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PeaFrie Points

Rhona by TalonV  + 10 pts
Merak by TalonV + 20 pts
Hiaen by TalonV + 10 pts
Kijani by TalonV + 20 pts
Pescar by TalonV + 20 pts

U'boji by TalonV+ 20 pts
Ru'kar by TalonV +10 pts
Szen by TalonV +20 pts
Argent by TalonV +20
Aidrien by TalonV+11
Uma by TalonV+20
Ronoko by TalonV +20
Kelda by TalonV+20

Aamari by TalonV +20
Gabriel by TalonV +20
Laddie by TalonV +20
Petyr by TalonV +20
Opalescent by TalonV +20
Jieshu by TalonV +20

Egg Hunt Participation + 14

A strange meeting... by TalonV + 20
Pescar by NativeWolf330 +10
Breeding Slot Payment | TalonV by DrunkPelican+20
Crystalline Entity by TalonV+20
Peafries everywhere! by Zandromina+13
Coalblack.... almost. by TalonV +20
And the thing called love.... by TalonV +12
Critters have feelings too....  by TalonV +51
Golden by semper-n-aeternum+5
Peafrie Breeding by Scutterland  +6

Payment to TalonV by LunaLyricStarlight +6
Second Payment for TalonV by LunaLyricStarlight+6
In the Shape of a Heart by TalonV+40 (complex background/accenting... thingy)
Looking in the Eyes of Love by TalonV+35 (since I reused part of the lines and fancy background)
Breeding for Shamrocky- BSS Blue Sky + Argent by B3AR-CH13F+12

Gunsmoke Hearts by LunaLyricStarlight+36

Icy Love by Shamrocky+10
Listen to Your Heart by TalonV+52 (all the little backgrounds)
Peafrie Breedings - 2 by Zandromina+5
Payment for Jian Part 1 by HayleyWolf +20
Pleiades by TalonV +20
<da:thumb id="489376079"/>+5
Four Sets of breedings! by daughterofthestars +27?
Happy Days and Tayla Breeding 1 by HayleyWolf+16
Kiss de Girl by TalonV+46
BP: Bucksin Glow by Shelby-3000 +10
BP: All Dem Love by Shelby-3000 +20
BP: Love Moi by Shelby-3000 +10
BP: Love Moi 2 by Shelby-3000 +10

Point Total: 914

PeaFrie Wishlist

PeaFrie Breeding Goals:
- Orange [Gold + Red]
- Cameo Blackshoulder
- India Blue Peahen
- India Blue Silver Pied
- Peach
- Abyss [Gunmetal + Midnight]
- Borealis [Icy/Abyss + Pearl/Steely Blue], [Steely Blue/Abyss + Pearl/Icy], or [Icy/Steely Blue + Abyss/Pearl]
- Fennel [Opal/Buford Bronze + Cremello/Taupe], [Taupe/Buford Bronze + Cremello/Opal], or [Taupe/Opal + Buford Bronze/Cremello]
- Gunmetal [Steely Blue + Charcoal M]
- Silver
- Pearl [Silver + White]

PeaFrie Starter Wishlist
- Pea-turk (holiday)
- Seal-brown

PeaFrie Friends

- Free Breedings to Common - Uncommon and occasionally Rare
- Headshot Breeding Images, no BG required
- Occasional Gifts and Free Art

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