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Cheyenne's Second Chance Ranch

Stable Type: Basic

Located in the midst of the Oklahoma mountains, this stable is well-hidden
from prying eyes and ears. It's family run, with only a very few stable employees
making their jobs there. All in all, it's a clean, well run.... if rustic.... ranch.

Barn 1: Stallions - Stallion Stables
Barn 2:
Mares - Mare Stalls

Other Areas
Pasture 1: Stallions
Pasture 2: Mares

Outdoor Arena

Stable Map


For Sale
None at the moment.

Looking For
- A Variant of any color! :la: -

(Bullet; Green - Completed | Bullet; Yellow - 50% Completed | Bullet; Orange - Just started | Bullet; Red - Uncompleted )
- The Sindow: Achievements -

Own a Sindow: Adopt your first Sindow |Bullet; Green| Rift (#106)
[Earnings: 2 SSP/60 SC]

Beginner Training: Train One Sindow | :bulletgreen: | Rune (#131)
[Earnings: 4 SSP/120 SC]

Advanced Training: Train 5 Sindows | :bulletorange: | n/a
[Earnings: 4 SSP/120 SC]

Master of Training: Train 10 Sindows | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 6 SSP/240 SC]

Breed a Sindow: Breed one of your Sindows | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 2 SSP/60 SC]

Advanced Breeder: Breed 5 Sindows | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 4 SSP/120 SC]

Master Breeder: Breed 10 Sindows | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: ???]

Homozygosity: Produce 3 Homozygous Black Cublings | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 6 SSP/240 SC]

Homozygosity: Produce 3 Homozygous Chestnut Cublings | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 6 SSP/240 SC]

Mutations: Produce 3 Brindle Cublings | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 8 SSP/480 SC]

Mutations: Produce 3 Chimeric Cublings | :bulletred: | n/a
[Earnings: 8 SSP/480 SC]

----------- Sindow ART -----------
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ReapersMenagerie; journal updated with current achievements! <3
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Awesome!! Just let me know which skills you want their skill points to into and I'll add the coins to your bank!
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Rift: +2 Speed (Official)

Rune: +4 Speed

Thanks a bunch! <3