 dollars), you can purchase points in this page. You can create a beautiful pendant, sculpture, decoration or any piece of jewelry using this tutorial in any shape, size and color that you want! I'm allowing anyone that buys it permission to make fake opal creations for personal or commercial purposes. Yes, you can sell whatever you do with this tutorial!

If you have any further questions or if any part of the process is not clear please send me a note and I will be happy to assist you.

My other polymer clay tutorials:

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:bulletpurple: Polymer Clay Faux Opal Tutorial (Buyable)
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See all my Artisan Craft tutorials here: [link]

Terms for using my tutorials

When using my tutorials or techniques explained in my tutorials all I need is that you say or write "Inspired by Talty" somewhere on the description, that's all I'm asking for. A link back to my gallery or tutorial is appreciated, but not necessary. You can make anything in my tutorials for personal or commercial purposes (yes, that means you can sell what you make) but you can't claim these techniques as your own. No redistribution, reposting or repacking of my tutorials, images, text or any part of them is allowed. They can't be translated to other languages without my permission (ask me about it). NEVER TRY TO SELL IT.
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Hi! Can I purchase this via PayPal? Thanks

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I like your terms and conditions. Thank you!

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The same technique is available for free from several other websites ? Why would anyone pay you for something you didn't come up with they can find for free with just a google search. I can't believe you are making money off of someone else's technique that's been around for years

Hi! Can you point me to some similar ones online you're referring to? I'm interested in getting this tutorial but the user doesn't seem to have been active on here or social media for quite a few years now. There doesn't seem to be a link to purchase anymore. If you can share some links that'd be amazing!?

You are a very cool person.  Thank you.
Hello Talty,
I am new to the DeviantArt website.   I found your tutorial after running a search for faux opal polymer clay. After purchasing 400 points I tried to purchase your tutorial, but a window pops up saying that I do not have enough points to make the purchase.  Perhaps I'm not doing something right?  Can you offer some assistance? Thank you! 
I am new to Deviantart and not sure how to get points. Can I purchase the black moon pendant? Faux opal polymer clay one. Can I use PayPal?
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hi talty - i am new to deviant art having enrolled just today. i am interested in purchasing your polymer clay faux opal tutorial but have no points so please guide me how i can go about getting this tutorial. thank you and have a nice day. sherna lali
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Excellent tutorial : o
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I plan to get the things I need tomorrow and try this out!!

In the future, it would be nice if your tutorials were PDFs or even Word documents, it's very difficult to view and print a jpg tutorial. Thanks.
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For once I had points. :D So I bought this. It looks very fun, and I think I'll pop by Walmart to get the things I still need today. Thank you. ^^
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I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I hope you found everything and made your own :D
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Yes you can buy the tutorial, if you want to buy the pendant you can find it in my Etsy:…
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I'm adding this to favorites, so that one day...maybe just one day....I will have points for it! Stare 
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Really nice and well made tutorial! ^__^ and yes, your technique is faster then other I found around ... and now is time to merge all those tips on my personal style! thanks again :tighthug:
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I just got the tutorial. It seems easy enough to do AND I can finally get my birthstone in sizes that are easier to use in jewelry without breaking the bank. I definitely recommend it.
This is so pretty. :)
i figured this out on my own but ill keep your secret.
this kind of stuff is so fun to play with <3
i love creating things!
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That's amazing, and yes it's so much fun to play with :love:
These look so beautiful; Thanks for sharing.
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No problem! ^^
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