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Ship sketches 02

Some ship doodle in addition to new job.

and more [link]

I scarcely have time to draw some stuff for DA, because I work now at "GameArt Studio GmbH" in Berlin as graphic / concept artist, 9 hours a day and a lot to do :)

Maybe I can release my work here but it is under lock for the moment you know.
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I can't say enough how much I love the form of all of these! Especially all of the wings and stabilizers you've created. Cheers!
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I liked the bottom ones the most! Really good sketches!
Klen5's avatar
These sketches are fantastic!
Sayanim's avatar
Wow this is pretty kewl!!!
Compelling shapes. I like them, especially the middle/middle one.
Heretic1311's avatar
Mir fällt auf, das du zu nur leicht gepfeilten, schlanken Flügeln mit wingtips neigst.
Gefällt mir, darf ich fragen woher das kommt?
Talros's avatar
Ich finde das Ganze wirkt damit viel dynamischer :)
Heretic1311's avatar
Dem stimme ich zu :D
Was hat dich dazu inspiriert?
MrDojo11's avatar
fantastic. So much knowledge of form, value and lightning :) will study this!
dactilardesign's avatar
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I hope I'll work a s a concept artist someday, brutal works man, keep it up
dactilardesign's avatar
Really nice, reminds me to Feng Zhu sketches (which is quite good :P)
Okuubokuu's avatar
Remind me some R-Type ships, I love it !
I'm an huge fan of battleships and stuff like this and you do them very well, so I, hey, 'gonna watch you !
Animelengo's avatar
Can you help me in creating a platform game?
Talros's avatar
Its difficult currently, I'm sorry. :cry:
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The top right one looks worth taking further, as does middle-center and my opinion.
congrats on your new job and awesome spaceships
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Es MUSS ein geiles Game mit diesen Schiffe geben. Ich bestehe darauf!
revmachine's avatar
great study, i love your style!
mavartworx's avatar
Uh . . .

No offence, but you suck . . .

I hate you.

This is something I WISH I could have thought of, I have a few designs that I was trying to cature this
look . . . damn it, you got it! These are ENORMOUSLY beautiful . . .

I'm going to cry in the corner now :tears:.

mavartworx's avatar
so upset I didnt spell *capture correctly :nana:
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