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Polymer Clay Assorted Cakes

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I love to make polymer clay cakes. I love them so much that I have to restrain myself from making them, because I don't want to be "the girl that only knows how to make cakes".

A tutorial to make them has received the most request any other tutorial has :XD: I've been working on it for a long time, but I always want to add something else, a photo, an explanation, a different technique... so in my eyes, it's never finished. So I figured that setting a deadline will help me finish it...

So there, I'll upload it tomorrow, February 13th and stop obsessing about it. Wait for it!

These are many cakes I made for the tutorial :D the blue and pink ones are my new favorite cakes EVER. They're so cute :meow:

More cakes made by me:

Edit: YES! I made it on time wohoooo tutorial here:

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Son tan lindos!!
Hello there! A very good day to you. I found you from deviant art and think it will be interesting to ask if you would like to share your tutorial on our blog? It's a sharing blog for clay art in Malaysia targeting audience specifically for clay, clay artists, and even event organisers who are looking for talents. Posting quality tutorials on our blog will immensely increase your exposure as a clay artist and it'll be a good portfolio for yourself too. All credits will goes to you and at the bottom of the post, I'll put link to your email, blog, facebook, websites, etc. 

Please let me know should you be interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

website :
Contact email :

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the blue and the ones with strawberrys are my favorite nice work
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Is one cheese cake? I love cheese cake!
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i really want to eat it....
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You could try :lol: I can't guarantee it will be good.
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The blue one is very pretty. I love all the small details you put into these :)
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Thank you so much! :D The blue one is one of my favorites too, clean and simple ^^
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Oh yum!. Love your work.
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Thank you so much :love:
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Your very welcome.
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Ok, this is gonna sound really strange but I made a blue cake just like that. Not even joking. But, mine is much more awkward looking and significantly less masterfully crafted.
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My guess is that the blue cake is a popular design, but I really can't recall where I saw it first. Not long ago I found out that ~Snowfern also made a similar one: [link] but I didn't copy it, so I must have seen something similar somewhere, and maybe so did you :P or maybe it's a general design and everyone can imagine it? xD
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XD, thanks for the thorough answer! As a matter of fact, I think I might have seen it somewhere here too. Plus, the blue seemed like such a nice colour to make.
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Exactly! :D and no problem :)
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Your attention to detail is astounding, really! :D
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wow that's very flattering, thank you so much :meow:
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They're so textured and detailed. It even looks real.
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Thanks! :D Making the small detail and textures is my favorite part ^^
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