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Polymer Clay Bowl Tutorial

Versión en Español: [link]

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The much promised polymer clay bowl tutorial! :la: Sorry it took me so long to finish it :( (useless information: I took 98 photos to complete this tutorial).

If you have any questions or need help, let me know! Also request a tutorial if you have an idea :) Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated :blowkiss:

Bowls made using my tutorial!:

[link] by *andokadesbois
[link] by ~PMeMe
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Oh man, it's been years since I first found this. Now, I'm actually making my own mniatures using clay and coming back to this, I can understand it so much better. I can't wait to make these bowls properly and make some dolly sized ramen!
This was very good, I think I can make bowls now.
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Talty's avatar
Muchas gracias :)
UtorDifferentia's avatar
I love this. I'm not sure, but I think bowls this size would be perfect for the scale I use. I'm saving my clay for other projects right now, but I definitely want to save this tutorial for when I'm making accessories- and figure out where to find a decent-sized marble.
Talty's avatar
Hello! I'm so glad that you liked it, I really hope you'll try it :) what scale are you using?
UtorDifferentia's avatar
I'm not precisely sure what the scale is because my figurines don't have normal proportions. They're all about 3 inches high, but their heads usually make up about a third of their total height. Size-wise, they seem to go well with Japanese puzzle erasers and a 1:12 dollhouse couch I bought years ago, so I think 1:12 scale might work. I'm hoping to pick up a bottle of Ramune at the grocery store this week, so I'll have to see if the marble in the bottle will work. I'm not sure how else to get a single marble as opposed to a 4-ounce bag.
Talty's avatar
oooh I see, then it will probably work :) the couch may be a good reference.

I was lucky I saved my marbles from when I was little, if you know any small child you may ask them to borrow a marble. They come in a lot of sizes, so you may be able to find the right one for your figurines.
UtorDifferentia's avatar
I made my first bowl! If you want to see how it turned out, it's here. I think it could be better, but that's probably because this was my first time using this tutorial. I have a few ideas about what I can do to improve.
NightcoreYandereNiko's avatar
And i like the way you designed the bowls......
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much! :love:
NightcoreYandereNiko's avatar
..... I want to make one now.....
Talty's avatar
Oh please do! :la: it's easier than it seems :)
anniscrafts's avatar
Very helpful!!
Talty's avatar
I'm glad that you think so, thanks for checking my tutorial!
anniscrafts's avatar
no problem at all!
tadpolesculptures's avatar
Super useful, thank you!
Talty's avatar
My pleasure! I hope that you'll try it :)
PetitDeCherries's avatar
thanks for sharing ^^ this is amazing 
Talty's avatar
My pleasure, glad you liked it!
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Just out of curiosity (yes, I'm going to try to do this once I start claywork), this doesn't ruin the marble, does it? I know you can make crackle marbles by baking then dropping into cold water, but I'd probably make a bowl with some of my dad's marbles, and he'd kill me if I ruined his marbles because I baked them :iconnoooooplz:
Wiipodgirl's avatar
How long do you bake it for and at what temp?
areemus's avatar
Can you tell me anything about baking thing! i need help here.. i dont have can i bake it still...and if i dont do..wat will happen!
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