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The room Mavi walked into was more what she was used to than the previous one. Red, gold, and various shades of pink decorated the walls and floors in various gaudy floral and star patterns. The room itself was fairly spacious with hardly any furnishing outside of a large red sofa that was pressed up against the wall. Opposite the sofa a tall, white stand was set into the floor. Glistening in bright red was a button shining like a beacon. Mavi initially moved towards the button, curious to see what it would do as any random passerby would, but she quickly found her attention drawn past it. On three of the four walls that made up the room’s shape, large panes of glass stretched from floor to ceiling giving a view into three separate rooms beyond. Two of the rooms were dark and Mavi could make nothing out beyond the vague shadows of furniture similar to the room she had just left. In the final, middle room, she could see Autumn standing alone. Mavi felt a slight bit of tension in her

[RWOWT] Round 4.15


[RWOWT] Round 4.15

“I should have asked where we were meeting…” Mavi rounded the corner, entering another long empty hallway with no sign of the others. She had chosen to stay behind to clean up before heading to the round, realizing the Red Witch would not be pleased to find several of her electronics now scrapped for parts. However, upon stuffing the devices under her bed she quickly realized she had no clue where the round was taking place. She padded along for a short while longer, but following another left turn Mavi began to doubt there was an actual end to this corridor. With a sigh she stopped her endless trek down this infinite hallway and scratched the back of her head with a claw in thought. The Terran glanced at the many plain looking doors that lined the hall, eventually turning to the one closest to her. The castle always seemed to lead them towards where they needed to go, even if it seemed random. So, she began to think that perhaps it would be faster to use the doors to get to the
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HELLO! My name is Talon!

I am a part time artist, full time warehouse gremlin who is from Alaska and likes to draw dogs.

I am currently participating in RWOWT as a contestant, and as a judge in Crystal-Island-OCT

My current project is my comic, King, as well as some minor convention stuff for Arctic Comic Con.

My Commissions are, and will probably always remain, CLOSED.

Also DA eclipse does not allow stamps in the bio area anymore so RIP my stamp wall. 2010-2020.

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