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Thank you everyone for joining me in the snowball fight! The fourth place winner is officially :iconblinkysparkz: Congratulations on your free commission! :party: :iconsantalaplz:

Christmas is fast approaching and so is the deadline for fourth place! Wishing everyone a happy holidays! :iconsantalaplz:

What are your Christmas family traditions? On xmas eve, my family and I attend xmas mass and then are allowed to open one present before going to bed. It's really cute because my baby sister (who is 14 now) still believes in Santa. It's also funny because for some reason we have a lot of presents under the tree... I feel like my living room is the set for the Best Buy commercial. XD HAHA. Good luck finding a spot Santa... ^^;


As a reminder, Fourth place is still up for grabs! The winner recieves a free art commission! :D (And I promise it will be as sexy as my Chun Li Santa piece (HO HO HO!)

Chun Li Santa by TalonDragon000


For the holidays (and for an excuse to use the plzicons I will be mentioning in a bit) I'd like to see if we can pull off a snowball fight with the lovely people on deviantart.

Help me promote this so more deviants have a chance to win! :D

Fourth place prize for participating
- A gift art by me ^_^

- Use "iconsnowballrightplz" and "iconsnowballleftplz" and the deviant icons to post yourself snowballing another deviant.
For example: :icontalondragon000::iconsnowballrightplz::icontalondragon000:
- Snowballing people can count for ANY posts involving a snowball toss.
- Post here in the comments that you beamed someone. lol.
- You don't have to send me a link to your posts because we all know they move. ^^;
-edit! If you toss a snowball in comments outside of this journal you have to say it is for this contest and add a link to this journal. This will help spread the word. :D

Premium Member prizes contest has officially ended, BUT...
Fourth Place prize contest ends DEC26!

Fourth place winner will be announced on DEC27!!!

:icontalondragon000: = 58
:iconblinkysparkz: = 235 (New lead! :D)
:icon11kairimayumi11: = 7
:iconcherieosaurus: = 43
:iconone2see4five: = 55
:iconanomalies13: = 10

annnnddd.... GO! :thumbsup:


:party:PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP WINNERS!!!:party: *drumroll!*

1st place: :iconmomo-pie: = 2133
2nd place: :iconmaan11j: = 1519
3rd place: :iconrpgsrule: = 134

First Place: 12-month premium membership
Second Place: 3-month premium membership
Third Place: 1-month premium membership

Amazing job guys! Remember, fourth place is still up for grabs! The contest officially ends on DEC 26 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Congratulations and have fun with your memberships! (I know I will lol) Good luck to those still playing! :D

© 2011 - 2022 TalonDragon000
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BlinkySparkz's avatar
Okay now I'm done for the night :D


TalonDragon000's avatar
haha awsome. Come back soon! ;D

BlinkySparkz's avatar
*le spam* I'm gonna have arms like a wrestler after all this throwing :iconmegustaplz:

BlinkySparkz's avatar
Fear my crushed ice-balls!
Hmm...I think I need more sleep.

TalonDragon000's avatar
LOL then you should go back to sleep. Sleep is good for you (or so I hear. :ninja:)

BlinkySparkz's avatar
Lol I'm not going to argue with you about that one

BlinkySparkz's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised if deviantart banned me soon for spamming or something XD


TalonDragon000's avatar
that's only if you get reported. :P

BlinkySparkz's avatar
Haha lets hope I don't then XD

BlinkySparkz's avatar
Lol ah thank you.

TalonDragon000's avatar
haha you're welcome :D

BlinkySparkz's avatar
There are so many snowballs on here! Wow... How long does it take to count all of them?

Also, I'm LAST?? NOES!!!

TalonDragon000's avatar
The participants were oh so nice as to provide the snowball count as the premium contest was ending. I had to go back to page one though when I realized that they were posting replies to one another and I wasn't being notified of them. XD It took me almost an hour after the contest ended for me to double check my work and post the results.

It was super fun though. I kid you not, there were at least 30 comments in 5 minutes haha. As you can see by their snowball count, those winners worked hard for it. We'll see if I do it again next year. :D

BlinkySparkz's avatar
Hahaha yeah I saw, those were A LOT of snowballs flyiong around. I kind of wish it was a food fight just to see them chucking pineapples and pizza at each other XD

It is rather fun though, I'm having a blast!

TalonDragon000's avatar
Awsome! That's good to hear. :D

A food fight would have been interesting. Someone would have to make flying food icons to do that though. OH! Unless I make another contest where they use all the "fighting" emoticons like :ninjastar: and :jedi: And the rules would be that you had to "write battle scenes" so the whole thing would be an epic RP contest. XD lol. Though I would have a hell of a time trying to figure out who the winner is... maybe I could make it MMA style where each hit is one point? OOOOOOO! :ninjaplot: lol

BlinkySparkz's avatar
Or maybe like this :iconblinkysparkz::iconpowplz::icontalondragon000:

Lol, but seriously, wow that would be one hell of a contest, I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy it quite a bit. You would just have to keep track of the replies on the comments, I think that's the biggest problem.


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