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Thu Jun 28, 2018, 1:59 PM
le stream scream


pls join!! i'll be working on a wof map part!!!

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i'm doing art fight this year!!

Fri Jun 22, 2018, 12:27 PM
    hey y'all!! haven' posted a journal in a while, but i'm here to let you know that this july i'll be participating in art fight!! for those of you who aren't familiar with art fight, it's a month-long event where you gift other participants with art of their characters to get points for your team. it's a great way to get free art and give back to your friends in return, and i encourage you all to participate!!!! i'm talons-and-tails on there too– here's my profile. and here's the link for the homepage if you're curious. i hope you all join and i'll see you there!!

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Sat Jan 6, 2018, 11:23 AM
there was a q & a with tui and mike holmes on the forums today!! ALL ANSWERS ARE EXACT QUOTES FROM MIKE AND TUI, AND NOT ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS WERE ASKED BY ME. here's the best of the info i got:


    Who were you most excited to see illustrated in the graphic novel?

I was really excited to see Peril, who is such a big personality, and of course Clay, who is the heart of the book – so he has to be brave and befuddled and sweet and nervous and heartbroken and I wasn’t sure how it would be possible to convey all those things in one dragon face.  But Mike did it amazingly – I think especially when you consider that the novel has so much internal monologue and emotional stuff that Clay is going through in his head.  The fact that Mike was able to convey all of that in the art is incredible.

I was also very excited to see the settings, especially Queen Scarlet’s palace and arena.  I am actually not a very visual person myself, so when I describe a setting, I try to spend a lot of time on coming up with unique details that will make it easier for me to picture (and hope that if even *I* can picture it, then the reader will be able to as well).  I spent SO long imagining Scarlet’s arena/prison that I actually did have a pretty clear picture of it in my head, and Mike has captured it exactly as I imagined. 
I particularly love Mike's version of Starflight.  The cover of Book 4 is absolutely amazing, but I love how Mike captures young, anxious Starflight so, so well and makes his face so unique.  And Maarta (the colorist) did a wonderful job with Glory's shifting colors all the way through, but especially in the arena scenes, so I love looking at those, too!

    What are you most excited for in future graphic novels?
I can't wait to see what Mike does with the Summer Palace in book 2, because that’s another setting I spent a long time figuring out!  I hope I described it well enough in words for Mike to imagine, too – but I’m also sure that whatever he comes up with will be even more beautiful and make more physical sense than what’s in my head!

    Did Burn have the wings of a Pantalan dragon in her collection? 

Yes!  :)

    Do the IceWings still not have any animus dragons?
No, they still don't have any animus dragons. I'll say never say never -- I'd like to leave myself the option of changing my mind in the future!  But right now I think they do not, and since it's been so long since they had one, it's pretty unlikely.  

    What is one of the new tribes in Pantala?

 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I would love to answer this but I can't yet!  However, I CAN tell you one thing:  there will be THREE new tribes introduced (more or less!) [mysterious cryptic face]

    How much do scavengers understand about the dragon world? Do they realize that they are also an intelligent species?

 I love this question!  Most scavengers do not -- they think of the dragons as basically giant flying sharks -- although they have more clues than the dragons do about the humans, since it would be hard to miss the giant palaces.  I think there's a range of opinions among the scavengers on this topic, much as there is among the dragons about whether humans are intelligent.  :)

    Are hybrids accepted as general members of the tribe? Does war bring possible discrimination against them?

 I think it depends on the tribe (and who's queen at the time), and that's such an interesting question about war and some ways, yes, because certainly a hybrid who's part enemy tribe would be regarded suspiciously.  But I also think the war resulted in many more hybrids than there used to be, because of the tribes that were allied and how they were all spread out across the continent fighting.  And the school will probably lead to even more...I think there are lots of interesting potential stories there!

    Tui- What tips would you give beginner writers starting on their book/story?

 Oh goodness, so many...first I'd say, make sure you're having fun -- because when you get bored with your story, that's when the readers will get bored, too.  I like to start by thinking a lot about my characters, so I'd suggest figuring out as much about them as you can -- what their childhood was like, who their best friends are, what they dream of.  And if you get stuck, blow something up!  ;)  (hee!)

    Can you tell us anything more about the new tribes?

My beautiful and brilliant editor said yes!  So I am allowed to tell you that the dragon on the cover of Book 11 is from a tribe called...



 Eeep!  Tada!  Now speculate away!  :)  :)  :)

 Also, we'll be having an official full cover art reveal on the forums very soon, so stay tuned for is SOOOOOOO beautiful!  It might even be my favorite cover so far (although that's a tough competition!).  I can't wait for you to see it!

    What was your favorite book/series when you were young? What's your favorite now?

 I love Anne MacCaffrey's Pern books for younger readers -- Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums -- and I was also a big fan of A Wrinkle in Time and its sequels, all the Nancy Drew books, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (oh, that's not a series, but I loved it!).  Now there are SO MANY books I love -- Grace Lin's Where the Mountain Meets the Moon; the Amulet books by Kazu Kibuishi; Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton (an adult book about dragons); the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik (historical fiction about dragons); and the Jinx books by Sage Blackwood...I wish I could list a million more, but I'll stop there!

    I'm assuming that you've had writers block before, like every other author, so how did you get past that? Or what motivated you to keep writing?

 Hmmm -- for me, the best motivation is a deadline, and a bunch of gently stern emails from my lovely editor!  But what really helps me get through writers block is my writing journal, where I complain about everything I think is wrong with the book until I figure out how to fix it.  :)  And having someone to talk to for brainstorming, like my sister or my very patient husband -- that helps so much, too!


    Mike, what were your thoughts when you were first approached with this idea?

It was wild! I'd never thought I'd be approached to draw a book about teenage dragons, and I'll admit, I was a little intimidated at first. BUT, I also thought it would be so cool to draw this world and the characters, and I was super excited and ready to tackle it!

    Who was your favorite dragon to illustrate? 

Glory and Queen Scarlet were super fun to draw, I got to play with their personalities a lot and I like their details. The most fun was Morrowseer, though - he's so intimidating, I loved having him take over a scene with his size and attitude!

    Mike, what was your favorite scene to draw? I loved the battles in Scarlets arena!!

 Aw thanks! When I was brought on, I mentioned that I loved drawing action scenes and I was not let down by the script! My favorite scene to draw? That's tough - probably the bit where Clay goes through the underwater tunnel, I loved drawing all those little Clays, and then his resurfacing.

    Mike - Do you have tips for drawing dragons? And do you have tips for beginners wanting to make comics?

My own approach to drawing dragons is to try and get the personality of each character to show through - use body language, facial expressions. And use references of real things, like animals and even people! Try and capture a fun facial expression using only the features of a dragon - it's a real challenge! As far as tips for making comics? For me, comics are all about telling a story. Find the best way to get a story across using words and pictures, and discover a balance between them. Make it clear and readable, so that anyone who reads it will understand what's going on. And make a lot of comics! You'll only get better if you make a TON of them.

    How do you draw the dragon's body structures? Are they more human or reptilian? 

 Definitely reptilian, although I referenced creatures from all over the animal kingdom to show body language, facial expression, and overall emotion. So there's a little dog in there, some cow, birds, anything I thought would make it diverse!

    What plans do you have for the next comic? Are you looking forward to drawing Seawings?

 I'm actually right in the middle of drawing the next book, and so far it is awesome (and action-packed!). I'm really enjoying playing with all the different kinds of Seawing - much like the fight between Gill and Tsunami in the first book, there are plenty of ways to draw dragons of a single tribe. Tui mentioned the Summer Palace, and I've designed something I hope she (and you!) will like. 

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TRIBES OF PANTALA (new group!)

Thu Dec 28, 2017, 5:47 AM
hi all!! with the reveal of  The Lost Continent's cover and the discovery of a new tribe, I was thinking it could be fun to make a new group featuring art of only Pantalan dragons! So I've made a group ~ Tribes-of-Pantala ~ which is free to join!! feel free to submit any new art of the tribe seen on the cover to the "Bug"Wings category, which will be updated when Tui gives us the name of the tribe. Have fun! Join requests are open :D


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wishlist thing????

Sun Dec 10, 2017, 7:20 AM
i figure i'll put one out for the holiday season! you never know.


hi!! happy holidays to you all!! i'd be happy to receive anything, but especially any art of these OCs:
Mako -->  a bird without wings by talons-and-tails
Audun -->  he must be kept from doing harm by talons-and-tails
Skræling -->  Skraeling Ref 2017 by talons-and-tails
and of course, Datura!! please excuse the disgusting(ly) old ref -->  Datura Official Ref by talons-and-tails

side note that datura and skræling are a couple, so feel free to draw them together as well!!!

i'll tag some artists here, and again, please do not feel obligated to do anything!! RealTense xTheDragonRebornx BrokebackBromance Mar-ble velocirapioca Iron-Zing IgniteTheBlaize Kittify Banskye mercurybird Kiiju TheLittleWaterDragon CaTTTaco Ninxeas RhynoBullraq Spookapi Noraska Nemomein Teisol Scourgeseer SapphiresRain IceOfWaterflock AbelPhee planttdad SketchingWho Moonfiire linsaangs Emberwhale Striiking Meadowfoxx Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia tosaking Drawgonite clockwork-captain LieutenantV LowDetail SkaiaGalaxy Lilacfeathers 

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Mon Nov 13, 2017, 2:30 PM


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<da:thumb id="714792767"/>

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EEEEE so i saw tui again today!! and she gave us LOTS of super-cool, exclusive information!! i couldn't wait to share it with you guys and i just finished writing out all her answers. unfortunately, i didn't get to ask half the questions i wanted to ask (i was only able to ask three or four) and so most of this information consists of the notes i took during the event. i made it into a q&a format so it was easier to read- anything in italics are my personal theories, to be taken with a grain of salt!! here we go !!!


  1. When will Book 11 be released?

Hopefully summer 2018!

  1. Do you plan on bringing back the GrassWings?

Her exact words: “Well, not really,” [a pause] “No. No.”

My conclusions: There was a considerable pause between the ‘not really’ and the ‘no’s. I theorize that she has used some part of the GrassWings in a new tribe, but that the GrassWings themselves will not be making an appearance. She said “not really,” because they won’t actually come back, but because she used some inspiration from them for a new tribe. After the pause, she definitively said “No” a few times, as if making a decision. I believe that after her earlier words, she realized that not only had she not actually brought the GrassWings back, she is also under pressure not to reveal anything about the new tribes.

  1. Will you continue to convert your books into graphic novels after The Dragonet Prophecy?

Depending on how the graphic novels of The Dragonet Prophecy and The Lost Heir are received. She says the graphic novel of The Lost Heir is currently in production.

  1. Will we see more of Sanctuary?


My conclusion: I’ll take this to mean we’ll also see more of the Talons of Peace, including Riptide and of course Winter.

  1. Will there be another prophecy for the third arc?

According to Tui, there isn’t one yet, but she stated there will “have to be one”.

  1. Will we be getting a map of Pantela?

Yes! It is also apparently shaped like a dragon and is in development.

My conclusion: I’m guessing it will be drawn by Mike Schley again. Awesome!!

  1. Will Joy Ang be illustrating the tribes of Pantela?

SHE WILL INDEED!! So get ready for some awesome new tribe refs, my friends!! Tui says also that the new tribes will be released one at a time from now until the release date of Book 11, so we’ll probably know them before the book comes out :D

My conclusion: I’ll venture out to say that Joy Ang will continue doing the Wings of Fire covers. She’s already done eleven of them and is doing the new tribe art, so that seems fairly obvious.

  1. Any more info about Book 11/Pantela?

The prologue begins with Clearsight’s arrival 2000 years ago at the Lost Continent, which Tui says will make a huge impact on the history of Pantela. Clearsight will meet the new tribes there. Tui says there’s going to be lots of history concerning Pantela, and that Book 11 isn’t coming out this winter because she needs time to do all the worldbuilding.


  1. What would happen if an IceWing were to leave the Ice Kingdom? (Would it be legal, what would be the repercussions for themselves and/or their family, etc.)

It depends on the ranking of the deserter and their family. A lower-ranking dragon would probably be allowed to leave without too much of a fuss, though it is of course a shameful thing to do. A higher-ranking dragon, or one with a duty vital to the survival of the kingdom, however, would be less free to go. It is possible that the ranks of family members could be affected by a deserter. If a dragon leaves, their family can (and may very well) disown them fully, whether out of disgust, shame, or the impulse to preserve their own rank.

My conclusions: A deserter with a vital duty will be hunted down and brought back to the kingdom, and their ranking will suffer. Otherwise, the dragons are let free, though shamed for life. A higher-ranking dragon may be given an approximation of a pardon if they return and pledge their loyalty again. However, they will face a stigma from pretty much every IceWing, and will never be permitted to regain their former ranking. A lower-ranking deserter that attempts to return will be turned down and forced to leave. Any IceWing family that disowns a deserter will not face repercussions, as the abandonment of said deserter is considered the proper thing to do. If a family does not disown their deserter, their rankings may suffer.

  1. How long does it take for a dragonet to be born?

After conception, a dragoness is pregnant for about a year. She will then lay an egg, which takes about another year to hatch.

My conclusions: Pregnant dragonesses can fly, though this may become awkward in the latter stages of pregnancy. The eggs must be kept at a reasonably warm, stable temperature, though IceWing and SeaWing eggs can develop in colder ones if needed.


  1. Will Kinkajou, Umber, or Sora return?

Yes! Kinkajou will definitely return in books to come. Tui says that she thinks Umber and Sora will probably be back at some point; she says she has an idea of where they are/what’s happening to them currently.

  1. Is there anything more you can tell us about the interactions between Smolder and Vermilion? (Have they sent more letters, are they friends, will they meet, how do the queens feel, etc.)

Smolder and Vermilion have a lot in common. They were brought up in a similar situation, both royalty under a strong (if not severe or cruel) ruling queen and her family. They both faced similar pressures to stay loyal to those queens under pain of death, and both survived to see a new queen take power. Also, they’re both interested in scavengers. They “have a connection”. It is unknown whether Vermilion has obtained a scavenger yet, but he has received Smolder’s letter. As for the possibility of seeing more of these two, Tui has said that she “hasn’t thought about it,” but seemed open to the idea of continuing their communications.

  1. Will you write more about Whiteout?

Possibly. Said maybe a Winglets story because she wants to see what happened to Whiteout, but doesn’t actually know yet.


  • The themes of the first arc were fate and destiny: is your destiny unchangeable or certain? Do you have to follow the path laid out for you?
  • The themes of the second arc were gifts and power: what do gifts and power mean? why/how/when should you use them? is it right or wrong to change others against their will?
  • Tui describes Qibli as another side of Darkstalker, like another path Darkstalker could have chosen. The two share many traits (intelligence, ambition, creativity, the desire to improve things, etc.) and Tui talked about whether Darkstalker without his powers might have been a lot like Qibli.
  • Cliff was based off of Tui's second and youngest son.

I got the rest of my books signed and showed Tui a few of my drawings (they haven't been posted on dA yet but will be soon!!! ) which was really nice. funnily enough, i showed her the drawing of my WoF OTP, which i'm fairly sure no one else on this website ships. hint hint: it's smolder and vermilion !! please ask me about it omg

Tui gave us each a free, hard copy of Winglets: Deserter (i'll add in a pic later) and we also got to see the first 16 pages of The Dragonet Prophecy's graphic novel!! I know not everyone is a fan of the art style, but from what I've seen, it's gonna be really great :D if you guys have any questions about what happened in the event, ask me!

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hey there guys!! i got home from camp about a week ago and since then i have been working very hard on the work i owe!! i am very close to finishing the first one (yay!!!) which  is also the hardest, so i'll be glad to be done with that :D after that, i won't have comms open for a while, i think, though i might make some adopts, idk.


today i am going to see tui!!! woot woot! she's in a bookstore in nyc at 1 today with a few other authors so i'll be going over there to get my books signed and ask some questions. if you guys have any questions you want to ask tui, post them on this journal and i'll add them to my list!! here's the info:…
also, please tell me if you plan on going as well!! i'd love to meet more of you guys <3 <3

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Sun Jul 30, 2017, 5:12 AM
hey guys!! today i am leaving for a two-week session of electronics-and-computer-free sleepaway camp. i absolutely love it there, but unfortunately we are not allowed access to any computers, which means i will not be able to work on owed stuff for another two weeks. It sucks, i know. but after this i have no more big events and i will be able to finish comms and such with access to photoshop and my files. i must yet again apologize for this inconvenience, but there is no way i can change the situation. i got some good work done on the owed work this past week (though i had a friend over the whole time and i didn't get much time) but when camp is over, you will all get what you deserve <3 so sorry for this, again. see you soon!!!

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zombieeees (meme)

Fri Jul 28, 2017, 4:40 AM
tagged by SketchingWho ! ~


Use to randomize 13 of your friends for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well.


1. The SideKick: Flurrrry
2. The Sniper: MissIceWing 
3. The One who Loses it: SketchingWho oh noes
4. The Brain: Zombiekiller52 (i can see that :D )
5. The Born Leader who Takes Charge: cashmere-tears haha you are The Leader Of Us All
6. The Medic: Striiking !!
7. The one who yells vulgarities at the zombies: talons-and-tails (pfff no i'm too scared for that)
8.  Weapon expert: Meadowfoxx lol
9. Person who can't have the Molotov: Lichenpattch!! awww
10. The car guy: Garthadon !!!
11. Cheerleader: Phiger haha
12. Everything bad happens to this one, but they survive it all: FortuitousFox ( u will survive!! for as long as u know how to love, u know you'll stay alive !! )
13. The idiot who somehow managed to survive: phoenix-of-pyrrhia but nahh ur not an idiot

feel free to do this meme or not, idrc

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Thu Jul 20, 2017, 8:36 AM
alrighty folks so as you may have noticed, i've been ridiculously inactive for a ridiculously long period of time. we had awful final exams that i spent every minute studying for and a huge load of other end-of-year responsibilities. this does not change the fact that i have a BIG load of owed art to catch up on, and i should have been trying to get it done loooong before now. i intended to get a lot done on my family's three-week vacation trip, but then my father forgot the computer that i do all my work on. this means that i have not been able to work on my digital owed art for three weeks, which really sucks.


i am BACK!!! from that trip!! which means that now that i am home i will do anything i can to catch up on owed work. hopefully i will be able o get that finished soon!! commissioners, i am so thankful for your truly astounding patience and cooperation with me and i will get you what you owe ASAP.


my birthday was July 1st and i had a wonderful day because of you guys!!! i received a staggering amount of happy birthdays and well wishes, and i cannot thank you enough for your kindness. thank you, thank you, thank you so much, my watchers. it really means a lot to me that you guys would do that for my inactive idiot self.
i even got two wonderful birthday drawings; one from Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia and another from KenyaFord !!!! here they are; please go give them some love!!

Da tu ra by Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia  Happy Birth Day! by KenyaFord

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aaargh okay so im on the big road trip I mentioned before,, and while I'm having a lot of fun, we discovered that my dad accidentally left his computer at home. since I use photoshop for my art, that means I can't work on ANYTHING digital for... another three weeks. which obviously sucks. I'm really sorry guys, I was planning to get a lot done here but clearly that's not going to happen. I might submit some traditional stuff, we'll see, but it's gonna be a long time until I can get anything useful done. >: (((( aaaAARGH I PROMISE ILL BE ACTIVE AGAIN SOMEDAY

~Official Headcanons Journal~

Thu Jun 8, 2017, 4:04 AM

i figured i should organize my headcanons someplace and thought why not do it now??? so i'll likely add to this over time. if it's uncredited, i made it up; otherwise i will credit the creator if i can. there will be lots of credit, since most of these are adopted. if you don't want me to feature your headcanon here, please tell me and i'll take it down :) these are just my personal headcanons, not canon, and i'm sure you will disagree with some. that's fine, but please be respectful!! thank you!!


~Wings of Fire




  • IceWings

- have the smallest ears of any dragon tribe, to conserve heat and prevent frostbite

- are super picky about how clean they are, after all, they live in a pristine environment filled of snow. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- can be any pale color of the rainbow, but it's most common with the colors in the cool spectrum. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- can get blue/grey freckles! (confirmed?? possibly with lynx) (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- are a lot shinier than the other species! they glisten like ice. (this was actually confirmed.) (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- actually love to swim, they love the silence the water provides them. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)


  • SandWings

- have the largest ears of any tribe, to let body escape and help them cool down in the desert heat.

- smallish on average
- their frills help heat escape from their bodies and cool off, much like their ears.
- the frills are thin, and flexible to a point. not paper-thin, but they're pretty easy to damage. most sandwings have at least a few nicks or scrapes along their sails.

- like to paint their scales alike to the patterns on reptiles they see. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- they keep rattlesnakes as pets! (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)


  • RainWings

- their frills can have a variety of shapes; it varies from dragon to dragon. Some are droopy or long, others straight and pointy.

- their frills are also quite flexible!! they can be folded up/pinned back and pushed forward to an extent. They are not connected to the horns.

- their irises can change color; the sclera is any greyscale color, white being the most common. The sclera cannot change color. Pupils are always black.

- a dead RainWing will not change color; their scales remain as the last color they had while alive.

- they are SUPER flexible dragons. some can almost reach contortionist level of flexibility.

- are considered "exotic" by other tribes, and renowned for their beauty.

- have many secrets, such as poisons and drugs made from the plants of the rainforest. these illegal substances are of high value in the black market and there is most definitely a thriving drug ring. Few attempts have been made to stop it, as catching virtually invisible smugglers in an enormous rainforest is extremely difficult.

- have very advanced medicines, thanks to the variety of plants available in the rainforest. Many RainWings are accomplished herbalists.
- RainWing darkvision is almost as good as SeaWing darkvision (it would need to be, since the dense rainforest lets so little light in).

- their tongues can change colour too (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- same with the insides of their ears! (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)


  • MudWings

- have a wide range of scale colors, from muddy brown to auburn to mahogany to hazel to even occasionally a dull, mossy green. MudWings often have lighter orange or amber markings/highlights.

-MudWings are not very tall, but they are thick. They have been described to resemble living tree trunks. They do end up being very large.


  • SeaWings

- are the only tribe without forked tongues!! Since they mainly hunt underwater, the sensory capabilities of a forked tongue are useless, and the trait disappeared from their biology after a while.

- though their scales cannot be yellow, their bioluminescent patches can! (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- seawings often can befriend nightwings over their shared love for knowledge and literature. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- coral, coral, and more coral! seawings love to make old coral into beautiful decorations and accessories! (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- seawings can live in fresh water, but prefer salt water. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)

- there have been records of seawings that never come to the surface. (credit to @/Skaiagalaxy)


  • SkyWings

- to be added !!


  • NightWings

- to be added !!




  • Scarlet's name vs her orange scale color

Scarlet's egg was in fact a deep scarlet, not the orange we know her to be. So the egg was laid, and her official name (Scarlet) picked and put everywhere, spread around the kingdom as the next royal hatchling's (and possibly the next queen's) name. After the long year it takes a dragon egg to incubate, everyone got totally used to this. "Scarlet" was put on official documents, crossed off the general list of names, put on the royal list of names, and generally adopted as unchangeable. Likely, they had a hatching party to celebrate her birth, and then she hatched and everyone was like... she's orange. what ?? do we do now?? And so they realized they'd chosen the wrong name and it was too late. In an attempt to defuse the situation, someone said "well she's just a dragonet now and she'll change color as she gets older right no worries" and everyone agreed, since dragonets often change color as they grow. Unfortunately, she never did change color. And for her whole life, this has been a source of large embarrassment for Scarlet, because it's not her fault and she can do nothing about it. At least one dragon that cracked a joke about it within earshot was executed, and during her reign, it became a taboo discussion subject.

~Other People's Cool Headcanons~

wings of fire species headcanons! but wait there'sokay so since i'm in this HUGE state of inspiration for wof i have like a ton of cool headcanons and stuff. B))
i'll just talk about a few for each species
i'll probably edit this and add more because i really do love this series
btw i am very good at predicting stuff omg
A few more have been added!!
- they can actually MOVE their icespike mane, it 'fluffs' up or raises when they're nervous, scared, or angry.
- icewings are super picky about how clean they are, after all, they live in a pristine environment filled of snow.
- they don't hunt belugas, but in stead take them out as hunting partners or as pets!
- they might do the same with orcas
- they can be any pale colour of the rainbow, but it's most common w/ the colours in the cool spectrum.
- rarely, icewings can get blue/grey freckles! (confirmed?? possibly with lynx)
- icewings are a lot shinier than the other species! they glisten like ice. (this was actually confirmed.)
- icewings actual
WOF LoreWhat kind of clothes do they have?
Yes- I realize they're dragons, and they don't exactly NEED clothes, but most of what I've seen are jewelry, armor, and cloaks.
Shirts, as humans have them, would probably be rather useless, due to the fact they have wings. Unless they can clip them around their wing+membrane.
Pants could work, but they'd have to pull them all the way up their tail, unless they can clip around the tail.
Skirts could definitely work, and possibly open-back dresses.
I'm putting every dragon in a flowy, open-back dress.
new conclusion:
I'm ALSO putting every dragon in leg warmers.

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updates and a thank you !!!

Mon Jun 5, 2017, 3:45 PM
well well well take a look at this snazzy new journal skin aha
bonus if you get the reference >: )

i'm really looking forward to the summer and the end of school! school ends at the end of june for me so i've got three weeks or so left, and a bunch of huuuge final tests coming up :( that's mostly why i've been so slow with art- every spare second id going to test prep, which sucks. HOWEVER! soon those'll be over and i'll finally be able to finish that owed art i've got. i'm so sorry to those of you i owe art to- i'm really trying to get it done, but real life is majorly getting in the way :/ that will all be over soon, though, so yay!

right after school ends, i'll be going on the Great American Road Trip w/ my family!!! which will be super fun and i'm really excited. i probably won't be on quite as much during that because wifi is unpredictable in the deserts and canyons, but i'll still check in at least once a day. once thats over, expect ART and LOTS OF IT!!! im determined to really make the most of my free time this summer and improve in my art skills, so get ready!! later this summer, i'll do my yearly sleepaway camp, so i'll be offline for two weeks. but i'll probably post more about that when we get to it!

also! i'm two away from 300 watchers!!!!!!!!! AAAAA !!!! i can't believe i'm this far!! that's like my entire grade watching my art!!! thank you all so much a:UKFHEA: i love you guys more than you can imagine <3 <3 i really appreciate this and it really boosts my self-confidence and motivation to have you guys behind me!! i hope you all have wonderful lives because you're all wonderful people!! !!!!! thank you so much  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

side note: in case it's not obvious by now, i'm officially wholocked. feel free to talk to me about fan things because i'm totally obsessed. however, i've only just finished The Sign of Three of sherlock, so please no spoilers beyond that!!

y'all are amazing!! thanks!! hopefully art soon!!

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meme meme meme meme meme

Thu Jun 1, 2017, 1:17 PM
here ya go DawnDragonscale i havent done a meme in forever

Rule: Spell out your user name and name a song beginning with the letter then tag as many people as there are letters. ha. ha ha. like im doing that.

T he Rhythm of the Heat (Peter Gabriel)    
A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)
L ean (The National)
O ver (Johnnyswim)
N ovocaine (Fall Out Boy0
S ole Survivor (Blue Öyster Cult)
A ll of Me (John Legend)
N o One's Here To Sleep (Naughty Boy, Bastille)
D ream (Imagine Dragons)
T o The Sky (Owl City) 
A ll The Little Lights (Passenger)
I Will Possess Your Heart (Death Cab for Cutie)
L ove Is Blindness (Jack White)
S trange Love (Halsey)

you don't have to do it if you dont want to lol
SketchingWho Flurrrry planttdad Such-Peril Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia 

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hey this is actually really important- there's this sick, twisted suicide challenge going around and we need to spread the word of how dangerous it is, because it's already taken many lives.

please do not participate in this, be careful and safe, and trust that suicide/self-harm is not the answer.

please do not read this if you have suicide/self-harm triggers, stay safe. 

this is the journal with the information/proof of the challenge:
.The Blue Whale Challenge.EDIT 11-18-17:
I will no longer be updating this or answering any comments or questions. This is now dead news, and there is no need to continue prodding at the issue.
A huge thanks to everyone who helped spread word and brought other people here, though I am not focused on this topic anymore.
This journal shall be kept up, however, in case something like this does pop up again.
For now, however, I will be removing it from my featured journals so I can focus more on my artwork and other current events that eventually happen.
If you would like to continue reading, though, feel free to. I will not force you to stop, as you may be curious as to what this "challenge" is.
I have also made an essay for class on The Blue Whale Challenge, so if you'd like to see it then let me know and I will send you a link.
However, all content in it is in fact protected by copyright, as it is my own work.
This journal also has my own work in it as well, however I have cited and credited the sources that I u

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artist feature!!!!! please look!!!

Sat Apr 15, 2017, 5:00 AM
soo i felt super bad about having no time to do birthday presents for a number of wonderful deviants and i decided to feature them and their art to my watchers who haven't seen them!!

i mean,, come ON your stuff is freakin gorgeous... 
Storm by CaTTTaco    Serenity by CaTTTaco     Reefwing contest entry by CaTTTaco
Kiwi by CaTTTaco much color by CaTTTaco Qinter by CaTTTaco Take me out to the ball game by CaTTTaco

really though!! you do art in a variety of styles, from realism to pixel art!! and your shading is something i could talk about for HOURS!! it's so smooth and beautiful hhh ((caTTTaco does really cool humans too!!))

apotheosis by Kittify  all hallows eve by Kittify say you won't let go by Kittify  roses by Kittify 
you have a really beautiful style of art; it's so unique!! i LOVE what you do with color as well, and your characters and designs are really creative.
Tempestuous (Whirlpool/Orca Short)He kept his heart pinned between the pages of books, where it would be safe and dry. And Whirlpool felt quite sure that everything would be alright until the day it finally wriggled free from the wrinkled parchment and scuttled out of the library, through the halls of the Summer Palace, where the poor thing was promptly snatched up between the jaws of a princess. And from then on, wherever she went, he was helpless to do anything but follow.
He remembered that Orca liked to fly in storms. He remembered those hurricane summers when the seabirds screamed as black thunderheads gathered over the Bay of a Thousand Scales. He remembered a day when the wind whipped and the sea churned and he stood at the very top of the pavilion with Orca by his side.
Are you ready? she asked.
No. Your mother said not to let you do this.
She arched an eye-ridge at him. Just you try and stop me.
Orca, this is lunacy. You could be killed.
So what?
Orca -

But she was already gone. She flung
1. artemis ascendsshe strings her bones tightly when the wild hunt comes,
constellations of wolfteeth staccato against her skin.
midnight beckons until she can be still no longer; she runs,
leaps skywards, misty feet skimming smoke and threads of
stormcloud, arrow-arcing up and up until the horizon breaks
beneath her with a clap of thunder and above the aurora is
blooming. celestial goddess-not-girl perched on the rim of
heaven, the music of the spheres calls the planets to
orbit and she waxes timeless amid stars and satellites,
dancing a saturnalia with venus, whirling to the immortal
moonspun madness of the universe and tonight
all the world below breathes alive to her song.
CaliforniaMy father was San Francisco and my mother, the Pacific;
at five I was in love with nine-lane highways, the scent of
eucalyptus pressed between my fingers, yellow parchment
hills crumpled up under the eye of the sun. If I had a sunset
to myself I would curl up on a park bench like the hippies do,
and eavesdrop on the sea lions’ bedtime conversations.
Alcatraz never quite unbarred me and yet I have found
freedom in hills steep as my shoulders; I know that I am
beautiful even in the rain because I have kissed the smoke
of Berkeley and tasted her on my teeth. I was born to
dangle my legs over Golden Gate Bridge and of course,
of course I would jump – not to fall, but to fly.

AAAAAHHH and don't even get me STARTED ON THE WRITING I COULD LIVE ON IT FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS HHHH//// both your narratives and your poetry are superb; every single one of them conveys meaning and left me thinking at the end.
Kittify also does commissions for charity so please go check those out!!

  :Left hand man: by Moonfiire  Couloir :AT: by Moonfiire   Sunday :AT: by Moonfiire     Evening nap :COM: by Moonfiire  

i love!!!! this art!!!! the style is adorable, but it's amazing how much feeling you can convey with the fantastic effects and atmosphere in your drawings!! a lot of artists have problems with backgrounds, but yours are always wonderful, even if they're "quick" or "messy" !!! and again, your character designs are amazing as well!!!

 Mar-ble / glasswinger ik i missed your birthday, but it was relatively recent so hey, why not??
[SPEEDPAINT] Flight at Dawn - JMA Secret Santa by Mar-ble
Harvest Roleplay/Coin Tracker by Mar-ble    As the Ground Ceases to Exist by Mar-ble  Winter Ball - Harvest by Mar-ble
  Nephthys II by Mar-ble   Tsunami Bust by Mar-ble   The Ghost 007 by glasswinger

Triplanet!!! your drawings are superb!! there's no other word for it!! your dragon anatomy is awesome, and so is your shading!! i love all of your styles!! i need to stop adding two exclamation points to every sentence!! anyway, i love your characters and their stories!!
Mar-ble runs the :iconstories-of-pyrrhia: group (a webcomic for moon rising) and also runs the :icontheglasswings: as their side account glasswinger !!!

my dear watchers, if you haven't already given these guys a watch and a few favorites please do so!!! and happy birthday to you guys, you're all amazing!! <3 <3

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Sat Apr 8, 2017, 5:36 PM
i got core!! prepare for a nicer page and polls >: D

also i should be posting more owed art soon?? ill try to get it up asap. have a great day!! :D

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Tagged by Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia and SketchingWho

[X] Mother 
[X] Father 
[ ] Step-Father 
[ ] Step-Mother
[ ] Step Sister
[ ] Step Brother
[ ] Brother 
[ ] Brother In Law 
[ ] Sister 
[ ] Sister In Law 
[ ] Twin
[ ] Half sister
[ ] Half brother 
[ ] Nephew 
[ ] Niece (don't ask)
[ ] Boyfriend/Girlfriend 
[X] Mobile phone 
[ ] Own bathroom 
[X] Own room 
[ ] Have/had a swimming pool
[ ] Have/had a hot tub 
[ ] Guest room 
[X] Living Room
[ ] Own computer 
[ ] Own TV 
[X] Flat TV 
[ ] Lots of rugs 
Total: 6

[ ] Full size/Queen bed 
[ ] More than 8 pairs of shoes 
[ ] MP3 Player/iPod 
[ ] PS2/3 
[X] Nintendo (3)DS or PSP 
[ ] Gameboy/Advance
[ ] Gamecube 
[ ] Xbox/Xbox 360 
[X] Wii 
[ ] Your Own Laptop 
Total: 2

[ ] Basketball net/hoop 
[ ] Air hockey table
[ ] Pool table
[ ] Ping pong table
[ ] Football table
[ ] Sport gear 
Total: 0

[ ] Nightstand 
[ ] Stereo in bedroom (more like just a small CD player and alarm clock)
[ ] surround system (not in my bedroom)
[ ] DVD player in bedroom/portable
Total: 1

[ ] Go shopping at least once a week
[ ] Expensive cologne/perfume
[X] Camera on phone 
Total: 2

[ ] Straightener/curling iron 
[ ] Have been to a batting cage 
[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet (not my wallet or pocket, but right here in my bedroom with me)
[ ] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card 
[ ] Have a TV in your room 
[ ] Mirror in your room 
Total: 0

[ ] Window in your room
[ ] Been to Paris (one day)
[ ] Been to Rome 
[ ] Been to Australia (also one day)
[ ] Been to Switzerland
[ ] Been to Dubai
[ ] Been to Germany
[X] Been to the United Kingdom (ALSO ONE DAY)
[ ] Been to a place written in 7 wonders 
Total: 1

[X] Parents have a car
[ ] Have owned or own a Jet ski/boat
[X] Had/have Camped 
[X] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces (i've been to quite a few states)
[ ] 80+ buddies 
Total: 3

[X] Home cooked meals almost everyday 
[ ] Been in a limo  
[ ] Been in a helicopter
[X] Own a camera 
[ ] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times
Total: 2

Total: 17 lol

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (and tag 3 people) 
26-40 = Average Teen! (and tag 10 people) 
41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (And tag 15 people) 
51+ = Upper Class Snob! (and tag 20 people)

i don't live in a ghetto lol my bedroom and apartment are just SUPER TINY
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