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Nothing to lose

I found myself some time to make a new painting finally, this time with more patience beside my job and I hope you like it ! :)

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That's a really nice picture. :D

Mind if I use this in my youtube music video?

I'm working on a bit of electrical music and i think your style would fit perfectly with the music.

I'll put your Deviantart account in the description.

Would love to get your permission. Cheers :P

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This is absolutely beautiful, keep up the good work Talros :)
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I always seem to find myself coming back to this painting. It may not technically be your best work, but something about it just rocks. I even went and made a 3d model of it. If your cool with it, i would like to share it?
Talros's avatar
Sure go for it ! :D
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masterpiece :thumbsup:
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Oh thanks a lot bordon !  :o
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Talros: would you mind if I made this into a 3D model? I need the practise and I want to do a more abstract 3D shape like this than the furniture I've been doing recently :)
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Really great !
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Love these scenes.
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Sir, Star Citizen, as remarkable product, should get You to upgrade their visual gameplay experience. 
Trutly amazing stuff You have on DA.
Greeting and have a great fun making those.
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My god...the level of badass-ness in this pic....Excuse me, I need some new underwear....
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My next car.....
Excellent job. Love the details!
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Beautiful work, my friend!!
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Hey man, excellent work! I Built this out of Lego over the previous summer, hope you don't mind!I called it the Tomahawk
Talros's avatar
Yes I already saw it and I was so excited and honored awesome lego work ! :D
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man, i love your ships. really well done. :)
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Really nice work
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