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Tiger Lily by talons-and-tails Tiger Lily by talons-and-tails
So I made a new OC. Her name's Tiger Lily, and she's a RainWing/SkyWing hybrid. I made a reference sheet for her (which I will send out soon) and am extremely proud of this piece. Done with watercolor and some sort of inking pen (over the original pencilwork, of course). Sorry for the terrible pic, took it quickly. 

Name: Tiger Lily
Gender: Female
Tribe: Rain/Sky
Age: 8/9-ish

Appearance: Bright red-orange with a pale yellow underbelly, horns, claws, stripe, and spots. Bright green eyes, tongue, ears, and spines. Darker green dorsal stripe and snout. Wing and frill membrane is pale yellow close to the body, but shifts to a light red "wine" color at the tips. Face is red-orange but is lighter at the snout.
Slim but strong. Long neck and ridiculously long tail. Normal-sized wings. Has long RainWing fangs and frill.

Family: Coatimundi (Coati)- RainWing mother. Nimbus- SkyWing father

Backstory: Coati was quite beautiful in her young age, and Nimbus loved pretty young dragons. He convinced her that she was in love with him, and she never suspected a thing. He proposed to her, never really planning to get married, unbeknownst to her. Nimbus just figured he'd throw her under the bus soon enough, fly away free, and find someone else at some point. When Coati told Nimbus she had an egg, the slimeball decided to flee. He simply never showed up on the wedding day, breaking Coati's heart, and ran off with some other young SkyWing. But Nimbus had picked the wrong dragoness to mess with, because Coati was a newspaper reporter. An excellent one, in fact. She followed his numerous illegal dealings and shady businesses, and interviewed all the poor, naive dragonesses he'd dumped. One year later, on the anniversary of her would-have-been wedding, she released a huge article that simply destroyed the reputation of Nimbus as an honest dragon, exposing all his dirty secrets, and wrote about his true character. He was hated for the rest of his life, and could never escape his reputation. By this time, his daughter, Tiger Lily, had hatched, and Coati resolved to be the best mother she could be, even if at first it was hard to think of anything but Nimbus when she looked at her daughter's vibrant scales. In the end, however, Coati turned out to be an excellent and loving parent.

Personality: Tiger Lily's a "my way or the highway" sort of gal. Tough, proud, and fierce, she doesn't put up with any nonsense from anybody. While she may seem ill-tempered and prickly from the outside, she loves her friends and mother and would easily die to protect them. That being said, they all drive her crazy at times, and sometimes she just wishes she could snap their necks and have some peace and quiet for once. There's a reason her nickname is "Tiger" and not "Lily"...

Abilities: Changes color slightly- her scales grow paler when she is sad, sick, or afraid, and darker when she is angry or feeling particularly violent. Has long RainWing fangs, but no venom. Has fire like a SkyWing, but hates to use it, as she gets long coughing fits at best or violently sick at worst. 

Whoo, that was a lot! Good for you if you actually read this far XD . I hope you did, because I put a lot of effort into this. It took me 20 mins to type, and the picture took about 6-ish hours to draw.

Wings of Fire belongs to Tui T. Sutherland, Character and Art belong to me. Do not use or edit my artwork without my permission, and if I give permission, make sure to credit me as the artist.
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