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Driftpaw Obscured-Stars App by talons-and-tails Driftpaw Obscured-Stars App by talons-and-tails
edit: got design from barn-owls !! tysm man i love him <3

aaa yes!! been waiting for the chance to make an app for this lovely group!! obscured-stars 
here's my boy!! im really excited for him (and a chance to improve my cat drawing skills oops lol)
hope he gets accepted!! tell me if i need to change anything!!


General Information

Name .. Driftpaw

Age .. 6 moons, as of 1/13/17

Gender .. Male

Sexual Orientation .. Doesn’t know yet

Clan .. Windclan

Rank .. Apprentice

Description .. sturdy young tom, with a mottled grey-brown pelt and a lighter underbelly. He has a faint, spotted tabby pattern on his pelt and green eyes.

Book Description .. mottled grey-brown tabby tom with green eyes


Serious .. Dedicated .. Loyal .. Quiet .. Steady .. Observant .. Judgemental .. Honest

Driftpaw has always seemed mature for his age. Perhaps it’s because of his attitude, always willing to follow orders and abide by the rules. Or maybe it’s just how serious he is about his warrior training. Either way, he’s a very dedicated young cat. He doesn’t have too many friends, but he doesn’t mind, preferring to stay in the company of his family. Driftpaw is not always quick to judge, but once he’s made up his mind about someone (after carefully watching them and analyzing them for a long time) it’s very hard to change his point of view. Additionally, while he cares about others, he is unintentionally, brutally honest.


Driftpaw (cheerful): “Awesome! You finally figured out he never liked you in the first place! I’m so glad for you!”

He’s the worst at comforting people. Along with his straightforward style, he’s a terrible liar. Lies eat away at him, and he hates telling them.


.. Grousewing - Windclan - Driftpaw likes his father a lot, though he doesn’t know him quite as well as his mother. Grousewing’s fun-loving and bubbly nature sometimes renders him unable to fully understand his son’s need for solitude and solidity. ((Moor Runner))

.. Sageflight - Windclan -  Driftpaw has a very close relationship with his mother. Having similar personalities, they understand each other very well, and have a similarity of mind that allows them to work togwther well. ((Moor Runner))

.. Thrushtail - Windclan - Driftpaw has always loved his brother, and Thrushtail was very close to him during his kithood, as he often came to see Driftpaw and Sageflight in the nursery. Driftpaw has always been comfortable with his brother, and talks to him when he needs help or advice. ((Moor Runner))

.. Russetglow - Windclan - Driftpaw would like to be closer to his sister, but pretty much no one is close to his sister. He doesn’t understand why she’s always so depressed, and moaning about the fact that her life has no point. She calls them “existential crises”. Driftpaw doesn’t get it at all. ((Tunneler))


Before Birth ..

    Grousewing, Driftpaw’s father, first became interested in Sageflight when they were only apprentices. She was much like Driftpaw then, quiet and solid and responsible. Grousewing, on the other hand, was a bouncy and exuberant young warrior. He became infatuated with Sageflight, and from then on made it his personal quest to court and entertain her. Sageflight didn’t pay much attention; after all, he was the clan’s jokester, and seemed like he would just flirt and move on. However, Grousewing was surprisingly dedicated, persisting for over a year before Sageflight admitted she liked him. He was overjoyed, but let her take it as slow as she needed to, easing her into the role of his mate. The clan was surprised, but was happy for them, as Sageflight had earned much respect and Grousewing much friendship among its members. The had their first litter about a year after publicly declaring themselves mates, giving birth to Russetkit and Thrushkit (Russetglow and Thrushtail), then, another year later, gave birth to Driftpaw, after some difficulty. It is expected that this will be their last litter.

Kithood ..

    As Driftpaw was the only one of his litter, he grew up mostly with his mother. Sure, he played with other kits, but even at a young age, he preferred to keep mostly to himself. He was rather well-behaved (though occasionally did really stupid kit things like everyone else) and always listened to those above him. He also never minded spending time with the elders, always ready to listen to their wisdom and stories. He was visited frequently in the nursery by his father and brother, who loved to play with him. His sister pretty much ignored him like she ignored everyone else. Driftpaw is excited, though a little nervous, to start his apprenticeship. He’s determined to do the best he can and become a great warrior someday.

Apprenticeship ..

Driftpaw has just begun his apprenticeship!

Early Warriorhood ..

Driftpaw is not yet a warrior!

Senior Warriorhood ..

Driftpaw is not yet a senior warrior!

Retirement ..

Driftpaw is not yet retired!

RP Preferences ..

Discord: yes

Notes: yes

Coments: yes

Skype: no

Example : Torrent could feel his scales flushing with embarrassment, and just wanted to leave. But courtesy demanded he stay and talk to this SandWing. What were we talking about again? Hawks. Right. Torrent cleared his throat.
“I… I am a friend. To hawks.” His face grew sad for a moment. “I tried to tell it that. But it didn't understand me, not really.” He cast a glance toward the mountains, where the bird had flown off to, then gave a small smile. “It is hard to get a point across to a bird.”


talons-and-tails Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Student General Artist
edit: got design from barn-owls !! tysm man i love him <3
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