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Clay Strawberry Shortcake

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My sister asked me for a strawberry shortcake cellphone strap... then my mother liked it and asked me for one too... then my mom's friend saw hers and wanted like 10 of them to make a charm bracelet...

I feel like I'll be doing these for the rest of my life :giggle:

I could only take photos of this one :( this is 1:6 and is exactly like the one I did for my mom, my sister's was 1:5 and the ones I'm doing for my mom's friend are 1:7 . Her friend no longer wants 10 of these but 10 of everything I can make! Cakes, ice-cream, pies, candies... I'm doing 3 or more items of everything just in case, I learned my lesson :XD:

I think I finally mastered the art of piping polymer clay! I was stupid enough to take photos so you couldn't notice it, but I really did! There's cute little swirls that look quite real, love it :heart: looks like TLS has finally decided to forgive me and work with me :) Interested in a tutorial?

Oh the strawberries slices come from my very first strawberry cane :D it's not as good as I wanted it, but I've read that they're among the hardest canes, so all in all I'm satisfied. I know where I made my mistakes so I know I'll do better next time!

Materials: Sculpey III, TLS, toothpicks, pins, cake tip, lots of patience!

Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated :blowkiss:

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Octellite's avatar
OMG!! this is amazing!! I LOVE IT (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥
Talty's avatar
Thank you so much :love:
MayEbony's avatar
Your amazing works have been featured [link]
candybkins's avatar
I would love to see all sorts of tutorials from you! How did you make the cake look so cake like! How did you do the swirls 0_0????????????
Talty's avatar
I hope my cake clay tutorial answered all those questions :)
AskL-Lawliet's avatar
Talty's avatar
I'm afraid not, it's clay :D
PetiteBubu's avatar
I've just taken a look to your tutorial and... damn! Your little cakes really start from the beggining being so yummy! *ò* I mean... the little details on the paste and cream! It's just too awesome!
Talty's avatar
Thank you! I appreciate that you read my tutorial and that you liked my cakes, I love working on little details so thank your noticing them! :la: Your comment is very inspiring :meow:
PetiteBubu's avatar
You're welcome! ;)
Very good and detailed work is always payed, in a way or another ;D
Keep on with delicious work!
Talty's avatar
hehe I will! :giggle:
Talty's avatar
You are welcome :)
ArtistikLullaby's avatar
Hooow, so cute !!! I would like to know with what do you make this lovely texture ! :3
Talty's avatar
I explained my technique in this tutorial: [link]
xdeathbybananax's avatar
Usually when you see close up shots of these, they look like clay and not edible at all..... These however, make me want to go to the store so I can make one to actually eat. They even look moist and delicious! I'm calling you out on false advertising since I can't eat clay pretending to be deliciousness. :XD:
Talty's avatar
hahahaha :giggle: well if it looks real so close, then it means that I'm doing something right :D but I'm kinda afraid of that calling out Oo
xdeathbybananax's avatar
:giggle: Don't worry, I wont go through with it. I'll just try and nom on it.
Talty's avatar
that will give you a bad stomachache :noes: or so I've heard... I haven't tried it myself.
xdeathbybananax's avatar
Yyyyeah. I would not recommend it. If it doesn't smell appetizing, it normally isn't. =D
Talty's avatar
I don't know, I have some moisturizers and balms that smell like they could taste really good :meow:
xdeathbybananax's avatar
Hahaha Don't eat them! Trust me... I had a body wash that smelt like cookies. It did not taste like cookies :nirvana: So gross. But I still wanted to eat it cause it smelt good.
Talty's avatar
YOU ACTUALLY DID IT! Amazing :XD: ok I'll learn from your experience, I won't eat them!
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