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Yugoslavian Airforce B-51B

Here's another B-51 Logan did with my line art. My contribution to it was the shark mouth. Here's Logan's post on it:

"The history of the B-51’s service in Communist Europe began in the early 1950s, as Yugoslavia sought to rebuild its air force after a serious falling out with Mother Russia. Among the first aid to arrive were 150 F-47D Thunderbolts under the Mutual Assistance Pact (MAP). Soon after the JRV began receiving F-84Gs, then F-86E Sabres. The F-47s were quickly considered purely fighter-bombers, no longer contributing to the air superiority mission. By the late 1950s, the Thunderbolt was considered obsolescent and vulnerable in the attack mission and a replacement was quickly sought. The US transferred a number of used B-51Bs from US units serving in France to the JRViPVO as an initial replacement, but hesitated to transfer too many of the still very capable, very advanced attack aircraft.

The first aircraft arrived in Yugoslavia in 1960 and entered service shortly thereafter. The profile below depicts one of the aircraft after it had served with the 111th for some time. The Panther would remain in squadron service with the JRViPVO until the mid-70s when spare parts became increasingly hard to come by.

Thanks to Talos for the fantastic shark mouth on this aircraft. I think this is the first shark mouth to make it on any of my aircraft! I can only recall having used a snake before.

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THIS AIRCRAFT NEVER WAS IN YOUGOSLAVIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know ;) This is a What-If profile my friend Logan and I did. It's not a profile of a real subject.
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No Problem.Keep up the Great Work!
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This is a very serious piece of work. Nicely drawn and sensitively shaded. I like it very much. This is one aircraft we don't often hear about. Thanks for showing it to us.
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Glad you like it! We had a lot of fun working on it. Just wait until our next project, the P-61E, is done. ;)
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Impressive, and very good alternative setting too! ^_^
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Yeah, Logan did a good job on her.
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