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ProtC Prologue: Page Seven

By talonserena
Hands have always been the absolute bane of my artistic existence. They are so... very... woodly! Yes. Woodly. Fingers that can go in all sorts of directions but only do some very strange ones naturally, and the whole palm is twisty if it needs to be! Ugh ugh ugh. But this is a web comic, and there will be many hands doing many things throughout the course of the story, and it's not like I don't have two very nice references attached to my wrists (even if mine don't have those awesome little claws; they don't even have very good fingernails). I will conquer them.

That said, I rather like panel one. And how nicely the colors came out on this page. I got a new pad of watercolor paper that's not as rough and toothy and while it soaks up water like mad, it looks dreamy compared to the old stuff when finished. Hurrah, new tools!


Prophecy of the Circle: Tangent, page seven. For more info see the official site at


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Wow, very beautiful and poignant!  And I think you did a good job on the hands. :-)
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Thanks. :)

I was super proud of those hands. I always have a tough time with them. My dad and I are always ranting about how it doesn't matter how many references you use, hands always seem to turn out so alien-looking. They're weird!
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brb, drool bucket
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These are watercolors? I feel so inspired right now.
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Yup! Watercolors, Sakura Micron pens to ink it, and a bit of Prismacolor marker, but only for the black areas. It's really fun and really fast to do, I find. :3
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