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ProtC Prologue: Page Ten

Dun dun dun. End of the prologue. And all of what you just read? Background information. That's all. On Monday we come back to Jahrd at a different time, in a slightly different place, and we begin to begin all over again.

You have no idea how excited that makes me. A real plot! Introducing more than just two characters! Actual locations! Inter-provincial political stuff!

Dance with me now!

Also, if you check out the web page, there is now a forum where people can chit chat. Feel free to use and (possibly) abuse it. :3


Prophecy of the Circle: Tangent, page ten. For more info see the official site at


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LOL, I know this is months in the past, but I'm feeling your pain right now. Can't wait to hit chapter two of my own story.

I love your work BTW. I always feel like I draw too many lines in some places, not enough in others. Frustrating business.
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Ha! No problem! I still feel like this, and really, I think it's just the trial of the storyteller. Always wanting to charge ahead, and yet never wanting to really finish. Nowadays, even though I'm only nearing chapter two, it's chapter three I can't wait for. So much I have planned! So much I have waiting. Arrrgh. This is really *all* just intro and the bare beginnings of the plot.

I'm so pleased you're enjoying it! There's nothing I could want more. To be honest I always feel like my lines are too few. The longer this comic goes on, the more I try to define the details. I'm hoping I don't go overboard someday, but with any luck my readers'll clonk me on the head for it if I do. ;P
WafflesToo's avatar
LOL, I not only have that feeling in my current yarn but there's a planned sequel to the current story that I can't wait to get to.
Tempestdeux's avatar
I am really liking the story you have going so far. Keep it more!! *cheers*

talonserena's avatar
God I suck at responding to *everything* this week. Anyway!

Thank you so much! I'm so very glad to hear that you're enjoying it. You have no idea. =D

Also: I like your signature.
GeruSadora's avatar
I have this strange image in my head of that tekk's ear spines buzzing like a hummingbird's wings and making it fly.

God, I'm tired. xD :faint:
talonserena's avatar
.... funny thing is, they can flutter them really really fast if they want to. It's one way that they talk. XD So not only are you silly, but you're plausibly silly.

*tekk goes whiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr*
GeruSadora's avatar
I can just see him cussing people out. "Zzt zztzttzt ZttzztT ztt ztztTztztZZT!"
talonserena's avatar
.... there may be a doodle in scraps about this. XD
GeruSadora's avatar
*pores through scraps* WHAR! I MUST HAS!
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