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Bay Sea/Sand Hybrid by talons-and-tails Bay Sea/Sand Hybrid by talons-and-tails
This is one of my Wings of Fire OCs, Bay. She's a SeaWing/SandWing hybrid and sadly I do not have a colored pic of her yet. D: I love her anyway and will post a full-body pic soon.:D (Big Grin) 

Bay is a female hybrid dragon that is mainly closer to a SandWing than a SeaWing. She has gills, some glowy marks, and has slightly better darkvision than most dragons (though not as good as a pure SeaWing), but does not have webbed talons. Bay has the SandWing poisonous tail barb but cannot breathe fire.
Her main scales are a warm yellow and so are the top sides of her wings. However, her frill/ridge thingy is a dark blue, and so are the underside of her wings. All the webbed parts of Bay have brighter blue glowing stripes. She can collapse her ridge when she wants to.

Bay doesn't have much of a developed personality yet, but I think she's sarcastic. I lurrrve sarcastic. :D

Wings of Fire, SeaWings, and SandWings belong to Tui T. Sutherland, art and character belongs to me. :) Please do do not edit or use without my permission. 
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June 18, 2016
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