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Chocolate and Vanilla Cakes

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I made some more cakes last month, I was planning to sell them when my store opens... but they're now all gone :XD: Some friends got them. Now I have to make more cakes to sell, so you'll be seeing a lot of cakes in the following weeks.

Chocolate & vanilla cakes with a creamy frosting. The one on the left has milk chocolate shavings, the one on the right has almonds.

I love almonds :D but my almond cane was barely ok, I have to work a bit more on my canes.

These little wood plates were part of the prize I received from ~KatGore. She's awesome! Her clay work is stunning and she's also really sweet, please give her some love :heart:

Comments and suggestions are always much appreciated :blowkiss:

Technique and materials as used in my cake tutorial:
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Lets get started with vision: this 2 slices look highly realistic, shape and color were executed very well to achieve this result.
More about the colors; the tones are correctly chosen to emmulate vanilla and chocolate, same with the icing.
Technique: there's a lot of detail to make it look spongy and like a real fresh cake might look like at a bakery shop.
Impact: it tricked me at first sight! I thought i was looking at 2 slices of real cake!

One tiny detail i'd critique (in the best way of course); food is not perfect, so in order to make it look more real, it should have small imperfections here and there, and not so so perfect <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
This is my honest appreciation about this piece, hope it helps you!!
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Take it also as a compliment Ale, your work is beautiful, it shows dedication and patience. :clap::clap::clap::clap:!
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Of course! :meow: I definitely see it as a compliment, and the feedback is awesome! It will surely help me improve :D
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It's not the first time I've been told that my cakes are too perfect :XD:
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This looks great! What color brown do you use?
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Thanks! I use Sculpey III in color chocolate :lol:
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:giggle: I'm happy my cakes cause that effect ;)
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hello :D may i ask how did you make the chocolate shavings? thank you :)
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I made them the same way you would do chocolate shavings... I took a piece of hardened clay and shaved it with my blade :)
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Thank you!! :la: That's the best anyone can say to me :meow:
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How did you do the chocolate shavings?
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I baked a small amount of brown clay and I used my blade to "shave it". Just cut really thin slices :D
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Oh, okay! Thanks! I just did that with frozen clay and it worked very nicely. :meow:
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You are welcome, I think I'll try it with frozen clay one day to see how it works :D thanks for sharing!
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awesome ^^...como haces eso q parece chocolate rayado!? est genial ^^
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Muchas gracias! :D Hornee un trozo de polymer clay color chocolate, y despues con la navaja corté pedacitos para que se viera como chocolate rayado. Me alegra que te haya gustado!
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RELLY I LOVE UUU !!! amazing workssss wouwww
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muchas gracias!! :love: me halaga mucho que te agrade mi trabajo :meow:
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