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Makizushi Cane

Done based in this wonderful tutorial: [link] by :iconchat-noir:.

My second cane :faint: I made it too big and now I have too many makis! At least it came out better than my first cane. I'm going to make this into several bracelets for my sister and me.

I made four different sizes: big (1.5cm), medium (1 cm), small (0.5 cm) and tiny (3 mm).

I sanded, polished and glazed each piece. Some of them are charms but most of them are beads, so I also spent hours poking each piece one by one. I never want to see a maki again in my life! (I'm lying, actually I want to make the real stuff soon...)

This is actually three canes in one, I think... first I made tiny canes for the avocado and salmon, I then put the whole thing together. A big learning experience :)

Done with sculpey III, eyepins, a needle, lots of razors, etc.

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated :blowkiss:

Other sushi works by me:

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Gee, you are really into sushi, aren't you?

SO CUTE! Heaven+sushi=this deviation.
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As a food, not :lol: I don't eat sushi, but it's fun to make and pretty fun to wear XD

Thank you :love:
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I eat sushi---SO TASTEH! I also made my first sushi plushi yesterday. It was Onigiri, which I did some research on. Did you know Onigiri is literally translated into 'Rice Balls'?

No prob! My mom was looking at your stuff like, "Do they sell these? I'd love to wear them," and I replied, "Well, solution? Etsy." So we checked almost all of your sushi arts for one of them you sold on Etsy XD
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IT'S...SUSHI HEAVEN .O. :icondroolplz:
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That would be the best kind of heaven :drool:
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Hey just a quick question here, since i got some polymer clay yesterday. When you make canes.. Do you bake them?? Because i dont know if i should bake them when im done? I just need to know if you actually can cut them when there baked because i dont know if you can cut through it.. I baked some sculptures yesterday and they seem pretty hard... I might do this sushi cane btw ^^
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That really depends on what you want to make.

After they're baked you can't easily put an eyepin or poke a hole to make charms, so if you're making charms it's best to cut them, put the eyepin and then bake them. That's what I did with this sushi canes.

A little useful tip is to freeze the cane for about an hour before cutting. That will make the clay stiffer so it doesn't loose its shape while you're cutting, and it will stop the colors from smearing into each. If you feel that the cane is starting to soften up, freeze it for a few minutes again.

You can cut them after baking, which is useful for cane slices like slices of fruits. If you want to cut something after baking, it's easier if you do it while it's still warm from the oven or if you warm it slightly. A really sharp blade helps too.
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Okay thanks alot! It really helped me out! ^^
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I'm glad I could help, have fun with your clay! :D
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I clicked on the link that said,"this person is sexy" it took me to my profile! :confused:
BananaBaboon's avatar
Heheh yeah it's a magical link that makes whoever clicks it go to their profile. xDD You dont know how many confused comments i have gotten about that link.. xDD
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could you teach me how to put one there!?!?!? :D
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:giggle: thanks! :D it's good to know that my sushi looks good enough to make you want sushi :D
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Its actually what has me thinking twicce about buying the bracelet... I would live with a permanent craving!
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hahahaha :giggle: that's always a plausibility :D at least sushi is relatively healthy.
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Relatively healthy, extremely expensive... You make me poor with your all powerful bracelets.
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All powerful bracelets! I love that, I'll wear my sushi bracelet and claim that it's the source of my powers!!! :evillaugh:
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